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  • Enjoy your bike ride Mr & Mrs Chilli.

    Beginning to think I will have to do another Marthon to banish the demons of the last 5 miles & get under 3.50, Still achey at the moment.

    Our treadmill arrived yesterday,but, probably won't use it unutil the weekend.

    Question for you folks- when do you normally have a run after a Marthon -would like to do 3 or so miles tomorrow,but think I willl still be achey.Detemrined to do cluv run on Friday however.



  • AF - although I haven't done a marathon, I saw the same question asked on another thread, and the answer was: do what feels right for you. Some plans and people will do a short run a few days after, so a short slow recovery run tomorrow might just help your legs feel ok for friday's club run, but if you set out and it all feels wrong, then cut it short or walk instead

    one of my bottom set kids got a grade D in his GCSE, this is amazingimageimage

  • AF - I normally give myself 2 or 3 days off and then do 3 miles very slowly. Back to normal training 1 week after although I won't do another 'long run' until week 2.

    Matt - padded shorts are essential! It's about 50 miles one way.

  • Afternoon

    AF..yes its a personal choice of when you next want to run and also depends on what you have lined up next. Go out for a slow one Boss...SLOW SLOW SLOW..emphasis on the slow coz u are a speedy lad...lol..and see how you feel. I took a whole 2 weeks off after my marathon last year and felt the huge benefits from it but did spend that time doing crosstraining and swimming to keep my fitness up and to let my body recover properly. But its entirely a very personal choice. Don;t be tempted to be doing any speedwork too soon though Boss.

    MC..amazing but  you have to take some credit too..amazing teacher you must be so so proud.

    Ecky...am so excited for you for Sunday..i am working so won't see it on telly. Some of my club are running so if you see any Harmeny running tops give them a wave.image

  • OK. I will see how I feel tomorrow. I suspect I may still feel achey - the speedowrk on the treadmill will wait.

    Friday's club run may be the return...I won't do my 20 mile week this week so the 113 week strak is over. Funninly enough I am not bothered by that!!!   


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    Boss, i owe you a belated well super duper done for your amazin mara time!!! thre events of Boston did subdue things somewhat on RW all round i think image

    we are super proud of you Boss man -PAAAAAAAAAAARATTTTTTTTAY this weekend me thinks !!!!

    as for running after a mara /long event its entriely up to you how you feel id say. i didnt run for a week or so after my first mara but went for a little short run day after my 50miler to make sure i didnt seize up. if you feel you can thn go for it but make it under 5 miles id say.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    really looking forward to NDW50 , cant believe its only 4 weeks away now....have i trained? no. am i worried? no. image

  • that's the spirit loula

    the wind here is crazy. I was planning to cycle to work again tomorrow, but the wind is forecast to be even worse in the morning, so going to swap tomorrow for Friday. I won't feel the need to rush home either. So, do I put my road bike back on the turbo, or maybe a gym session tomorrw evening instead? A meeting after work might scupper the gym session though. Mind you, I could just mark all the mock exams my year 10s have done!!

  • Very windy here too MC. But the sun did come out this afternoon and I did 20miles in just under 2hrs. Nice to not have to dress up in so many layers

    Well done for being such a great teacher

    Loula - I suspect that you will be in good company cos I don't think Rocker has trained either! image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    i think he secretly has image i will be eating dust me thinks


    Hope everyone is okay.

    Well not long now till London. I'm excited but nervous too. I cant imagine what I will be like on the day.

    Mmmmmmmm, I love eating dust image or I can share Middle Eckys Bday Cake that I made yesterday. I did a 1D choc brownie cake.

  • Morning,

    Loula-Yes we can party on Saturday night to celebrate Ecky doing us all proud on Sunday and for me completing my 1st Marathon on Sunday. I have (I think) decided to do another road marathon next year to celebrat my 50th and banish the demons of the last 6 miles & aim to go under 3.50.

    Ecky-Hope all is ok and that you are prepared for the big day. Hope you get the publity you deserve and raise loads of money.

