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  • Ecky well done on your 9 miler..Hope Trevs op goes ok. 1 week to go for you..woo hoo.image

  • Sounds like really tough conditions Franny. Awwwwww, the Granny with Pots and Pans sounds fab.

     You will be pleased to know that Trev has recovered well after his Op although he may be a bit sore for a few days image. He is however a good couple of lb lighter. I need all the help I can get.


  • franny - brill time and well done

    ecky - good to hear trev has recoveredimage and that he is lighter

  • Well done Franny.

    Thanks for all the support finished in 3.56 .02. Full report tomorrow as I haven't the energy at the moment!
  • Glad to hear all have survived their trials today. I am hoping for a run this week. Little moo starts a second day at nursery on Thursday image
  • Well done AF and Franny! Brilliant results! Very proud of you super CRACers!image

    Ecky - well done on your 9 miler!

    By'eck - Hope you get a run this week.

    Busy day at the pool with my gorgeous middle boy. No medals but he's OK about that. Best result was 4th in the 25m breaststroke. image 


  • Well done Franny and AF!!! imageimage Both sound like excellent times to me.

    Franny - tough conditions but good to hear it was a race well run.

    Jude - well done to your lad too.

    Just one more day of school hols for us. Not sure if I will manage pursuade the girls to do another bike ride tomorrow - might have to see how windy it is.


  • Boss - well doneimage

    well done to your boy too, Jude

    I am back at school tomorrow

  • WELL DONE Franny and AF!!! imageimage Absolutely brilliant times both of them! Franny, those conditions sound tough. AF, looking forward to your race report! We've got some real talent in this here CRAC squad (no LLB, I don't mean THAT sort of talentimage)

    Both of you should be proud of yourselves image

  • Morning everyone image

    Thank you Matt image

    AF..that was a fantastic time for a debut marathon..you should be chuffed to bits.Well proud of you.How are your legs feeling today? Hope you have a day off from work

    Still very windy here today but not raining as much...read on one of the reports on Rock and Roll facebook page that 2 girls never got to start the race as the portaloo she was in blew over ...yikes...that would have been scareeeeeeeeeeeeeeee image

    Have a nice day everyone.

    Ecky..hope your resting up this week ready for your BIG day.

  • Jude..well done to your young lad...you have a right good bunch of wee swimmers in your family image

  • Morning,

    Well my legs are indeed very achey and I have gone to work. Couldn't manage the 3 flights of stairs however so for the 1st time ever I used the lift.

    Race report Brighton Marathon

    Got to the start line with 5 minutes to spare- the perils of waiting for 5 ladies and the rediculous lack of supply of toilets.

    I was very nervous before the race started,but, once the race started I felt OK. The crowds at the start were brilliant and having my name on my shirt really helped. Saw a chap I know just after the start which was ncie to get a big cheer. Decieded to run at a "sensible" pace and ran with a lady of my club who kept on reminding me to keep an even pace throughout. Most of the race was fairly flat and for the fiest 10 miles the weather was overcast with a slight breeze. I was fairly happy as doing the miles in 8.20-8.40 pace and crossed the 10k mark in 55 minutes whaich was what I was aiming for. Coming upto the halfway mark there was a downhill stretch back into Brighton with literally 1000's of people liening the route. it was amazing and I felt so good. 

    I crossed the 1/2 way mark in about 1.50 and thought I was on for a 3.45-50 time which was my target that I felt was achieevable. At mile 15 I caught sight of Mrs AF with my parents which was really good. I was kncking the miles out and felt absolutely fine........and then......I started to feel really bad at around the 20 mile mark (was it the wall I have no idea), and my pace slowed down to 9.30 miles and then at mile 21 -10.05 which annoyed me. I had to give myself a good long hard talking too.....However, I wasn't going to give up, stop or walk,At this stage of the race a lot of people were walking, pulling up or looking deciedely rough.It was by now getting very warm (something that we aren't used to)

    Seeing My parents and Mrs AF at mile 23 was the final spur I needed. I was getting quite emotional by now and teh atmosphere was amaxing with 1000'sand 1000's lining the street. I saw teh sign 800 meters to go...stIll felt a long way to go-then ouch..I could feel the onset of camp. Final push Alistair I said to myself and I eventually crossed the line in 3.56.02. I ws delighted to finish...although only 80% happy with the time. Will I do another one? Not sure...didn't like the demons in my head! However, if I didn't have that hard final 6 I know I could knock 10 minutes off my time.

    Anyway I feeel good a PB, a 1st Marathon, £900 raised for charity....not bad for a former fat boy who is 49.    


