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  • Thanks Mathschick. We have a huge Hobbycraft just down the road from us so will pop there at some point this week.

    Franny, I must admit I was getting really nervous as when I practised with Trev at the weekend I struggled. I don't want to get to mile 15 and be done in so making him lighter is the only option. I will do that this week and then try again with him on Sun down the track. Are you excited about your race?

  • You could always take the stuffing out of a couple of cheap pillows or an old duvet. Probably save you a few pennies
  • Ecky-Hope you get the Trev situation sorted.

    Franny- I am off at 9am. Did a 5 miler this morning at an easy pace and will do 3 tomorrow. Had a problem with my Garmin this morning as it wouldn't upload my data onto the computer. So I have reset it and fingers crossed it will be ok. 

  • Good idea By Eck. I did think of getting a couple of really cheap pillows. We already have a small bagful after Middle Ecky made her Christmas cushions.

    Thanks Boss, I'm sure I will. I just know that I cant run with him as he is for that distance.

  • franny - I walked the hmimage but I walked fast and was only 10 mins slower than last yearimage, and I was 2nd in my category, although I was last overall on the half

    swum 3k this afternoon and the kids had a good time on the slides and diving boards. We changed some tesco vouchers for pizza express vouchers so are off to pizza express tonight, and we are all starving after a couple of hours in the pool

    AF - hope you have sorted your garmin

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭


    Sounds like everyone had fun in the pool! image

  • hi mikasa

    yes, we all had fun in the pool! 

  • Hi Mikasa

    Mathschick, it does sound like you have had a lovely day.

  • Morning all!

    I've been absent for a while.  Just really busy in spite of being on half term this week. Keeping up with you all, especially Ecky's and AF's preparations - exciting!!

    Well, Elif's off to Marmaris next week for the nationals.  Her times are 3rd, 7th (twice) and 13th (I think) in Turkey for her four races but she was disqualified for the one she came 3rd in because of an illegal turn. (It was backstroke and you mustn't turn over too soon). She didn't even realise what she'd done and is upset about it as obviously that was her biggest chance of being selected for the national team. Anyway, we'll see what happens next week. I've been given 2 days off work to go with her(Wednesday and Thursday) but she is there for four days so I might not get to see her race. The rest of the time another mother will be there.

    I managed a little four miler yesterday and it was great to get out even if I'm a little depressed at how unfit I'm getting....Better do some work...

    Have a good day all.


  • Morning image

    Aw Jude thats a shame about the illegal turn but well done on getting to the nationals and great that you are getting time off to go..Hopefully you will see her race. And a big well done on getting out for a 4 miler..You are probably not as unfit as you think you are...well done.

    Hi Mikasa

    Mathschick..well done on doing your half..you must have walked pretty fast...When are you able to run again or do you need to wait and see if you need the operation for your knee?

    AF..hope the Garmin situation gets sorted..you can do without that stress....lol..at least it didn't happen on race day..now that would be a disasterimage

    Not very nice here today but managed a wee interval session...think I have a cold coming on..hope it doesn't come to anything

    Have a good day everyone image

  • Morning,

    Jude-Shame about your daughters disqualification. Rule are rules I guess. She still has done very well. Well done on your 4 miler.

    Franny-I have reset my Garmin and my little 3.1 miler this morning has loaded up without a problem.Phew!!

    New worry is that having trained in the freezing cold it now appears that we could have temperatures of 14c/63F. Ideal temperatures usually,but, concerned that not done training in normal temperatues.

  • morning all

    Jude - sorry to hear about the back stroke disqualification, but so exciting that she is going to the nationals, and brilliant that you can be there for a couple of days

    AF - yep, Sunday set to be really warm, my advice would be to wear an extra layer this week when you are training, and on race day go a little slower and make sure you take on more fluids than you have been doing lately, hopefully there will be a sea breeze to cool you down a little


  • MC-The extra layer si a good idea,but, I am probably only going to do another 4 miler maximum!!!! Will drink lots- plenty of tolilets on the route- & am intending to run the 1st 1/2 with members from my club who are potentially a little slower than me and then see how it goes. 

  • Afternoon all

    This weather is so unpredictable..think I have only trained in short sleeves and crop tights once this year.

    AF..you will be great but understnable you have the jitters...lol...I get them before most races..ha ha...so exciting for you.Pleased the Garmin is working again.phew indeedy

    Well I was feeling so under the weather after walking Chico this morning..very sore head etc so decided to go back to bed (something I never do) and slept for 3 hrs lol..feeling a bit better now but have work at 4pm as said I would do extra hours today and Friday.