    Well I am 90% ache free so club run tomorrow....itching to get out now.

  • Morning

    Very very windy here to and i am just about to go out for some longish miles.

    Loula...you will grand for NDW...coz u are go getter and will not let it defeat you.image

    Eckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...so excitied for you..you will be fabby..enjoy and soak up the atmosphere image

    AF..enjoy your club run tomorrow..glad your not so achey now...When are you planning your next marathon ?????

    Think the party will have to be Sunday though Boss and not Saturday...LOL..so as our Ecky can join in image


  • Thanks Boss

    Thanks Franny

    I must admit I am not bothered about a time for this one. I just want to enjoy the experience and get round without dumping Trev. I am not sure that I will be doing another one any time soon. I am going to concentrate on family support after this and just my league races.


  • You rock Ecky.....yep just enjoy it and the miles will fly by and just think of all the awareness you will be making for cammie image

    Well I went out for my LSR but only managed 10.25 miles instead of the 15 ..was very blustery,windy..couldn't move at times and my legs still felt tired.However as I am still a week ahead of my plan I will just repeat this week next week and that will be me right on schedule.......The long runs I have left to do are 15 ,21/22, 15 and then 12. The long run countdown is on image I just need to be careful i don't pick up an injury as this seems to be when I am most vulnerable..another reason why I cut todays run short...Gosh I am getting very sensible in me old age listening to my body....LOL

  • Yes party Sunday.

    Franny-Don't know - perhaps an XC one later this year!! When and what Marthon are you doing?  

  • Ye PAAAAARTAY.image

    Franny, I must admit I too listen to my body as I'm so prone to injury. You will be fine, plenty of time.

    Thank too for everyones support. I couldn't do it without the CRACkers . My name on my shirt will be in battenburg Pink and Yellow.

  • Thanks Ecky image

    AF its the Edinburgh Marathon on 26th May image
  • evening everyone

    ecky - don't know when you are heading down to London, but you will have a great time, I am sure the support around the route will get you round with trev

    got a massive pile of mock exams to markimage want to go out running but really need to mark so had better be a good girl

  • Evening!

    Very excited for you Ecky image

    My No.2 girl has been awarded this months Parkrun/Sweatshop prize of a free pair of trainers!!!! imageimage I realise I am slightly baised but she really does deserve them. Am so proud of her diligence and stickability.

    Pilates this morning and I'm hoping some of teens turn up with their trainers this eve so we can do a mile or 2. Only a few weeks until we run at Radlett.

  • Hi everyone.I thought i'd better show my face again,and say hello.I got so bogged down with trying to catch up on all my college work that I had neglected while my Mum was ill,and it all got on top of me.Also I felt very down about things,and when I feel ike that,i tend to withdraw a bit.I had virtually given up on running,but in recent weeks I have started again and I've entered next year's Brighton Marathon,as I really enjoyed the one I ran two years ago.So i'm back,and if my injury problems stay behind me,then i'm really looking forward to getting my running mojo back.Nothing has given me as big a sense of achievement as my running,and I want to recapture that feeling.

     So how are we all?I hope everyone is ok and enjoying their running.I saw Franny's half marathon,and AF's marathon right ups.Fantastic runs.Well done.And of course it's the big one for Ecky this weekend.I hope you are resting well and looking forward to Sunday.

    I'll try and keep up with the group from now on,because I know I couldn't manage another marathon without your support.

  • DJ - lovely to hear from you and that you are well. Great to see that you are getting back to your running

    chili - your girl really deserves the prizeimage



    *BOING BOING BOING BOING BOING CRASH* Ooooops, who put that wall there?

     DJ lovely to hear from you. We will get you through another Marathon. I must admit the running got me through my toughest times and still does.

     2 more sleeps to go. My friend is off to get my number this morning and last night Real Trev came round with a Good Luck card and some Haribo Gummy bears. I just need to sew my name in mine and Trev's shirt and we are ready.

