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  • evening everyone

    Louise - have a good journey tomorrow

    lovely weather today

    we are staying in a converted barn on a farm, there is a 2 week old foal which is beautiful

    kids managed to car journey ok, courtesy of an audio bookimage

  • Morning,

    Busy day Miss AF Junior is 12 today- teenager next year and I will be 50. image

    Louise-Sounds like you had a good send off!!! It is lovely here today.  

    MC-Where in Sussex are you staying? 

    Managed 4.8 in 39 minutes thsi afternoon in my new compression shorts - seem fine. But, am worried that I have spent the last month running in the cold and now it is warming up!! Also realised I so much prefer to run 1st thing.


  • happy birthday to your girl AF

    we are near Heathfield

    I agree with the exercising first thing, psychologically it is so good to get it done, then nothing can get in the way

  • Heathfield is nice.Some nice village pubs around there.I am about 30 miles away from there.Enjoy the great county of Sussex!
  • thanks AF - we had lunch today at The Gun just outside Heathfieldimage

  • Hello? Is there something wrong? Where is everyone?

    Guess I will have to eat this amazing cake all by myself then. It is four layers high of almond sponge cake, with raspberry jam and buttercream icing. Think the flavour of a bakewell tart but in a cake. Yum, yum, yum!!!!

    Just back from a bike ride. Had planned a speedy 15 miles with a hill. But No.3 girl wanted to come with me. She's not as active as the older 2 but has occasional bursts of enthusiam that I try to encourage. So we did 10 flat miles. And cycled round the Olympic White Water site and watched the canoeists/rafters. Was lovely.

  • chili - that cake sounds amazingimage

    had a good time at the HM this morning, so wished I could have run it properly though. Although I only took 10 minutes longer than last year, so not too bad, and better than not doing it at all

    is everyone out enjoying the sun?

  • Afternoon,

    Been busy agaoin marshalling our clubs 10k race. A lady actually came 2nd out of 250 runners in an amazing time of of 35.26!  

    Next weeks plan is to take it easy. So sacred before next week.    

  • *runs in quickly knocking over Da Boss*

     Oops sorry Boss but I heard the word Cake.

    Mmmmm Chilli, that sounds so lovely.

    Well I did some training today with the real Trev. I managed just over 6 miles in the time the club was open. I must admit I wish I had trained more with hiem beforehand but I'm sure I will be okay. I am just trying to make sure I eat really well now and have the energy to carry him round.

    I was going to add a piccie but it wont let me.

  • ecky - well done, can't be easy carrying trev, hope it isn't too hot, or rainy on the day

    AF - you will be fine. Met somone off the forums today doing his first marathon, and Sussex isn't an easy ne to choose, but he did really well. You have done the training, just trust in it and you will be fine. Make sure you taper properly!

  • I hope so too. I must admit I did get a bit warm today. I am going to get a plastic mac like the ones in theme parks just in case as he will get too heavy if it rains.

  • I was thinking that ecky but didn't want to type it!

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    boss, doesnt time fly???? next year i will be 30....sumfingimageimage*tries to remember how old*....well lets just stick with 29 for nowimage

    ecky didnt mean to laff at your bum *stifles snigger*image

    is it ok? hows trev? has he got a litle placcy mac in case it rains?

    well i ran the ridgeway on saturday late afternoon and it was beautiful!!! sun and views were lovely.ran again yesterday, spent over an hour washing car, then clearing stuff out-tired!!!

  • Loula-Time does fly!!! You are so young! Well done on your ridgeway run. I think a couple of runners from our club are doing a 40 miler ultra soon up there. 

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    yes there is one -what date is that dyu know?  i could do with running tht myself. didnt get to do compton 40 saturday as too much to do hereimage

  • LOUUUUUUUUUULA you yoof. Trev is fine ta and Bum is much better image. I am going to get one of those little ones that you can get at theme parks for a couple of quid. Well done on your weekend run.

  • I think it is sometime in May or June I will let you know.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    Boss, i just checked , think its 11th may-thats the week before my 50miler haha!!!!

    ecks, aw glad ya bum ok image yeah a little mac for trev with his name on would be cool image

    yeah my run was great- nice to get to ivinghoe twice in one week. whn i went with chili there was snow and ice up at the top and really boggy n muddy. ws amazed that it had dried out so much! was 5pm when i got there but sun was beautiful. just love running there, hard work but so lovely and fun .

  • Saturday was such a lovely day... completely different to Monday! Glad you enjoyed it Loula image

    Spent the day out with my girlies doing holiday funday things.


    Wow its very quiet on here lately. Where is everyone?


  • Morning!

  • morning everyone

    rainy day today so this afternoon we are going to a pool with a wave machine and flume for the kids and OH and a lane swim for meimage


  • Morning Chilli, how are you?

    Morning Mathschick, have a fun day at the pool.

    Well I am in a dilemma as I really think I am going to struggle at London with Trev. I have made the classic error of practising with him too late in the day. I have had a bit of a brainwave though

     I have just looked to see what he is stuffed with and he is crammed full of foam pieces. I am wondering if I take it all out and stuff him with a lighter filling. What do you think?

  • ecky - not sure what would be lighter that you could stuff him with? kapoc maybe? (I probably spelt that wrong!) or the hollowfibre stuff from a pillow

  • I was thinking of the hollowfibre stuff. He may not look quite the same as he does now but I was thinking if he is just a couple of lb lighter. He will hopefully still have the same effect. I have done the miles in training but nowhere near enough with him. If I can just drop him a couple of lb it will be okay.

  • try it and have a run with him to see how it feels

  • I just looked up Kapoc, you did spell it correctly. Thanks Mathschick. I must admit too that I worry his stuffing is of the flammable variety too so maybe a re stuff wouldn't be a bad idea.

  • you should be able to get kapoc in somewhere like hobbycraft - I remember making soft toys as a kid and stuffing them with it, very light materialimage

  • Morning

    Sorry not been around but been very busy at work and also doing overtime this week too image

    Well done on your Ridgway run Loula...think there is another ultra event in that part of the world in July http://www.racetothestones.com check it out.

    I am a bit zapped of energy this week so have decide to scale down my running this week...have my R&R HM on Sunday anyway.

    MC...did you run your HM last Sunday..sorry I missed that and well done tp you...Enjoy your swimming today.

    Ecky...That sounds like a good plan to me...How you feeling...not long now.....

    AF...Hope your taking it easy this week..will be thinking of you when I am doing my HM...My race starts at 9.10am...well thats the 1st wave..think I am in the 4rth wave..so will be around 9.30am start for me...What time do you start??????

    Have a lovely day everyone.image

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