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  • Morning all!

    Loula - Like the shoes.  As for the hunk - each to their own - I don't like the waxed look.

    MC - I like biscuits too much.......

    Glad you had a good study day Chili.

    Just back from 3.5 miles and breakfast at m-i-l. Run was cut short because hubby didn't want to be late for brekky....but I probably wouldn't have managed over 4 miles anyway, lol.

    Gonna spend all day prepping for school.image

    Have a good one guys.

  • i looove biccies imagenommy nom nom

    glad you got a run in jude-weather awful here . i had polanned to go but id be battling rain wind and looks like sleet as well at the moimage i know i know , thats wimping out but ive had quite a nice chilling day just doing miss llbs hair and nails

  • louise , we need pics of your run yes!!

  • loula - sometimes the time is best spent having fun with the kids!

    I am marking tests and planning lessons

    getting very frustrated with the student teacher that is taking my year 9 class as he is supposed to send me lesson plans 48 hours in advance and he hasn't sent me one for tomorrow yet, I am planning a lesson for them in case his lesson plan is rubbish!

  • Don't really like biscuits (except properly made choc chip cookies) and I don't like doughnuts, but I do like Cadbury's Chocolate, Chocolate coated peanuts and CAKE!!!!! image

    Spoke too soon - terrible night's sleep imagenot helped with a Smidgie in my bed for most the night. Then at Sunday School this morning our special needs boy was playing up something terrible. He was so disruptive and hitting/kicking the other children that I had to turn the session over to my helper and take him out the room and hold him tight on my lap the rest of the time. I only had to 'manage' him for 45mins, I so feel for his mum who has him full time.

    MC - sounds like you need to be 'teachery' with your student.

    Well done on your run Jude. Very cold and wet here. Rest day for me, but am about to start housework and cooking.

  • chili - hope you sleep better tonight. Sounds like a rough time with the boy

    thi9nk I did something wrong when I was doing crunches on the fit ball in the gym yesterday, I have a sore spot on my back. Hoping it will just go away by itself. If not, I have a physio appointment on Weds anyway!

  • Flying visit......

    Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

    Will report back to duty tomorrow....


  •  snowed again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 9 mileswith my head torch. 0.3 mile climb.
  • by'eck ... I'm assuming this isn't on a treadmill with the lights off.image  Really pleased to hear Moo is showing signs of improvement.  Bless you both.

  • Nope, on country roads. Mr by eck made me a cup of peppermint tea and fetch a mini roll from my parents.
  • Great running Byeck! image

  • *pops head in* HIYA sorry but I will be back very soon. I am nearly sorted with my stuff for now.

    Mr By Eck, thanks for the offer of help but it's okay ta. I have some good legal help. I do need a training course though as I am out of my depth.

    Hope everyone is okay. I managed 6.6 with my friend today which was lovely but we got soaked.

  • Morning all

    Now converged with the official Two Oceans training plan; just over 6 weeks to go.  Not feeling particularly confident so I have just decided to follow the plan, relax, and do as well as I can on the day - just enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere.  So yesterday was a short easy run and a circuits session, and today was a long(ish) run of 20k, at slow paces.   Legs feeling a bit leaden, probably still due to the racing on the wekend.  I consoled myself with coffee and carrot cake.

    Flying to UK tomorrow to settle my cat with friends until I move properly - so I'll be enjoying the weather with you for a week image.  Going to try to do a parkrun while I am there.

    I've never run with a head torch - I would have thought it could make you queasy with the light jiggling around?

  • Great...more bloomin' snow...

  • Ah Louise, please do ensure you have cold/wet gear. The weather isn't great at the moment! In fact we have 4inches of snow. Except for the place where is has turned to 4 inches of slush!

    I have just run 5 miles in it though image

    Hi Ecky *waves*

  • Afternoon all!

    Chili - well done on your snowy run.

    Tom - How's you?

    Back at school and just been given our 2nd term calendars.  I'll be here at least 9 Saturdays this term.imageimage

    Louise - enjoy your visit to blighty. Miss the old place.....Where are you from? I'm a Londoner but parents live on the Isle of Wight now.

    Have a good day everybody! x

  • Louise I love my headtorch. I don't get queasy, but it is deceptive. You have no idea how far something is, and that includes how long or high the hill is.

    A bit of snow here but that wasn't even nearly forecast.
  • /members/images/623379/Gallery/rsz_1my_photos_13112012_678.jpg

    On Tennyson Down on the Isle of Wight, summer 2012.

  • Hun, when I said that I would like to buy you more pretty shoes, trainers is not exactly what I had in mind...image

    Managed 5k (well a little bit over) in one single stint yesterday, no break, no slowing down.  Well, nearly.  3.8k in to the run, I dislodged the emergency stop cord, making me come to a halt pretty damn quickly without know what was goin on.  So about 10 (maybe less) seconds of nothing, then back on it.  9kph solid, so about 34 minutes.

    And I wasn't begging to stop at the end, but I had to go home to get lunch.  Perhaps see how far I can get next time, or up the pace a bit?

  • Loula's shoes are pretty!
  • Not denying that one hun, just that there are prettier, pointier, shineir, heelier ones out there...

  • Jude, that's a lovely picture. Lots of happy memories I am sure.
  • Afternoon,

    byeck-Well done on your night time run- very dedicated as to how awful the weather was yesterday.

    Mr byeck-Well done on your 5k -definetly progress. How is the weight loss going?

    Jude-Nice picture.Shame you have to work on so many saturdays.

    No running today- weill go long tomorrow. Not sure how far but certainly in the region of 13-14 as I could be doing another 16 miler with my club on Friday.

    Just realised that last week I ran just over 42 miles - frustartingly .2 miles off my most miles ever!!!


  • Afternoon All

    Enjoy your long run tomoz AF image

    Loula......very pretty shoozies...I likey likey image U tried them out yet?

    Chilli..well done on your slushy 5 miles

    Jude.......aw what a beautiful piccy

    By'eck...what dedication 9 torch run miles...lovely..I haven't done a head torch run in ages I love em....but watch out for potholes..lol..got me into trouble

    Louise...yep wrap up warm and bring all sorts of clothes.

    Hiya ecky...hows the training going?

    Well was working all weekend but did do parkrun on saturday and have just did a wee 3 miler just now...beautiful bright sunshine but very cold. 5 miles of hills tomoz on the plan.

    Have a great evening everyone........I am on days off now until Monday...yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Yo-yoing between 88.5 and 89kg AF.  Got down to 88.5 for Saturday morning (would have been 88.2 if I had avoided breakfast for about an hour or so image).  But then was back up at 88.9 this morning (what it was on Thursday of last week).  Think that the weekend does me no favours as its harder to regulate my calorie intake by routine, and more calorfic things living around me.

    Congrats on your 42 miles.  That would get me to the doorstep of suburban London, so well over half my journey into work.  Just probably not in time to get there for opening time.  image

  • Mr By 'Eck wrote (see)

    Not denying that one hun, just that there are prettier, pointier, shineir, heelier ones out there...

    indeed ythere are!!! if you are offering mr by eck i will GLADLY accept sexy shiny high heels!! im a brazen shoe huzzy!!

  • By all means Lou.  Shall we discuss payment in private? image


    Sorry, you didn't think that I gave shoes to my wife for free? image 

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/E5860-03_0.jpg

    these i NEED


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