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  •  sis , thats fabby!! i will be thinking of you! what time dyu start? yes doing racepace is good idea

  • evening

    well, been to big boy's school and they refuse to believe that he wasn't involved, it is one kid's word against another and I am very unhappy about it

    got a date for my mri - a week on Sunday at 7:15 in the evening!

  • So sorry to hear of your school troubles MC. You must be very upset.image We are a having a few too. Just a sad daughter who has stomach everyday cos she is lonely at school image But it makes me sad to think that we moved them to a 'better' school and am wishing we hadn't.

    Hi Nandy! Lovely to have you back with us.

    Work and children seem to be getting in the way of my training *tut,tut*, so didn't manage a long bike ride today. Just 12 miles.

  • oh chili that is sad that your girl is unhappy at school

    12 miles is good enough chili, I haven't done anything all week as I have been feeling so bad, it was starting to very obviously turn into a sinus infection - I am prone to them, so dashed to the dr this morning and got some antibiotics, then dashed to school, getting there for period 2 by the skin on my teeth, busy busy day, dashed to son's school

    tired now 

  • Evening all!

    Hi Nandy!  How's it going?  Good to hear from you!

    MC - Hope you can put your feet up and that the antibiotics kick in soon. Sorry to hear about son's school problem.

    Chili - Sorry about your big girl too.... My girl's school problems have eased off.  Nobody is calling her names (maybe they heard about hubby going into school) but she still misses her best friend who went to a different school this September.

    Franny - good luck for your 10 miler on Sunday!

    By'eck - good news for Moo!

    Well, daughter had her brace taken off this afternoon after 2 years of discomfort.  She is very happy and her teeth look lovely.  Hopefully we can now reclaim 75% of the dentist's fees which may pay for a Christmas trip to the Isle of Wight this year.imageimage (We haven't spent Christmas with my family for about 7 years.)

    No running news from me......but keeping optimistic that I will manage more when spring arrives .........

    BFN xx

  • morningggggggggggggg!!!!!!!

    hope all ok - spring is sort of arrrving!

    by eck, hope moo doing ok this morning and yesterday didnt take too much out of you all-hows the kitchen


  • Mok isn't very happy because mummy doesn't agree that biscuits make a good breakfast. We've had conflicting advice on making him eat normal foods vs allowing him to eat what he fancies so everyone is very confused. Not least moo!

    The sparky comes in today to make the kitchen safe and fit our new lovely lights image less mess making today but more disruption. Tomorrow our boiler disappears for a couple of weeks.

    Who is racing next? I need to dig out my costume and practice a few back flips
  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Morning everyone! I'm keeping very well thanks. Still working on the house, not living there yet, it will be 2 years in May i've owned it. So all  my free time has been going into working there.

    Loula - did you do an ultra race?? If so, how did you get on?

    What a chilly morning it is, hopefully turn out a nice day again!

    How are you all keeping?

  • morning all

    by eck - erm, yes, difficult when you have been given conflicting advice.

    still got this damn cold and no training all week. Still feeling unhappy about son's school but I am going to save it all for a next time is there is a next time

    Jude - good to hear things have settled down for your girl, and getting rid of braces sounds nice.

    beautiful day today, sun shiningimage

  • *Bounces in* MOOOOORNIN.Yey, we have sunshine.

    By Eck, It must be confusing for all of you. I bet you cant wait till your shiny new kitchen is done. I am racing next week, a 10k race.

    Morning Loula

    NAAAAANDY good to have you back. Sounds like you have been extra busy.

    Mathschick, I really hoe you get sorted soon with the school. It must be so frustrating.

    Well I managed just under 6 miles of hills this morning. Its really cold but the sun is shining. Good news too as Car is fixed and didnt cost as much as expected. Just over 7 weeks to go now to London. Im soooooo excited.

  • Morning,

    Nandy-Good to have you back.

    MC-Hope the antibotics kick in and the issues with your son are sorted.

    Chilli-Shame about your big girl.Hope things improve.

    Franny-Enjoy your 10 miler.

    Ecky- 7 weeks to go for you 6 for me - scarey.

    byeck-Hope they sort out Moo.

    Hi LLB hope you are ok?

    Well a gentle 6.2 miles for me.....

  • Well done on your run Ecky! It must be sooo exciting for you.  Good news about the car.

    AF - well done on your run.

    MC - hope cold goes soon......

