Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • I need new shoes. My trail shoes are up to 300 miles now, my road shoes about 120. But I have viral bronchitis. It's racing round our town like nobody's business. I feel pretty rotten but not dying so am avoiding the drs.

    Chili, I tend to buy last season's shoes where possible. Where did you get yours from?

    Ecky, dont they grow so quickly? Moo will be starting school in 18 months. Just the minor matter of getting him statemented...
  • morning all

    chili - well done yesterday, hope your legs feel ok today. New shoesimage I love getting new running shoes

    Jude - hope the brunch isn't too bad

    by eck - hope the bronchitis clears up quickly, take care and don't try to run when you are ill

    I have done 2 hours on the turbo, nice and gentle, 21 miles. the annoying thing is that it only used about the same amount of calories as a 1 hour harder session, but I guess that the different sessions have different effects. And I will need the energy to swim tonight with the tri club. Knee not feeling too bad so may go for a walk this afternoon too. We are going for lunch at our favourite cafe today to celebrate being on half term!

  • I am making Mr by eck take a rest day. He has been working lots at his paid employment, and went to the gum Wednesday, played football Thursday, and went on the turbo last night. He is very tired.
  • Morning

    It's been quiet on here this weekend...we all must be being good and training well...THE BOSS will BE Pleased wiv us image

    I have been out for a lovely 5.5 miles this morning in lovely sunshine and its quite warmish...very spring like..surely can't last...lol

    Aw By'eck i hope you feel better soon.Make sure Mr By'eck rests up today.

    Chlli..your shoozies sound lovely and YES they will make you run faster i am sure of it.image

    Ecky...well done on your run and track training too. How old wilol little Eck be ???

    MC...wow well done on your swimming and turbo.

    Loula sis...shopping AGAIN lol what you been buying..anything nice ???? Hows your glutes after your run wiv your new shoozies????

    Jude...great stuff on getting out and doing 4 miles whilst kids were are their training.

    Speak soon folks..off out Chico walking...will promise to get some up to date pics of him..he has grown so so much but is still a little scamp..lol he went running off with a runner yestrday whilst we were out on the canal...had to run after him and it was meant to be my rest day..lol boy he can fairly shift when he wants too...lol..good for speed training image

  • Aw cant wait to see the chico pics sis!! little monkey! yes my bum is ok now after running in my zeros, it didnt half ache the day after thoughimagewell done on your lovely run-yes its indeed been sunny and nice in it. went to Waddesdon manor with my friend and the kids, was nice to let them run about in the adventure playgorund. we sat on some stone stepd chatting in the sun for a while and omg the cold had seeped in and given me numb bum!! image

  • Thanks Jude and well done on your run.Hope you had a nice Brunch.

    By Eck, they sure do. Wow I bet you cant believe how fast Moo is growing. Well done making mr By Eck take a rest too.

    Thanks Franny. We did 8x 50m with 1 min recovery then 6x100m with 1 min recovery. 150m x2 with 1.5 min recovery and then 1x200. I am shattered now as I dont often run fast. Awwww Chico sounds adorable. Little Ecky will be 11 tomorrow and is having a friend to sleepover.

    Im shattered now after the track. Im just waiting for my dinner to cook. Roast Pork with stuffing and roast veggies.

    Loula, I dont know how you run in those shossies but well done. Numb Bum is not a good thing though.



  • chili !! need oics of your noo shoozies! i saw some k swiss union jack ones that are now cheaper that the olypmics are over

  • Jude, how was your brunch? Did you remember to eat beforehand?
  • ecky i dont know how you do it- you do far more running and exercise than i do!! and so does chili! i am SOOOO unfitimage



  • chili i always hope my new shooz will make me faster too- mine are now red n white-surely tht will do the trick !!image

  • Which ones are they Lou? I must stop procrastinating and order some shoosies
  • they are k-swiss k-ona

  • Oo. Do they come up long, short, slim, wide?
  • no idea they are on millets website

  • they dont interest me , totally wrong style and shape

  • theres loads of kswiss  on there , pretty good price. the only ones id try are k swiss Ruuz

  • Hiya Loula, I must admit I am exhausted now. Thing is I do all of this but never get any faster. Oooh love them shoosies.

