Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • louise - what a faff all the moving, good to hear you are settled in though

    I got a bit cold cycling home today - didn't realise how chilly it was, and couldn't be bothered to stop and get my pirate cycling jacket out of my backpack - backpack was pretty full as it had loads of exam papers that need marking in it

    OH had his final redundancy meeting - 30 days consultation period over (the word consultation here is ridiculous because it wasn't a consultation, they had decided who was going already). Made worse by the fact that someone else that was made redundant already has a new job, so he is not happy tonight. I am making his favourite tea for him - tuna pasta bake

    better go and put my bike away in the shed before I forget and do the cooking

    by eck - hope you enjoy your run


  • My goodness Louise that sounds a bit of a saga! Good to hear you are settled in now.

    AF - Hope Mrs AF says yes for you! But there is nothing quite like your first marathon. image

    DJ!!!!!! How lovely to have you back with us. We will deffinitely cheer you on to your next marathon.

    ECKY, Ecky, Ecky *Boing! Boing! Boing!* We are so excited for you. And yet again I am feeling a bit nervous for you! Have a wonderful day and trip down to London and all of it.

    MC - it was deffinitely cooler today than the past two days. Got a bit cold myself on the bike. Just done another lovely ride with my gorgeous No.2 girl. She's 9 and I'm not sure what is reasonable for her age but we did 12.5 miles in just over a 1.5hrs with a short snack break in the middle. She's very good company.

  • Wow chili, thats some riding.

    Ecky, I am so excited. If we can get enough space on the sky box I will record the race just to wwatch out for you.

    Boss, I think Mrs AF will agree to you doing another marathon, especially if you let her go shopping or take her on holiday image

    Louise, that sounds like a sstressful move. I've a fair bit of experience moving (this is is 20 something) but nothing that bad.

    I managed a rubbish 5k run (300ft climb) so tagged on another 5k walk.
  • morning all

    boss - yeah, treat the wife - maybe a marathon abroad and then she will get a weekend away out of it??

    by eck - well done on getting out for your run, doesn't matter that you felt it was rubbish, getting a bit of 'me' space is important if nothing else. Hope little moo is ok

    spinning and swimming today. My first tri of the season tomorrow, eek, it is going to be chilly too so will have to think about putting something on after the swim

    chili - well done on the bike ride with your girl, that is good going for a 9 year old



    Hope everyone is okay. We are off in a bit. Will try and get a pic of Trev on here before I go.

  • ecky - have a brilliant timeimage

  • Thanks Mathschick. I am really looking forward to the experience now.

  • Woo Hoo Ecky Go girl Go What is ur race number
  • Hi Franny, my number is 23578

  • Ecky - Enjoy! Hope everything goes well. x

  • Go Go Go No 23578 - have a great day and enjoy the experience. When you are in paid think of me in the Mankini at mile 20 & Loula,Franny,Chilli, byeck,MC etc in the cheer leader skirts!!! ...If Loula can keep her eyes of the men! 

    Party sunday night.

    By the wya is Louise running as I though her last message implied that she might be. 

    My top of my leg is a bit achey today so am in rest mood. Did 40 minutes power walking on the treadmill instead.

    Will hopefully feel ok for a short run tomorrow.

    My 113 consective weeks of 20 + miles a week is over. Funnily enough i am not bothered as I think the rest this week will help my old body.  

    Not sure I will be able to go abroad with Mrs AF for a mrathon with children etc ...but I am formulating a cunning plan..... 

  • Louise is supporting at mile 17.

  • Morning all.What a lovely morning.Shame i'm at work,but it's still a nice morning.

    Ecky,hope you are all ready and excited.Remember to try not to do too much today and get plenty of rest.It's easy to forget in all the excitement.I know i did a little too much on the day before my Mara.Trouble is you get all boingy and overexcited.

    MC sorry to hear about your hubby's redundancy.I went through a similar experience 18 months ago,and it is horrible.Especially when a colleague gets sorted which happened to me.

    Louise,glad to hear you are all moved in.It is a pain isn't it though.

    AF hope you are enjoying your rest,and ready to get back into it.That was a good time for your first marathon.That last 10k is a killer isn't it?Once we get beyond 20 miles,the body hits it's natural endurance threshold,and it takes quite a few runs of over 20 miles to get the body used to it.If you run another one,you will find you have so much more knowledge and experience and endurance that it will feel a lot easier.I hope it is anyway.It would be great if you were at Brighton next year.It is a good race.I enjoyed it a lot,and i couldn't believe the size of the crowds in the town.For me the toughest bit was that long loop through Hove between 16 and 18 miles.

    I have managed to do all my targeted runs and mileages for the last 3 weeks,so i'm pleased with that.In recent months i allowed too many things to knock me out of my schedule and found too many excuses to cry off.I think that the routine of running at set times and with targeted distances is how i'm going to get back into it.I certainly feel better for it.