    Have a nice evening everyone

  • Afternoon!

    Did a 'long' bike ride with my girlies this morning. Well, it was long for them and for me since I have to tow 6yr old Smidge!

    Hi Mikasa - got a bit confused when I saw you on this thread image

    Ecky - so what have you done with Trev.

    AF - am very excited for you image

  • franny - hope you are feeling better now

    well, I am not really running till I find out what is wrong with my knee but went for my first outside run for ages today, strange running somewhere you don't know - the firrst mile was steeply uphill so ran and walked a bit, then undulating, so mostly ran, then took a footpath that was so muddy I couldn't run. around 3.5 miles covered altogether, so not bad and the forefoot striking felt fastimage

    chili - well done on the bike ride - hard work if you are pulling along a 6 year old!

  • Hi Chilli. I have sucked all his insides out with the Vac and I'm going to get some lighter filling to try and make him weigh less. I hope it works as I really don't want to run without him but I know I will struggle.

  • Sorry, hi to everyone. I have been a bit busy today but need a catch up. Taking Big Girl to the hospital tomorrow to see about her knee so have fingers crossed.

  • Hi, still no running here image

    However moo sees the dietician today and gets weighed. It isn't the one we.like as she is now on maternity leave but she can't take the NG tube away with consultants approval so we've got it for at least a few more weeks. I'm running a little fun competition on Facebook for people to suggest how much they think moo weighs now. He was 9.8kg 6 weeks ago. If anyone wants to post on here their suggestions I'm happy to say who is closest when we get back.

    Ecky, by all accounts you will have masses of support. If necessary, either leave Trev with the RW supporters group and run the last 9 miles, or leave him with them of you are struggling
  • morning

    ecky and by eck - hope the hospital and dietician go well. Hope moo has put on weight

    knee is a little stiff on the stairs after running outside yesterday so probably best not to run today. I think we are going walking anyway


    By Eck, that's a great idea although I will try my best to run all the way with him. I just don't want to have to walk it all. Fingers crossed for you today.

    Morning Mathschick, may be a good idea to rest.

    Just off to the Hospital now with Big Girl. I hate going as the parking is horrendous.

    Ooh a bit of excitement too. I just had a mail from a lady who has been trying to contact me reg a possible TV appearance especially as I am running London. She cant promise anything but it would be brilliant to try and get some awareness.

  • ecky - that is excitingimage, good luck with the parking, all the hospitals round here are horrendous too, we always park somewhere else and walk a bit!

  • Woohoo. He has put on 580g since he was discharged 5 weeks.
  • Ecky-Good luck at the hospital Fingers crossed for TV apperance.

    byeck-Good news abouy Moo.

    Bye for now...still nervous....still scared....not sleeping well!!!!

  • Afternoon image

    Great news By'eck image well done Moo and you too.

    Ecky...Woo hoo..hope you get your tv appearance and hope Trev gets his stuffing sorted.

    AF...Big deep breath in ..now breath out vvvvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy slowly and RELAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.....lol you will be fine..keep drinking the fluids and start your carb loading....imageimage

    No running from me today..will have a wee 4 miler tomoz to stretch the leggies. Still feeling a bitty under the weather.

  • brilliant news by eck

    AF - you will be fine, you have done the training, you will be brill

  • I have been baking. We have roast onion and tomato bread, and crumble topping to go with the roasted apples and bananas.
  • Byeck that is wonderful! image

    Feeling a bit crumby and girls are driving me nuts. (Think I should make a fruit cake! lol!) Did pilates today but haven't managed a run since Saturday image

  • Chili, I understand how it feels.

    Miss by eck has gone to the local park with another mum and 3 other kids. I gave permission for them to walk. She has taken them in the car and there are only 2 car seats. J am not best pleased. It's not the first time this mum has done something like this. It's because she doesnt always have control ovwr her kids. If I say something she will get really upset.
  • by eck - oh, it is hard when other mums do things like that, so annoying, but so hard to say something. 

    chili - they will be back at school soonimage I know what you mean about the kids driving you mad, I also have OH who is on edge a bit, and flying off the handle as he is feeling rejected etc over the redundancy. He has got an interview lined up for next Weds, but isn't feeling positive about it, grrrrr, I keep telling him he needs to be positive or he won't get it! And we are on holiday, and all the kids want to do is play computers, grrr, we go out and they keep nagging about coming back to the cottage to play....

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