    Hi everybody else!

    Just had a craaaazy lesson.image Now I have a free, so I'm gonna grab a cuppa!


  • I know Boss, not long now. How is your training going? I have just signed up for a 20 mile race on the 17th March as a build up to the day.

    Thanks Jude. I am really looking forward to it. I just want the experience.

  • hi boss, hows you? hope you are not oiver doing it?

    ecky -oo a 20miler-id love to do a 20miler event, never done that-itd be a good trainer run.

    hi jude!!

    MC, are you poorly? aw noooooo, hope you perk up soon.

    nandy , how long since you were last on here? ive done 3 ultras since may last year, 35, 50 and a 30. about to do the 50 again in may followed by 35. want to do a 40 in april but depends on time restraints etc

  • Yeh, it's not too far from us and a lot do it from our club. I reckon it will be good practice for me. I still have to do some training with Trev. I will have to sort his blog out soon and do a Matt Stylie you tube film. I just need to get organised now. I just keep thinking I have ages.

  • Hello? Is anyone home tonight? CRAC towers is awfully lonely image Oh, well then I guess I'll just stretch out on the sofa and get comfy. Have had a migrane today. Have had terrible headaches all week and they kind of brew up to a migrane. Managed to rest for an hour before my teenagers arrived. Only one brought her trainers so we did a mile run together. image And I've done pilates today.

    Ecky, the 20miler sounds very exciting.

    Byeck - just sending more hugs and love and some carrot cake.

  • Thank you.

    I wi'll have my phone with me in hospital. It gets very lonely in there.

    ChilI, I get migraines too. I find the forehead sticks actually work.
  • Hiya Chilli awwwwww I hope you feel better soon. I will send you a ((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))). We have just been to Big Girls Options evening for 6th form, eeeeeeeeek. It all so exciting for her though. I am looking forward to the 20 as I will be running it with a lovely lady I know from Slimming World. She is doing London too.

  • Sorry By Eck, I didnt see you there.

  • Mornin'!

    It's Friday! Yippee! Have a good 'un!


  • By'eck - Forgot to say hope all goes well today. I'll be thinking of you.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭


    By eck, will be thinking of you all today, love to Moo. imagexx

  • Mooooorning.

    By Eck, will be thinking of you too.

    Morning Loula and Jude.

    No running for me today. I have  to find some time to fit my longest run in today. I am racing next weekend and the weekend after will be my 20 mile race.image

    I am going to walk round the house with Trev this weekend to get used to the weight.

  • Morning

    Thinking of you and Moo today By'eck and hope all goes to plan image

    Ecky..a 20 miler race is a good training event for the marathon.

    Hi Jude...hows you????

    Chilli..hope the head feels better today...take care

    Its a quiet house up here...Mr Franny went away yesterday for his fishing trip of a lifetime to Kenya...missing him loads already..he is away until next Saturday morning..typicallly when he gets back I will be working...grrrrrrr....I think this is the longest we will have been apart from each other since we got married 9which will be 22 years in April.

    Well am sure Chico will keep me busy...lol and my running too...Got 4 miles planned today with erm 4 50-80m strides image

    Have a good Friday y'allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll..catchya later

  • Ecky, I'd suggest wearing a backpack and building up the weight in that for your runs, and also taken Trevor out on longer journeys so you build up time with him.
  • He only weighs 7lb but he is huge. I need to find something that wont rub when I run with him. I will start trying with a backpack this week. I don't have long but I can always walk some of it if I have to.

    Morning Franny, awwwww I bet you will miss Mr Franny. Enjoy your run today.

    Morning Chilli, how are you?

  • Morning again guys.

    Franny - I'm fine thanks! Hoping for a run tomorrow. Probably will only be 4 miles as I'm getting out so infrequently at the mo but it's better than nothing.  That sounds an amazing trip for your hubby. Kenya is beautiful. My sister lived there for 2 years doing VSO and we visited her. Hope the time passes quickly for you. Enjoy your run.


  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Good morning everyone and happy Friday!! image

    Jude - I'm good thanks, just glad to be back exercising! I was starting to feel unbelievably unhealthy! How are you keeping?

    Thanks AF, how are you? How many miles you racked up so far this year?

    Loula - Incredible stuff!! Well done! How were they?? I've just checked when i was last on, November 2011! Where does the time go! No wonder im aching so much from slow 2 mile runs!

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