Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Hellooooooooooo

    Careful Loula, you don't want an injury. *sits loula down and opens the Vino* moving is so stressful ((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))

    Hi Jude, Well done on your run. Pants that you have to work on such a lovely day.

    Hi Franny, we have rain today too and it's quite cool. Your training is going really well.

    Chilli, it sounds like you are going to have a lovely day tomorrow.

    Hi everyone else, hope you are all having a good day.

    Rest again for me and a very easy session at club tomorrow. I have found another pic of Trev too where you can see his CRAC team colours on his name.



  • Fab pic of Trev.

    It is a lovely evening here so the children ate their tea in the garden. Well, the plan was thst they ate their tea. Moo decided to feed the cat some of his, and miss by eck didn't like a spider that was nowhere near here so ended up back in the house. But both are back in the garden playing.

    Lou, I'm really looking forward to seeing you before ndw. I'm so sorry I won't be running, but I think it's the best decision given how thjngs are with moo.

    Boss, ecky, how are the legs recovering?
  • Afternoon

    The sun has come out now image Had a lovely day with Mum and Chico had good fun on the beach.

    Ecky...loving the pic of Huge Trev image

    By'eck...sounds like an eventful garden tea you had image LOL You will run NDW one day...you have youth on your side girly....imageimage

  • By Eck, sounds lovely having tea in the Garden. How cute is Moo feeding the cat. Legs are fine today just a bit sore on my right quad but nothing I cant cope with.

    Franny that's the best pic of him but it does make him look even bigger than he was.


  • LOL Ecky...maybe he needs foto shopped....Glad its the same for teddybears and not just us that look bigger in photographs...hee hee

  • Have a lovely couple of days everyone. Hubby and I leave early in the morning for our trip to Cambridge.

  • Lol, yeh Franny. I always look bigger in pics.

    Chilli, have a lovely time. I bet you are so excited.

    Well I said after London that I wont be doing another Marathon but I am seriously considering doing Abo 2014. I want to try and get a sub 5 marathon.

  • Evening everyone.I hope you are all well and enjoying the nice weather.

    Ecky I hope you are enjoying your rest after Sunday's hard work.It does get addictive this marathon running lark.I can't wait to do another.Like you i'm desperate to get sub 5 hours.Hopefully I will in Brighton next year.

    I've decided to take a year out from college to allow me time to train for my marathon,and just enjoy life without endless studying and homework tasks.

    Chili, I hope you and Mr Chili have a lovely time in Cambridge.

    I really didn't feel like running tonight,but I made myself go,and I had a lovely run along the river and through the water meadows of Salisbury after work.I think i'm getting my mojo back.I will still be struggling with tiredness for a few weeks,as my college course is in it's final busy stages,but I think i'll really be able to regain what I had before,once I can get a bit more rest. 


  • Hi Deejay. It sure does get addictive. Well done on your run too. I'm so glad you are getting your mojo back. You have had such a tough time recently. I must admit though I am glad I can have a break from Marathon training as it does take up so much time.

  • I find I miss the really long runs at a weekend,that make up marathon training.They hurt towards the end,but I found that during the middle part of the run,i felt great,and I just loved being away from everything.Just me and the countryside.That was the best thing about marathon training.


  • Morning all!

    Ecky - great pic of Trev!

    Franny - sounds like a lovely day you had yesterday.

    Chili - good luck on your mega ride to Cambridge. Have fun!

    Beautiful day here! Managed a mini run yesterday. (Well, all my runs are mini nowadays...)

    Looking forward to the weekend because I don't have to go to work...yipee!

    Have a good day folks!


  • I agree Deeejay. There is something special about just plodding along for hours. I loved my times along the canal even though I used to dread setting off as I knew how far I had to go.

  • Afternoon,

    DJ-Good to here that your mojo is coming back. I feel a little "lost" with no long runs on a weekly basis. But, my body needed a rest. 

    Ecky-Great picture of Trev- how as your back after carrying him?

    Jude-Enjoy your weekend off!

    Chilli-Have a great weekend in Cambridge. I really enjoyed my trip there last year. Mrs AF and I are off to Oxford in a couple of weeks time.

    Hi byeck,Franny,Loula etc...

    6.7 miles this morning getting less and less achey each time out. Think I am lilely to do my 1/2 on the downs next week. Lovely day.

  • Afternoon

    A bit late on getting on here today as after dog walking duties I went out and did my LSR for this week..did 15.25 miles..image and the weather wasn't too bad either.

    Deejay..Great you ahve your Mojo back...well done

    AF..well done on yet another run and pleased you are less achey.

    Ecky...lol another marathon planned..hee hee...My marathon this year is going to be my last one as having a break from them next year and will just stick with Halfs and 10ks as the training just eats up time. I then plan to enter LONDON in 2015 to celebrate my 50th year and it will be my 5th marathon.....image

    Jude..great you are getting out running again and even more brilliant that you are off this weekend.....yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    Have a good afternoon and evening everyone.

  • hi, argh, just lost a post!

    not been able to get on  it has just been so busy here. 

    DJ - well done on getting out, sometimes when you don't feel like going out, it turns out to be the best run every. I also love the feeling of just getting away from everything and getting out in the countryside

    chili - hope you got to Cambridge and the weather isn't too bad for getting back

    had a little run/walk this morning which was nice, then went back to see the consultant about my knee - basically the back of the kneecap is damaged, osteo-arthritis, so nothing they can do to fix it, but he has referred me to an NHS physio and gave me some quad strengthening stuff to do. He also agreed that running forefoot striking is better in terms of reducing the impact. 