  • Morning

    Eckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee  am all boing boingy super duper excited for you.imageimageimage weather looks not too bad for Sunday too...wey hey..am gonna try and see if i can put it on the computer at work just so as i can see it.will need to ask boss nicely today as he sometimes comes in at weekends but i suspect no on a sunday morning though image

    Deejay...hellllllllllllllllloooooooooooo nice to have you back with us again..great you are getting back to running again AND OF COURSE WE WILL get YOU through your next marathon.

    Chilli..thats great your girl getting the parkrun prize...well done to her.

    Have a nice day everyone...its my working weekend for me Friday until Monday so there will not be much running going on with me...to be honest achilles is a bit niggly so a couple of days rest will do it no harm.

    Spek soon xxx

  • Morning Franny, yes it looks cool and dry which will be ideal. I have a rain cover for Trev but will be better if I don't have to use it.

    I hope your boss lest you put it on. Pants that its your working weekend.

    Will pop a photo on later when I have got our names on our shirts.


  • I'm getting ready for a r*n. It's nearly 3 weeks since I've engaged with the r word

    I'm scared
  • Hi everyone...still don't have Internet at home but am camping out at a local shop using their wireless for a couple of hours.

    Congrats again to AF, good to hear you made a rapid recovery.  After the TO at the end of last month my legs felt ok-ish to run after about 4 days but by then I had caught a cold - first one in ages - and a bit of bonchitis so only ran again last Thursday.  I joined Serpentines so I have been along to a couple of their training sessions, and am now officially the slowest Greenwich hill runner because I managed to accidently arrive on Time Trial day, still coughing and splutterinng.  Mind you I think I'd still be slowest even without a chest cold, they all seem pretty fit...

    Moving in was quite a saga - I had arranged for arrival of the truck early Monday morning, and had to organise with the local council to reserve the 5 parking bays outside my house for the container lorry to be able to park.  I am sure I endeared myself to the  neighbour who got a parking ticket as a result image.

    Anyway, much trauma later - the doorway into the basement level = too narrow for most of my stuff.  Ditto bringing it in the front door - staircase turn too tight.  So dining table, sofas and cooker went back on the lorry, armchairs and dresser into spare bedroom instead of living room / dining room image, and some very p*d off movers. 

    A week later I had to organise a builder to come and take a window frame out,and pay for redelivery of the returned stuff.  And now I have unpacked, and found that a whole bunch of stuff is missing and I need to do an insurance claim.  Expensive move! Happy days.  But the house is great, and once things are sorted it'll all be fineimage.

    Looking forward to Sunday now, off to the Expo shortly to pick up anything that's been dropped off by the RW runners.  See you Sunday Ecky imageimage

  • Ecky Ecky Ecky Go Go Go Go...........excited for yo and will be keeping everything crossed that you get the TV coverage that you need.

    Louise-Are you doing the London Marthon? If so we need to know your nmber so that we can cheer you on. Also we can probbaly track you real progress if we know what the G stands for!!! Sounds like the move was stressfull. Enjoy your new house.  

    byeck-Enjoy the run it is failry nice it there today. 

    DJ-So good to here from you.....I have a feeling I might be running Brighton next year. 

    A bit achey this morning but 5.98 miles with a few from my club who did the marathon last week.....going to try out my new tradmill for a power walk in a bit.

    Have a good day everyone & let's look forward to the marathon paty on sundau night and Louise house warmimng as well....  

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    imageimagegggggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooooooo Eckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo woo woo wooimage


    DJ!! good to hear from you!!! so glad you are getting back to the running and a marathon is definately NOT out of bounds for youimage

    Boss, hope you are recovering well and still basking in the glory of your fabby maratime!!!


  • Loula-Funnily enough I have had two days of enjoying the glory- now feel that I need to have a new challenge- have 3 races lined up a 10k in May, 15 miler in July and a 1/2 in September.Need more.....+ I feel that I should have done a bit better in the Marthon....I wanted 3.45 after my 20 miler in 2.45...had'nt anticipated how hard the last 10k was!!!! So I think I need to do another road marathon...subject to approval from Mrs AF III.   

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