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  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    boss, as franny says just chilllllllllllllllllllllll...........its gonna be fine!!!


  • AF - it will all be ok, stop worrying!

    loula - hope you are ok and the house stuff is going smoothly

  • Morning all!

    By'Eck - Great news about Moo!

    Franny - Hope you feel better today and get out for your run.

    MC - Hope you are enjoying your holiday in spite of the kids.

    AF - we are all sooo excited for you.........

    Chili - well done on your pilates. hope you feel better today.

    Loula - How's the house stuff going?

    Ecky - How did daughter get on at the hospital?

    Hi everybody else!

    I did a 5 miler yesterday but have to go in to school today for a seminar even though it's half term ...ggrrrr. From there will pick up daughter from training so won't be home till 8.30 tonight Feeling tired already lol....

    Have a good day everybody! xx


  • morning all

    Jude - your school don't seem to understand the idea of holidays!

    I had to really really stop myself from going for a run yesterday, it was a beautiful day and I really wanted to. Had an extra walk insteadimage, knee feels ok today so will have a short run this afternoon

    hope everyone has a lovely day

  • Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Big Girl got on okay and has been discharged for now. She has a problem with her knee that means it keeps popping out as some groove is flatter than it should be. They have just recommended Physio  but she may need an op after all because it will keep popping out.

    By Eck, that's fantastic news and I would have been so cross about the car seat. Hubby's Sister once wanted to take Big Girl without a Car seat as the car was overfull and I refused. She should have asked you first but I understand its hard to say anything.

    Jude well done on your run, rubbish that you have to go into school still.

    Chilli. how are you feeling today?

    Hi Franny, Trev is getting stuffed this weekend.

    Hi Loula.


  • /members/images/728570/Gallery/Chili_&_Loula.jpg

     I know this is LONG overdue ... but hopefully RW will let me post it now as they haven't.  Chili & Loula pre-Ridgeway run a few weeks ago.  I'd say chillier days,but hey ...

  • Morning,

    Up early...not a bad night's sleep.

    Restfull day......

  • AF - Keep Calm! You are going to be wonderful! x


  • morning

    mrchili - great picture

    AF - good, so even if you are too excited to sleep tonight it doesn't matter, you had a good night's sleep last night

    you are going to be greatimage just don't let your wife drag you round loads of shops today

  • Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Mr Chilli, I love that pic.

    Well a little run for me in a bit.

    Choc Brownie or Red Velvet cupcake anyone?  My Girls are busy in the kitchen image

    *Boing Boing Boing. Boss I am soooooooo excited for you.

  • Afternoon

    BOSS you are gonna be brill image The very best of luck for your debut epic marathon.Can't wait to hear your race report. Have fun and enjoy.

    Ecky..enjoy your run..will be your turn next week..hows Trev feeling LOL

    Well I am still a bit under the weather..lots of headaches and just generally under par..can't put my finger on it so hope to feel better tomorrow morning for my R&R HM.

    And 22 years ago today at around this time i was getting married...LOL..where does time go ????

    Have a good evening everyone image

  • Good Luck Tomorrow Franny. Hope you feel better so you can enjoy it. And Congratulations on 22 years!!

    Mr Chili - That's a nice pic! Looks cold though!

    AF - How are you feeling?

    Waiting for hubby to get back from the fields as he's promised me a run while he cycles. I've been giving piano lessons to my kids and doing lesson prep all afternoon so I could do with getting out and enjoying the last of the day's sunshine.

    My middle boy has a swimming competition all day tomorrow so he's very excited but it will mean I can't follow AF's progress. Good luck AF!

    Anyway, hope you are all enjoying the weekend.


  • GOOOOOOOOOOO Franny. I hope you feel better for your race tomorrow. Trev is getting a little nervous. He is having his Operation on Mon to lose a few lb image

    Happy Anniversary too. Will you be having a celebration.

    Jude I hope you manage to get out for a run.

