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  • ooo we have 22 children !!! lots.....!!


  • Sorry can't contribute to the children pool image and it's way too late...

    I did some miles this morning tho' - 20 total, a bit over half with a friend for company, which was great, but a little too fast, the rest I slogged out nourished by power bars and gels.  I've tried two flavours so far and wouldn't have either again by choice.  So that's a NO for cookie flavour and for coconut.  I didn't actually mean to buy those, didn't realise they were randomly boxed and grabbed what I thought were vanilla.

    Tried a cold water finish to my hot shower thinking it might help legs recover.  Felt nicer than I expected.

    MC you are having a run of bad luck!  Hope you feel better soon.

    Good work with your cycle Chilli.

    AF, I now need to listen to my own advice and not overtrain in the next few weeks! image

  • louise im sure you will do fine with training but yes be careful not to invite injury too-its a fine line isnt it? 20 miles is fab going though!!

    you must join us all at one of our Crac meet and runs where we bring goodies to eat! have you pics from your 10k last week?

  • My pics are all too big to load - don't know how to make them fit the size restrictions.  When I've tried editing they just end up even biggerimage


  • Otherwise I would have shown very nice pics of carrot cake.  And pretty running laydies for AF.

  • Oooo yea, come to a crac meet. If you're in London youll be perfect for us well behaved lovely cake eating people. We have a few members who live further away but we're not exclusive or demand a certain level of behaviour....
  • I will be in Greenwich from 8 April, always happy to partake in (i) cake (ii) pretty much anything else involving food and drink.

  • morning everyoneimage

    my little boy has his music theory graed 1 exam today, unfortunately he doesn't feel very well, I guess he is getting the cold that we all have, so my mum has tucked him back into bed in the hope he will be ok for his examimage


  • Morning CRAC'ers image anyone like some flapjack? 

  • Morning Tom, MC, Louise,Loula and By'eck!

    Good luck to son for his theory exam MC.  Hope he feels well enough to take it.

    Flying visit! Bye! 

  • Morning image

    Ooooo we do have alot of children between us image

    My lad is on jury duty this week..he was the last one picked and the case is going to last around 10 days....image

    AF...boss cut back weeks are VERY IMPORTANT....image imageHAPPY BIRTHDAYimageimage Are we parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeingimage My plan is one from runners world magazine.

    7miles of hills for me today..all done and dusted image

    MC..hope you feel better soon and that your boy gets on ok at his exam.

    Speak later

  • by 'eck, it's hilly wrote (see)
    Do we count husbands?

    I'm quite happy to declare myself a child.  image  Mentally anyway.

    LouiseG wrote (see)

    My pics are all too big to load - don't know how to make them fit the size restrictions.  When I've tried editing they just end up even biggerimage


    If you can email them over to me, I'm quite happy to play about with them.  The pictures, not the ladies.  Unless...

  • Mr By 'Eck happy to mail 'em over.  Address?


  • I want to go to bed
  • Afternoon!

    Louise you can have a couple of my kids if you want...

    Just been swimming 1 mile (64 lengths) in 43 mins, so not too bad.

    Happy Birthday AF image

    Franny - that must be quite interesting. I've never been called for jury service and would probably be annoyed if I was cos of all the extra work/hassle but have always thought it must be fascinating.

    Byeck - hope you get some rest hun

  • Afternoon

    Well done on the swim Chilli...gosh I would be dog tired after 64 lengths

    Well young lad is back from jury service...the accused was not well enough to proceed..he is kinda disappointed as it was going to be an interesting case. I have never did juury duty either Chilli..been called a few times but have never got to the actual going to court yet...

    Permission granted to let By'eck go back to bed..send Moo over to me image

  • Thanks for Birthday wishes- please party- because this time next year I will be in a major grump!! Although as Mr byeck says us men can always be a tad childish!!

    Louise -Well done on your 20 miler.I am struggling with gels as I don't have a sweet tooth and many seem very sickly and sticky on the fingers which I can't stand!

    Chilli- A mile of swimming very impressive.

    Franny-I hadn't realised about cut back weeks before. Like the sound of them. I think I am doing a DIY version of a marathon plan.

    Got my old legs out for a 5.6 mile run this morning at a decent enough pace.

    Speak later.

  • chili - well done on the swim

    AF - happy birthday and well done on your birthday run

    managed to get through the day ok sneezing and blowing my nose constantly, hopefully today will be the worst of it. I have an appointment to go and speak to them at my son's school tomorrow, so fingers crossed I actually get somewhere with them

    I am glad I am not doing jury service in Nottingham at the moment - there is the case of the parents who set fire to their house and killed their 6 kids, must be really hard to sit through that evidence

  • Happy Birthday AF! Sorry I forgot earlier.  Hope you are having a lovely day.

    MC - Get well soon!

    Louise - well done on your 20 miles - awesome!

    BFN x


    already did you an FB message image

    LouiseG wrote (see)

    Mr By 'Eck happy to mail 'em over.  Address?


    louise, mr by eck finds strange things on pics...as i found outimageimage

  • little boy back from exam, he reckons he did ok - my dad said he was excited about doing it, bless him (dad had to take him cos we wouldn't have got home in time to get him there).image

  • oooo fingers crossed !!!

  • Oh wooooowwwwww .... I think this gives air-head a whole new meaning!!    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MVIyq-kGL5Y#!

  • Morning image 10 miles cycle and 5 miles run yesterday image More flapjack!

    Hope everyone is well image 

  • Morning,

    Thansk for everybody's birthday wishes I had a good day and a lovely bit of Ginger and Fudge cake made by Mrs AF.

    No running today 6 miles tomorrow.


  • At long last!!!

    He has lost more weight so they are admitting him on.Friday to fit an NG tube
  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Well, well, well!! I see the CRAC team is still together! How are you all keeping?? I've been off the radar and done absolutley NO exercise for the best part of a year. I've now bought a cheap bike and im slowly getting back into the running too. Forgot how hard it was!! image 

  • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy By'eck that is good news...ERM...not the bit about him losing weight but at last that they are agreeable to the NG tube...hope the little monkey will not be pulling it out all the time image

    Nandy...welcome back to the mad towers and good that you are getting back into the running...there have been many in crac towers including me who have been on and off with injury...some of us still are ....good to hear from you

    AF glad you had a nice birthday...cake sounds delicious.

    4 easy miles for me today image then went to visit Mum in Dunbar...it was glorious there so so sunny and the sea was so blue...it wasn't that cold either and quite warm in the sunshine..needless to say Cheeky Chico had oodles of fun...digging eating seaweed and generally getting up to mishief....LOL

  • Nandy!!! how the devil are you?????????? blimey, people keep popping up lately-i found Perezoso on the ultra thread!!!!!

    hi sis , hope you are well-whens your next LSR? mine will be weekend -just trying not to get any niggles now we are breaking into spring-yahooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Hey Loula sis...my LSR will be Sunday as doing a 10mile undualting ladies race....will see how i feel but may do it at race pace to make up for the lesser miles...lol. Yes no niggles allowed image

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