  • Ok, confession time (Mr by eck, you do know about this)

    We have booked tickets to go and see the same choir we saw on Wednesday. This time it's at Winchester cathedral and a different programme. They're singing some of the most achingly beautiful music ever created. The only problem is, its on 5th April and moo could well be having night feeds by then. That could mean one of us doesn't go. We couldn't leave buying the tickets cos they are nearly sold out.

    But if we do get to go it will be an amazing.night together with fab company.
  • morning all

    oh by eck - that is a tough one. If I lived close enough I would come and do the night feed! Unfortunately it is a really long way! Was the plan for you to spend the night away? If moo is having night feeds could it wait till you are home? Or is it not worth worrying about until you know whether he is having night feeds or not? 

    rest day for me today, and we are having a night away without the kidsimage not really going anywhere special - but we could have a free night in a hotel with the points we have got from booking BA flights the last couple of years! So, East Midlands Airport Hilton it is!! We are going for a nice meal in a gastropub too. Will be good to have some time when we are not at home feeling the pressure to do housework/schoolwork/listen to arguing kids!

  • MC, that is so kind. We dont live far from Winchester (about 20 miles) so we weren't planning on staying. It literally came up at 11pm last night when a friend who came with us on Wednesday suddenly realised they were so close again. The seats aren't great but they will be singing some amazing stuff. I will make a decision on 4th April as I know of 2 other people who would buy my ticket.

    A night without the kids sounds brilliant. East Midlands airport isn't as bad as holidaying at Heathrow....
  • I am sure even if he is having night feeds that a delay of an hour or so wouldn't be the end of the world. You deserve the odd night out!

    I think the hotel is more in the middle of a motorway junction than at the airport! Hopefully with good soundproofing, although I don't think there are night flights anyway.

    Do I take my gym kit?? I think OH is planning on taking his laptop (I was a bit cross about that) so I guess I could take my gym kit - doesn't mean I have to use it!!

  • Mr by eck nearly took his laptop on our honeymoon. I was so good at distracting him he barely noticed
  • OMGosh tday jas just gone mental. Interviews with ITV Central, ITV news and Sky News. Will fill you all in later.image

    Have a great day everyone.

  • wow ecky - sounds really excitingimage

  • Afternoon all image

    How are we all? Well I hope.

    Ecky, what's this? Are you gonna be famous?!

    It's been a bit of a rough ride over the past month or so, but as its calming down, I thought I'd visit the new crac towers and say hello. I've probably missed loads have I? How's everyones running going?

  • Afternoon!  Nice and sunny here in Marlow.  Feeling quite pleased because I've managed to stay on track with the plan, and did my 2.5 hours of walk / run yesterday in a hilly area, good practice for my mountains.  Also bought some gloves because my hands just freeze here in the mornings.  Today is rest day which seems to mean non-stop eating image.  I think it's the cold makes me starving all the time.

    Flying back to Dubai tomorrow; cat is all settled but I will miss her over the next 7 weeks.

    Ecky - sounds very mysterious...?

    MC I had microfracture surgery on my knee a couple of years ago.  Took quite a long recovery but definitely the best thing I could have done.


  • hello matty!!! hows you? we miss YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!


    ecky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATS HAPPENING!????

  • Well, that's done it.  Glute was a bit 'noticeable' on the weekend, and now its got quite a sharp pain in it.  Which is an arse.  Quite literally.  Think its doctor time to see if its a physio job.


  • Ahhh thanks Lou, missed you too image

    [throws a cushion at lou's head]

  • *walks by dead nonch like and lobs some custard creams at matt*imageimage

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