    I'm off to the windswept wilderness of Dungeness beach in Kent tomorrow for a photography workshop.Should be fun,and hopefully i'll get some good photos for my portfolio. 

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    im dusting off my pom poms and nip tassles for Da Boss to wesr wiv his mankini Eckyimage -hope its warm tomorrow or my boobies will be chilly in my bikini cheering for you on the pyramidimage

  • DJ-Yes that loop in Hove was hard,but, the crowds were amazing especially around about mile 12 when you go down a short hill by the roundabout. 1000's od people - it bought a teaar to my eye. I am going to hace to do another one and Brighton 2014 is quite likely- will decide over next few weeks.The last 10k was something that I wasn't prepared for so will know what to expect and apce myself better.

    Lolula-pom poms short skirts and boots tomorrow please! image

  • Evening!

    I have some seriously chocolatey tiffin to put on the cake trolley. Will deffinitely give all our runners some energy for tomorrow.

    This is the list of events I have for the CRAC team

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    21 Eckytump - London Marathon
    21 Mathschick - David Lloyd Sprint Triathlon
    25/26 Chilibean - 100 mile Cycle to Cambridge & Back over 2 days
    27 Mathschick - 5k swimathon

    5 Mathschick - Southwell Sprint Triathlon
    6 Chilibean - 5k Radlett Rotary Run leading Rosedale Runners
    Byeck & Loula - North Downs Way 50
    26th Franny - Edinburgh Marathon

    2 Mathschick - Half Iroman Outlaw Triathlon
    22 Byeck - Giants Head Marathon
    22 Mathschick - Dambuster Standard distance triathlon

    22 Mathschick - Woodhall Spa Sprint triathlon
    23 Mathschick - great Notts bike ride

    Loula - pacer for another runner in his 100 miles
    24 Loula - Ridgeway 85
    24 Matt & Chilibean - Thames Meander Marathon

  • mmm, chocolate tiffin sounds good

    chili - something weird happened with that copy and paste - the website didn't like it much!

    My great notts bike ride is in June - I probably put the wrong date down to start with! Sorry

    finally finished marking all my mock exam papers. Better go and cook something

    OH still moping about, apparently he intends being miserable until he finds a jobimage

  • Mmmm, don't know why it has all that gobble-de-gook in the middle image sorry.

    Well, the sunshine has been beautiful today and girlies decided they wanted to do a triathlon. We began with parkrun 5k this morning at 9am (I cycled down so did a 'brick'session). Then just before lunch we cycled over to the town centre park where St Georges Day was being celebrated (and hubby was manning the church stand). Then after our picnic we took advantage of the free swim at the pool. And cycled home this evening.

    Everyone is feeling very happy with themselves. And I'm shattered! image Have done a 6 day training week so think I might have a rest tomorrow.

    All the best for tomorrow Ecky and MC. We will be cheering you on!!! Pompoms, tassles, cartwheels, pyramids  - the full works. Am so excited for you both.

  • chili - sounds like a lovely day. and yes, I think you could do with a rest day tomorrow

    I am feeling a bit nervous actually about tomorrow

  • Go, go, crac runners and supporters. Sleep well, enjoy your day and I look forward to your reports afterwards
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    hope everyone has had a lovely day in the sunimage

    its been a beautiful day

  • Totally agree LLB is been lovely today image

    Anyway, I logged in to say...

    GOOD LUCK ECKY!!! I'll be looking out for 23578!! All the best, we'll all rooting for you!!

  • Good luck ecky! I've got my pompoms all ready and the guys have been covered in fake tan and glitter.
  • !!!!!!!GO ECKY!!!!!!!! I hope she's having a good race.I won't be around for the rest of the day,but i'll be thinking about her and wishing her well.

  • Woooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo Eckyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep going girlie..you are doing fabby fabby do......am shakin me pom poms

    Give us an E Give us C Give us a K Give us Y...yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Goooooo Eckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and Trevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvor.

  • Ecy looking good on the tracking system..suggests she may do it in 5.35....image

    My club runners have done brilliantly...gavin got 2 hrs 57 mins....woo hoo..amazing stuff

  • franny - that is a great time for your club mate

    ecky - not far now, keep going

    had a great day at the tri, followed by lunch with some of the tri club, which was nice but we were starving and had to wait for ages for the food

    tired now but need to do loads, so better get up off my bum and do stuff


  • Well done MC. Waiting for food after a racet is not good.

    Ecky finished. No news on Trev yet...
  • yeah, I would have been better off just going home, I could have had some decent food  and a nap! Just realised it took longer to get the food than it did to do the tri

  • Well done MC on your tri but waiting for food is EVIL...I get HANGRY.....lol

    A SUPER DUPER WELL DONE TO OUR ECKYeeeeeeeeeee...I was watching it on the red button marathon finishers on tv but it cut off just as Ecky was predicted to come in.....Boooooooooooooo....

    Boss...is it party time yet??????????????????????????///

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