  • Great report dude image It really helps to run with someone doesnt it. My own experience is also that the 20-22 mile markers are the busuiness end of the race. Any smile left on the face is wiped off and replaced with a steely, gut-it-out one. The wall? Probably, your body has run out of immediate energy to burn. Don't beat yourself up in any way, it was the hardest part and you came through it with a huge performance image Anything goes for your first one! Sounds like you're doing better than I did recovery wise.

  • Oh Well Done AF! Great report. Yes, miles 21-23 are my tough ones too.

    Hi Matt! Are you running?

    Just come back from a bike ride with my twins. About 22 miles but took us 4hrs 15min cos we had to stop several times and one of my girlies slooooowwwweddd down on the way back. Other girls were at school, which I thought didn't start back until tomorrow so they were 20 mins late for the first time! Ooops!

  • Boss - massive well done, brilliant reportimage Well done on sticking it out through the tough miles

  • Great report AF! Well done again.

    Well done on your bike ride Chili.

    Franny - Portaloos are bad enough at the best of times. Hope the women weren't badly injured.

    Well, had a bit of a busy day again. I'm  squeezing some of the lessons I'll be missing into today, tomorrow and Friday's timetable so nobody has to cover my lessons on Wednesday and Thursday. I've also got a parents' meeting tomorrow evening. We're catching the 2 am bus to Marmaris tomorrow night and it's a 10 hour journey. Then I'm staying at the hotel on Wednesday evening and getting the bus back on Thursday night. Friday will be busy and I'm at school all day Saturday with extra lessons and 2 more parent's meetings.......I just hope I don't snap.  Little boy's birthday is on Friday and his party is on Sunday.... I might take my running kit with me as Marmaris should be a pretty place to run.... but then again I probably won't have the energy...image I know my daughter wants me with her so hopefully it's all worth it.

    Anyway, have a good week all.

  • Jude - hope you get thrugh your manic week, and good luck to your daughter

    chili - well done on the bike

    franny - eek, can't imagine being blown around inside a portalooimage

  • Morning

    What a fab race report Boss..I too find miles 20-23 hard going and will need to devise a cunning plan ..not sure what that will be...ha ha

    Now may all our thoughts and prayers be with all the people injured in the Boston explosions yesterday...Just so awful the scenes on Tv..must have been horrific.

    Have a good day everyone..take care

  • Morning Franny.  I was so shocked to see that as Boston yesterday. Thinking of them all today.

    Boss that was a brilliant report. You are the Man image

    Morning everyone.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭





  • Yes after completing a marathon a couple of days ago, the events of Boston put a dampner on things.

    Let's hope that the London Martahon is a celebration of running and can show that runners will not be beaten by idiots/murdrerers....

  • I will be wearing a black arm band on the day. I have decided not to run with Trev as somehow it just doesn't feel right.

    I am also thinking about leaving Big Girl at home.

  • Such terrible news... thinking of all those coping with this tragic event in Boston......

    Hope you are all well, my friends.

  • A friend I went to school with had a nephew competing in Boston.  Thankfully he's very fast and had finished with a PB under 3 hours.  He was clear of the finish before the first bomb and phoned home to assure them he was okay.  Wow ...

  • Mr Chilli, they must have been so worried. Its just so heartbreaking. 

    Hi Jude, I hope you are okay.

  • hi everyone

    the events in Boston are awful. Mrchili - your friend's family must have all been really worried.

    Bet the security in London is going to be crazy, specially with tomorrow's funeral as well

    ecky - big girl will probably be fine, but I know how you feel

  • Hi all. Boston is awful news isn't it. It's the right call to proceed with London I think. I guess thats a bit of the british we wont let them get to us type attitude coming out.

    I rode my bike to work today. 23 mile round trip. I had a bike and there was nothing stopping me, but jeez my arse is in a bad way!! Hi Chili, yes I'm still running. on the comeback trail! Getting there slowly. I'm going to be aiming for work commute runs again. Hope youand family are ok. Hows your running going?

    Have a good wednesday everyone
  • Just off to Marmaris...

  • Have a lovely time Jude.

    I'm sure everyone will be thinking of the grieving and injured on Sunday, but I do hope it is a good day for everyone running, volunteering, cheering on.

    Matt - I'm doing okay. Still waiting for my hospital date so not making any definite plans for the aug marathon until then. In the mean time I'm doing quite a bit of cycling cos Mr Chili and I are biking to Cambridge and back next week image Well done on your 23 miles!

  • Hope your trip goes well Jude! It sounds very busy image

    Chili, Wow, How far is that? (I can personally recommend some of those lycra shorts with the padding in. Don't own a pair yet, but they are my next purchase!

    Mr Chili, well done on keeping Chili fit! image

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