Just A Little Bit Further 2013




    Loula, we had a flurry yesterday but nothing much.

    Thanks for that Louise, that would be brilliant. I didn't notice that thread. I will get my name on it now. I just cant wait now.

    Hope everyone is okay. I am running later as waiting to get Garage door fixed so we can have a clear out. Hoping to get some stuff sold as its just sitting there gathering dust and it will go towards the car repairs as its a bit poorly. I will be doing a longer run with my friend tomorrow but still need to get my 15 miler in for this week. Only 8 weeks to go now so have to get my bum in gear.

  • its snowed flurries all day here. i ran a few wee milesimage and it snowed whole time-my bum is frozen!!! im sat by fire defrosting now with cherrycheesecake-anyone fancy some?

  • Oooh I love cheesecake, yes please Loula. I hope your Bum defrosts soon.

    I have decided not to run today as got a bit bogged down with housework but im going to try and go as far as I can tomorrow and have decided to run before I meet my friend then do some miles with her and try to get up to my 16.

  • yes im defrosted ecks ..been food shopping , boooring lol and got a naughty bottle of Sauvignon for laterimage

    party anyone????????? shhhh dont tell Boss.....image

  • gosh where did today go to? swim, shop, haircut, gym and it is 6 o'clock alreadyimage

  • yep i only did food shop at 5pm after running!

  • Ooooh I got some Sauvignon too. We needed some change for church so good excuse to pop to the shops.

    Mathschick, you have been a busy bee.

  • Evening everyone

    Sounds like a busy day for all.

    Parkrun in the snow this morning. Loula, there were a few frozen bums in our family too! Then we found out about a nearby sports centre that had a freebie day. So we did table tennis, indoor bowling, bouncy castle, handball, nail art, threatre/dance/singing workshop and I did Jhoom! which is like zumba but bollywood style.

    Then off to visit my elderly Grandad who was very keen to be taken out on a drive (he can't walk anymore) so we went round a deer park and saw stages fighting!image


  • Hi Chilli, well done on your parkrun. Sounds like you have had a mega busy day too. jhoom sounds interesting. I hope your Grandad enjoyed his day out too.


  • wow chili that sounds fun!! id love to see some stag fights ...ad i dont mean the Friday night typeimage

    did your grandad enjoy his day out? was mighty cold. read about ypur Bollywood dancing on FB , made me laugh, id love a go at that!!

  • Loula it was amazing. The younger pair were boxing with their front hoofs (hooves?) and the older stags (staggs?) were clashing antlers.

    I'm having a particularly bad day at spelling, sorry.

  • I'm sure you would be great at the Bollywood style dancing image I looked absolutely awful. The only good thing was that everyone was trying so hard to follow the teacher that no one was looking at anyone else!

  • morning all

    chili - sounds like you had a busy day yesterday.

    We saw stags fighting once, as we were walking it was a bit scary! We kept well away

    didn't feel like getting up particularly early and jumping on the bike so I didn't, just relished that feeling of not having to get out of bed for a while, didn't manage to get back to sleep. Back to work tomorrow, so feel it was deservedimageGot loads of marking to do so not sure I will manage much else apart from the swim session tonight

  • Morning

    Mathschick, I don't blame you for having a lie in. I must admit I stayed in bed a bit longer than intended this morning. Sounds like you have a hard day in front of you with marking. I felt so sorry for one of Big Girls teachers the other day. He told her that he leaves her book to the bottom of the pile of marking so he has something to look forward to as the whole class just mess around. I am so shocked that she is the only one who listens and concentrates. Teachers have such a hard job nowadays.

    Going to try for 15 miles today. I will do 6ish then meet with my friend who will help me through the rest of it. She will join me on the way round which is great as its the middle bit that I tend to struggle with.