    Just back from a 40 min run with some faster bursts of 5 mins with 2.5 min walk recovery. 8 for me tomorrow with my friend and then just a few to keep me ticking over.


  • Hello from London...don't have Internet yet so having to manage with just phone another few days. Just wanted to say good luck to Franny & AF for tomorrow image
  • Hi Louise. I hope your journey over here was okay. I cant believe it's just a week till London.

  • It's rained ever day since I got here image

    I am planning to write a move report (with a section on cake and hobnobs) once back on laptop.
  • Actually considering I am not even running I am unreasonably excited about the marathon. It must be the thought of all those jelly babies.
  • Louise - hope the move has gone well

    franny - congratulations and good luck for tomorrow, hope you are feeling better

    Boss - good luck for tomorrow, I am looking forward to the race reportimage

  • Thanks everyone.I am feeling ok.Will try & have an early night & a relatively good sleep.Will have quite a few people supporting me around the course which will keep me going.

    Will have a nice home made lasagne this evening.

    Good luck to you as well Franny.
  • WhooHoo!!! Go, Go Boss!!!! Am so excited for you. It's amazing how nervous I can get for someone else's marathon image Hope you have a really fantastic day.

    Welcome home Louise. Looking forward to the move report.

    Jude - hope you managed the run.

    Franny - Congratulations image It's our 12th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

    Hubby took over my job as race director so I could do parkrun this morning. Then we went on a family bike ride for about 12ish miles whilst the sun still shone. Then this afternoon we went to Rocker's party for moving in with his lady. Was so lovely to see them both.

  • Popping in to wish the boss all the very best from the by eck family.

    We will be following your progress
  • Helllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooo

    I am back from my race image will do a race report later once I have thawed out. it was very very windy and wet but ran quite a good race in those conditions.

    Hope AF is getting on well..He may well have finished by now...yayyyyyyyyyyy

    Speak later folks

  • hello

    well done frannyimage

    I have been out on the bike, a bit scary at times as it is really windy here too



  • Boss has finished and I think he will be very pleased
  • by eck - I just looked at the results too to see if I could see whether he had fninshed! He has done brilliantlyimage

    better do some school work now

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    BOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSS !!!!!! if the time ive seen is correct you ran a blinder !!!! image


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    to my lovely franny sis, well done on your wet n windy run too and a possible PB? imageimageimage



    Boss, I'm soooooo sorry I didn't get on here to wish you Good Luck. Mahoosive Well done. Welcome to the Marathon Club.

    Franny, Mahoosive Well done to you too. I cant wait to hear the report. If the wind was anything like it was here today then you did fantastic racing in it at all.

     9 miles for me this morning, 8 of them with my lovely friend from the club. I must admit I did find it difficult today. Right I'm off to operate on Trev. I will keep you posted on his weight loss progress.

  • Here is my race report for THE EDINBURGH ROCK AND ROLL HALF MARATHON

    Weather: Wind strong enough to blow the tee shirt tents and 12 mile marker away .Rain heavy enough to soak racers and spectators and poor wee doggies who got dragged along for a day out.

    It was a fairly unremarkable race apart from nearly getting blown off my feet at one bit and a granny and her grandson banging away on pots and pans as support It was so funny. Must have been concentrating so hard on my running cos I didn’t see my in laws (although to be fair they were not standing where I thought they would be) Chico was a star as he ran up the hill with me soaking wet the poor wee man.

    Anyway crossed the line just 5 seconds outside my PB but I felt I ran a better race as it was much tougher conditions than last year.

    Organisation at the end was a complete and utter shambles UNLIKE last year which was brill...but hey ho thats how it goes sometimes.

    And here are my stats

    • Overall Position: 1299 out of 4361
    • Division Female Age Group: 22 out of 216
    • Gender: 350 out of 2269
    • 10_km 0:54:14
    • 10_Mile 1:29:29
    • Pace08:51
    • Chip Time 01:55:55
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