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  • Morning All

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its still freezing...when will it warm up...think this will be the 1st white easter in along time....lol

    Have a good Monday everyone image


    Thanks Chilli, I really enjoyed my snowy walk. Ooooh I bet you are so excited about getting together with our Loula.

    Morning Franny. Freezing here too. I may run tomorrow now as paths still covered in places.

    Girls are off school again today as they have had snow drifts and the grounds are just unsafe. They break up Weds for Easter so may only have 2 days in this week.

  • morning all

    I went to school, roads were fine till I turned into the school drive - really thick ice and snow, it was ridiculous, I really can't believe they hadn't cleared it. So, after skidding and getting stuck a bit, got told that the school was going to be closed. I am pretty cross that they left it so late to let us know. So back home, and water is off because there is trouble with the mains water and there is some fixing going on down the road.

    OH has a meeting in Nottingham, so going to ride along and have a coffee...

    did turbo this morning though, but wish I had stayed in bed, because now I have all day!

  • Ecky..wise choice and hope the paths are clearer tomorrow for your run.

    Mathschick..Enjoy your unexpected day off although I would have been very cross too that they didn't let you know beforehand..as they must have known. Has OH meeting to do with another job...fingers crossed for you hun.

    Work at 2pm for me but hen off rest of week.

    Did a 3 mile easy/recovery run this morning.

  • MC -hope you are enjoying the coffee and unexpected day off.

    I had a phone call from my surgery this morning cos it turns out I'm anaemic. My diet is already excellent so will need to take the tablets. Then did 5 mile run with walking bits (I'm blaming the ice on the pavements and not my upset at the blood results).

    Am also sad cos I've just said goodbye to my lovely lunchtime Bible Club kids. Won't be running the club next term cos I don't have any assistance and I need to cut back on a few things. But am very sad about it image

  • thanks franny - no, his meeting was just really for him to ask questions about the redundancy, as when they broke the news last week obviously the people affected aren't in the right state of mind to ask the relevant questions that they need to know. He is feeling generally more positive at the moment

    gosh, the wind is so cold

  • We have heating and hot water
  • by eck - gosh, didn't realise you didn't have heating and hot water - bet you are glad it is sorted

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    evening all...hope you are all keeping warm. image

    mc, hope things getting sorted for hubby

    frnny sis, it must be even colder where you are - how are you managing to run without slipping over????im fed up with this cold now

    by eck glad you are warm!!!

  • For the last 3 and a half weeks. It's been pretty tough going.
  • oh by eck, that is awful, it has been so cold, and with moo ill as wel. Bet you are loving the warmth. Has everyone in the house had a nice hot bath too?imagel

  • byeck-pleased that you have some warmth.

    I do feel the cold since I became a non-fatty!! Working from home shivering!

    7.2 miles in 1 hour this morning.

    Bye for now have a good day everyone.



  • Erm, bathroom has a toilet and the sink is balanced and propped up. The bath is in the front garden and I can see bare breeze blocks....
  • oh well, by eck, can't have everythingimage

    I am shattered today, not sure why!

  • Oh dear By'eck..thats not good image

    AF well done on your speedy run

    Loula..yes its very very very cold up here..i do hope it warms up a wee bit for you coming up in May..or you will really feel it...LOL

    Well I have did a 9 mile run with 7 miles at marathon pace..then doggy walk followed by a big housework..phew ..now sitting with cup of coffee before thinking about lunch then another Chico walk...

    Have a good day everyone.

    Just looked out the window and its snowing................AGAIN...we will need to send a search party out for the missing SUN...who wants to join me ?????


  • is mr by eck doing the bathroom up? we are having ours done soon, even with the redundancy news we are going ahead with it, mainly because the people that are doing it have ordered all the stuff for it and I feel it would be wrong to back out, and also, if it comes to having to sell the house and downsize, have a nice bathroom instead of one full of mould will help.

    hope yours gets sorted soon by eck then you can have a nice warm leisurely bath

    how is moo doing? hope he is ok?

  • ohh, I didn't mean to put a smiley face on there and I can't edit it to change itimage

    sorry, by eck, wasn't meaning to be insensitive image

    feel a bit bad now

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    arghhhh its sooooo cold!!!! AF i too have that problem keeoing warm. at work i have four layers on top and the heater full blast- people think theres something wrong with meimage.....i just need heat .

  • my classroom is always really warm - it is horrible in the summer, but right now the kids can't enough of maths!

    by eck - sorry about my stupid comment, sometimes I type/open my mouth and the wrong thing comes out, just reread it and realised how dumb it sounds

    decided not to gym today, just feel shattered to home to chill out for a bit, as OH has been home all day with the heating on it is nice and warm here!


  • No, don't worry MC. I have been playing mummy and cheap labourer all day image

    Mr by eck is doing it himself, with advice from daddy by eck. That includes fitting new aquaboarding (which is very different to waterboarding, I am glad to hear), boxing in the pipes, fitting a new shower and plumbing in a whole suite...