  • ecky - good for your girl that she keeps her head down and works when everyone else messes about. I am having trouble with my big boys's school as there are loads of idiots in his class and they just don't do anything about it. The level of bullying is terrible too - and this is one of the best school's in the county supposedly! A couple of weeks ago he came home from school saying some kids had been throwing books out of the window during english. During this week we have had a letter saying that a couple of kids have said he was involved - he swears he wasn't (and if he had been he wouldn't have told us about it in the first place I think, and one of the boys he went to primary with who is in the same class says my boy wasn't involved) but they have set an after school detention. I am going to fight this battle for him as I don't want him to branded a bad kid, and because in November I emailed into school complaining about the poor behviour in his class and obviously nothing was done about it. Of course, with it being half term, I have had to stew on it all week!

    sorry, little rant over!

  • That's terrible and I hope you get it sorted. Thing is you know your son better than anyone. I am proud that she does ignore the rest. She gets quite cross as she does feel sorry for the teacher as he tries so hard with them.

  • I know he isn't an angel, but he also doesn't lie to us, he has told us about stuff that he has done (like using his phone to make cat noises in class) so I know that he would admit it if he had done this. I am just so cross that they allow a class to behave badly all year. Also, the book throwing thing happened while the teacher was out of the room, she shouldn't be leaving them unattended!

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmorning all image- gosh its very tidy here in CRAC towers now Matt is in Vietnam. no custard doughnuts left lying around on the sofa.....

  • aw MC, i hope you  sort it out. not nice when your kids get accused of things unfairly.image

  • thanks loula

    oh, not looking forward to going to work tomorrow, but only 5 weeks and it is Easter and we are having a week in Sussex, just hope the weather warms up a bit so we can go to the beachimage

  • Mathschick, the Cat noises thing does make me smile but like you say, he would tell you. It does make me cross that they don't seem to sort disruptions like this. How are kids supposed to learn. It wont be long till we break up again now will it. I am on countdown already. I'm sure the weather will improve.

    Hiya Loula, wow yes, its very neat and tidy with no cake crumbs at all.

    Just back from a lovely 11 miles. I did 3 alone and met my friend where we did another 8. I walked just over a mile home too so covered just over 12 although I really need to up the miles. I need to think of another fundraising idea for London as I will struggle to carry Trev as my training has been a lot less than I anticipated. I may do something with him next year and take him round some shorter races. I may have to do another cape and bring Star Girl out again.

  • my big boy seems to have returned from his scouts weekend as a zombie! I am guessing he didn't get much sleep last nightimage

  • miss LLB returned home at lunchtime after a sleepover weekend fri night to today-she looked zombified too! i filled her with lunch then ran her a hot bath and now shes perked up a bit in her PJSimage

  • mine doesn't seem to think he needs to go near water! He is not going to have a choice - but we'll wait till after tea time! He is just chilling watching telly

    marking all doneimage

  • Evening

    Homemade chicken and mushroom pie anyone? Haven't any pudding though so someone will have to bring one.

  • MC, you wait, a few years and he will be in the bathroom all the time gelling his hair etc to go out on the pullimage

  • he is bad enough with the lynx now!! 

    chicken and mushroom pie sounds amazing

    I have beef casserole and it smells lovely. Beef from local farmshop - they have a big sign outside saying 'our own beef'...

  • Mmmmmm Chicken and Mushroom pie sounds lovely, yes please Chilli.Do you make your own pastry too?How about Choc Brownie and ice cream for pud?

    Mathschick and Loula, I hope your kids recover from lack of sleep. Mine get so grumpy when they have had sleepovers or trips away. Mmmmm I love beef casserole too spesh with good beef.

    Chicken dinner here with lleftovers being used tomorrow for a Chicken and Veg pie.

  • choc brownie with ice cream sounds lush, maybe not till after swimming thoughimage

    the beef was amazing - so much nicer than the stuff I normally get from the coop!

  • liss llb is recovered and demanding ice cream now-ive been making spaggy bol for a while now with protein Tofu , its fine and miss LLB hasnt said a word!

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