    Jude - enjoy your weekend


  • It's Friday where is everybody?

    8.6 miles this morning with the club. Beginning to get the energy and speed back.  

  • Hellooooooooooooooooo I am here just been a bit busy catching up with shopping and tidying up my wardobe and drawers.....so as i wasn't tempted to run as it is a REST day. Mind you its blimmin freezing ou there...got hailed and snowed on whilst walking Chico...brrrrrrrrrrrrrr and here was me thinking it was spring/summer...CLEARLY NOT up here. The sun is shining now but its still pretty chilly.

    Well done AF on your 8.6 speedier miles.image

    Quiet night for me as Mr Franny been away in Spain all week with work stuff (weather not much better there but milder..still windy and rainy) He comes back tom night image

    MC..are you pleased with your news from the consultant??? At least you don't need an operation but a bit worrying that there is damage there..Here is hoping physio and exersizes help you along with your forefoot technique.

    Whats everyone else up to??? Have a nice night y'all

  • evening all

    by eck - well done on getting out for a run, hope everything is ok

    franny - yeah, a lot colder here too, I cycled to work and instead of cycling back in my shorts and t-shirt as normal, I was bundled up with fleecy gloves too. 

    boss - sounds like you are recovering well from the marathon

    not really sure how I feel about the whole knee thing - glad that I don't need an op as I am a bit of a wuss, bit then, I am stuck with a rubbish knee for the rest of my life, and I reckon the other one is headed that way too. Mind you, way back when it first started and I couldn't walk I reckon there must have been tendon or ligament damage that must by now be healed - not sure whether that would show on an mri but I imagine so? I am hoping that what will come out of it all is that I will slowly build up with the forefoot running, be fine and a better and stronger runner for it!

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    helloooooooooooooooo....gosh it is quiet in here !!!!image

    MC, sorry to hear about the knee probs but there are ways around it all and changing gait maybe the answer - go zero like me!!!!image

    Boss, you are such a good affurleet *bows deeply*....when next race?

    FRANNY SIS!!!!!!!!! OMG , you gonna go for Laaaadon ?? woohooooo- im gonna DEF be there to see you do that one!! i think doing HMs and 10k is a good plan if you are feeling over trained as you have done such a lot in past year or so. its important to listen to our bodies too  .

    i too often think about the stres on my body from ultras but i seem to recover ok from long distance at the moment and its what my body and head seem to thrive on so for now im ok. i think during summer im going to chill and just run ( long distance still) in training and for enjoyment  rather than towards something. i love ridgeway so want to get out there over summer but after the past 6 months of a lot to deal with i need to chill a bit. i may do druids in november but am thinking of not doing ridgeway 85 this year as its last week of august and i think i need time to sort myself and miss LLB in new home image

    my move date is.................THURSDAY!!!!!!!

  • loula - I have switched to just neutral cushioned shoes, and can forefoot strike in them fine, they feel good, and I think the cushioning will help to reduce some of the impact and help protect my knee. 

    good luck for your move, hope you and miss llb are really happy in your new home

  • LLB & Franny etc -I think we ought to party tonight to cleebrate the marathon finishers and your imminent house move.

    My next race is likely to be Sunday week a 1/2 on the Sussex Downs will decide on monday and enter then.  

  • Did someone say PAAAAAAARTAY.

    Goes off to cause mayhem.image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭





       drinky anyone????????????

    oo...had my nails done spesh...image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭


     OOOO MY GOLLY GOSH !!  HOW ON EARTH DID HE GET IN HERE???  ...........imageimage.........


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    ' my my what a big axe you have there...shall i hold it for you'?imageimageimage

  • *Boing! Boing! Boing!* Bounces into CRAC Towers and dives head first for the sofa. Notices Ecky, Franny, Jude, Louise & MC dancing with the fireman, Matt and Loula having a limbo competition. Rocker trying to demonstrate to AF how to run up a vertical wall. Think I might just stay on the sofa - gives Byeck a kiss for the glass of milk and piece of carrot cake she brings me.

    I'm home! image We made it. Oh it was wonderful. In fact I haven't had so much fun since the 25 miles of the Ridgeway that we did together last summer.

    Yesterday the sky was cloudless, sun shone whole time and hubby and I had a fantastic ride. Got a bit lost but didn't matter. It was amazing. Competed the 50 miles to Cambridge by mid afternoon and were in pretty good shape. Stayed in a very friendly B&B.

    Set out a bit later this morning and had sun, rain, wind and hail on the way home. Got a bit lost again and (whilst following the correct route) somehow ended up cycling along a stream. So had to find a different way. Arrived home late this afternoon. Very tired and a rather sore bum. But very, very happy. Had a really wonderful time.

    Hubby can't run and walks extremely slowly, but we can cycle together image. I rode my lovely Raleigh hybrid with 24 gears (but never use that many). Hubby rode is Velorbis sit-up-and-beg bike with 3 gears.

  • Oooo la laimage


    Well done Chilli and hubby Sounds like U both had good time and well deserved


    Now where is that sis Loula Hmmmm we will find out in the morning I expectimage







  • Gets up from back of Sofa Ouch ma head hurtsimage loula you still with axe man ???

    Morning Crac towers Wakey Wakey Rise and shine Lets all go out for a nice run to blow the cobwebs away image

    What ya waiting for Get them running shoes on NOW



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