    MC, how are your boys coping eith the redundancy?
  • Morning everyone

    More snow had come down overnight
  • by eck - have to say you are lucky your menfolk are handy like that as my OH is rubbish at anything practical! He is starting to feel more positive, and has been keeping busy but not really looking for jobsimage although until 19 April which is the end of the 30 days consultation it is difficult I suppose, I think he is hoping that they might have him back, specially as when he saw some of his colleagues the other day they were saying how no-one is actually doing the work him and another guy who has also been made redundant were doing so things are a bit chaotic. The kids don't really understand what it means, they just like the fact that dad is at home and they can stay in bed a bit longer in the mornings. I keep trying to tell them we have to be careful with money now, but they don't understand that at all...

    snowing again this morning here too. I was so tired I didn't get up again for a turbo session, hopefully I will make it to the gym - I have a meeting after school but it should be a short one

  • Hi everyone... been a bit difficult to post anything due to a diabolical Internet connection here in SA for some reason.  Fly to CT tomorrow and join my club colleagues who are also taking part in various TO events.  I'm probably the slowest, certainly in the ultra but am resolved to just try to enjoy the day.  Weather prediction is looking reasonable, peaking at 21 which is not too bad after Dubai heat.  Although I'm sure tapering is not supposed to involve quite so much eating.

    Also quite unbelievable to see the ongoing awful European weather.  Every time I think it's about to warm up there's another report of snow.  You poor things!

    MC I've been made redundant twice myself, and I think it's hard to focus on the future while the internal processes go on.  It's (a bit) like grief, and there is somehow an impact to personal identity, but it'll probably become a little easier for your OH to mentally re-group as the discussions progress.

  • Morning Franny, MC, LG image

    I'm officially back from 'Nam. It's been unofficial for a couple of days because I picked up a cold on the flight home on Friday! which was pants. But feeling better now. Coming from a lovely 25c to 0c is a little bit of a shock, but I'm getting used to it. I see the cold is meant to be with us until atleast the end of April. boo!

    Anyway, I hope everyone in Crac Towers is well. I seem to remember promising Chili I'd do a marathon in August.. better get back to running then! I did a 10k whilst in Hanoi, but I sort of helped someone round, so the time isnt worth mentioning!

    Hope everyones having a good day

    Matt Out image

  • Matt - great to have you backimage

    cold till the end of April?????image

  • I hope it doesn't last that long! i've just been out cycling and the wind was bitter.

    Welcome home Matt. What was it like? Did you have any adventures? Matt, I have to warn you I might not be fit enough for the marathon at the end of August. I have some gyne issues that need resolving but will hopefully not require any major surgery. But I am quite anemic at the moment. I'm trying to keep up my fitness level as best I can without getting ill/totally drained. But will be waiting another couple of months before committing to increasing my mileage to handle a marathon. But i will let you know.

    Louise - all the best with your Ultra. Sounds very exciting.

    MC - a really difficult time. hugs to you.

    Byeck - I am also impressed with your menfolk. Hope you enjoy your new kitchen.

  • Hi Matt good to have you back- don't like this cold until April news! Hpe you enjoyed Vietnam? 

    Louise-Hope you have a good race. What are you doing?  

    MC-Hope hubby gets a job sorted out asap. Very stressfull time being made redundant.

    Hi Franny,LLB,Chilli,byeck,Ecky etc   

    6.25 miles this morning.  

  • I'm not incapable myself! I have knocked tiles off walls, climbed ladders, helped yhe plumber remove the bath and shovelled rubble. But yes, my menfolk are very handy.
  • Oh Chili!!! I'm sorry to hear that. I've got everything crossed for the no surgery option! No problem about the marathon, the last thing you need is something like that to make you over do it. I'm honestly not concerned about it, and am totally happy to wait until my fave mara running partner is truely ready image

    Thanks MC + Boss image It's nice to be back. Yeah sorry about the cold news, I read that on the Guardian website this morning. boo. Boss, Vietnam was amazing for so many reasons, the people, the country, just amazing. Work made it very easy on me by arranging everything, so I could just get on and do the work. Flying Business Class is a bit special, theres a whole world of the other way to fly that I didnt even know about, being a peasant!

    Now, where's LLB, I need to throw a cake from the trolley at someone...

  • by eck - well done - I would have been good at knocking tiles off the wall, and any kind of destruction, but not so sure about anything else! 

    well, made it to the gym for a short run/walk on the treadmill, seem to be getting on fine, but I am keeping it short, run 2 mins, walk 2 mins and running forefoot stricking, my calves are feeling the difference, but knee seems to be holding up so really pleased about thatimage need to try it outside too, although there is greater impact outside compared to the treadmill, and all the fields and off-road paths are just under water at the moment

    last day at school tomorrow, I am ready for a holiday

    OH went for lunch with his colleagues from work I think it is good for him to keep in contact with them, and they all seem to be jealous as they have been left with a department in tatters. He has a meeting on Tuesday with an agency that will help him sort his CV and do courses on self-marketing etc, and the company are paying for a certain amount of help from them, so hopefully they will point him in the right direction, and with us at home he is going to feel like he is on holiday rather than unemployed, although I am not sure that is a good thing


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