Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Sounds like everyone had fun!!!!!

    I think Franny is right...........time to run.....

    By the way horrible picture of the fireman Loula...surely you can find a nice picture?

  • morning

    loula - don't listen to boss, that is a great picture

    chili - sounds like you had a great time, well done to both of you

    spinning and gym this morning - think I will run a bit on the treadmill, then the swimmathon this afternoon, eekimage why on earth did I sign up for a 5k swim???? hopefully OH will have the dinner ready when I get back - I'll be starving!

  • franny, i think he tucked her up with a blanket when she fell asleep in the shoecupboard.

  • MC-Not a good picture!!!!!!Enjoy the swimathon- 5k how many lengths?  You are going to be worn out fingers crossed OH is going to cook- perhaps a subtle hint!!

    Just back from 6.34 miles so 34 miles run this week....still a tint bit achey and not quite up to the pace I want to be. May go on the treadmill later.

  • Morning all.

    Well yesterday was very quiet until the evening and then i see mayhem ensued.

    Had an awkward moment when my wife thought she saw me looking at pics of semi naked firemen on the net,and i had to explain that you girls liked to post these pics on here.

    MC I have a similar issue with my left knee.About 10 years ago it was very painful when i walked upstairs.I was told the kneecap was permanently damaged due to arthritis,and i would always have problems with it.It came about because my leg muscles on this leg are much weaker than my right,due to severe muscle wastage when i spent a year in plaster 28 years ago.This caused arthritis to set in.I saw a podiatrist who addressed my gait problems and i had physio to strengthen my leg muscles.Since then i have not had too many knee problems,despite there still being an imbalance in my leg strength.I didn't start running until a few years later,but my knee has held up since i started 4 years ago,although it gets a bit niggly sometimes.

    Going out for my weekend run tomorrow.I'm really looking forward to it.I have to admit in recent months when i ran,which was very infrequently,it was because i felt i should,not because i wanted to.In the past i always looked forward to running,and i'm glad to have that feeling back.

  • *pops head out from behind Fire Engine  and wonder how she got there*

    Ouchie, my head hurts image.  Ooh thinking of Firemen, I completely forgot to tell you that I got soaked by the dishiest fireman at London. There were a few of them too.

    DJ, I am always having to explain to my Hubby why I am laughing. Its better now he has met my CRAC buddies as at least he knows who I am talking about.

    Mathschick, Good luck with the Swimmathon. There is no way that I could do that although I may start swimming again as part of my training.

    Boss, how are you feeling now after the Marathon. I am trying to take it easy but I just want to get back running again.

    Well, after saying I wasn't going to do London again, I have decided to put in for the ballot. Hubby has had a great idea for a costume that will tie in with the Crac theme. I wont say much but its kind of a Dangling Carrot thing image. I have also decided to try and get as fit as I possibly can which includes a complete overhaul of diet. I just want to try and be the best I can for a couple of years before my bits start to drop off.image


  • DJ - that's good to hear about your knee, I am hoping that if I can work up the leg muscles then hopefully I will just come back a stronger runner from it all. The cycling is certainly helping with leg strength I think!

    AF - it is 200 lengths, but I will try not to think about it like that. I have also heard that there are loads of people doing it at the session I am at so the lanes will be crowded which isn't the best, but so long as people aren't all pushy and aggressive hopefully it will be a good atmosphere. 

    ecky - I think I need to sort my diet out, all the hours excercise I put in and I still weigh the same - well, maybe if I looked back a year or 2 I am probably a couple of stone lighter, but I could do with losing more

  • Mathschick, I know I need to sort mine out. I reckon I would have more energy when I run too. I eat good meals but I do snack on lots of biccies and chocolate.

  • Hi all!

    Looks like a great party was had last night! Somebody said I was dancing with a fireman but I must have drunk too much to remember that!

    MC - I'm probably too late but - Good luck with the swimathon!! That's a long way! As for your knee - I'm sure all your exercising is helping with your leg strength and so in turn helping to protect your knees. I think I have / am going to have similar issues with my knees and hips. I had that funny knee accident in the classroom a couple of months back and my knees and hips seem a bit 'strange' and achey a lot of the time. My mum has had 2 knee replacements and 1 hip replacement and her nan had the same so it must be hereditary......image

    Chili - well done on your bike ride. What an achievement and sounds a lot of fun! Who did you get to take the girls?

    By'Eck - well done for getting a run in!

    Loula - Good luck with your move.  Not long now. How's the packing going?

    DJ - Good you have found your mojo!

    AF - well done on your run and weekly mileage!

    Ecky - I need to sort out my diet too. I'm afraid I eat too many 'treats' after a bad day at school (ie. most days....)  to try and make myself feel better but I end up feeling guilty...image

    Hi Franny - been out for your run?

    Well it's another gorgeous day here. 30+C Had another mini run this morning while kids were swimming and may even get another one in tomorrow which will be 4 runs this week!!!! (Haven't done that since February). All mini runs but it's better than nothing.image

    Daughter has changed trainers (but still in the same club) after a top trainer spotted her at the nationals and said that she had great potential but that her training wasn't suitable.  She has 3 months till the next national event so she's hoping to see a difference.

    Anyway, off to do some marking on the veranda.image



  • Jude - you are not too late - I am about to head off - I have had some lazing time on the sofa to recoup some energy

    exciting about your daughter getting a new trainer - she is bound to see a difference in 3 months of training, but even more over a year or so I would have thought (not that I know a lot about swimming) she is still young so loads of time. Future olympian?

    right better go - have to register at 4 to start at 4:30

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    * sneaks back into CRAC towers after lift home in fire engine* image

    ....well Hellooooo everyone , ive been here all night and this morning , honest guv ,ahem , * changes  quickly out of  ' IM HOT AND ON FIRE '  * t-shirt before Boss seesimage

    franny sis, was a good partaaayy wasnt it? you KNOW the firemans name so dont pretend lol image

    jude packing today again and its ongoing til wednesday when i have to be ready to go go go. am looking forward to it now- still lots to pack but getting there. work mon-wed then im off til following tues so i hope to get a little straight. my priority is to get miss LLB settled inher room with her precious things so she feels a bit happy and settled.image been to get party things fpr her today while she was in dance class so i feel a but better about tht now.

    jude hope your daughter gets ahead with her training and im sure she will do great, shes very talented. oh you have lovely weather!! hope you enjoy your runs!

    ecky, i feel the same , my diet is quite bad reLLY, I eat FAR too many biccies and tea , i also feel i want to try and get my running done before i drop to bits lol. as miss llb gets older i hope to have more time to train consistantly. this year is a tad messy so i can only do wht i can but hopefully next year will be better regards training. you are a star going for ballotagain- WOW , you got drenched by handsome firemen?????? THATS enough to make me do VLM!!!!


  • No more talk about fireman. Please please can we have a nice picture of a nice lady. Thanks

    Loula I hope your move goes well and good luck in your new start. 

  • Does that mean we have to stop eating cake imageimage

    I lost weight following these principles. I don't stick to it completely (cos I do love my cakes and puddings) and when I am doing lots of long runs/bike rides I need a bit more carbs. But all 3 of my main meals are based around the princples of the paleo diet.

    Feeling a bit tired but no aches. I didn't do parkrun this morning. Instead I faced my worst nightmare and we went to a shopping mall. My No.2 girl chose her free sweatshop trainers - true to form she chose the most expensive ones in the shop! In Sports Direct I bought a new running vest and shorts. I know I'm a year late but got a beautiful Adidas 2012 Olympic set soooo cheap. image They match my pretty Brooks Olympic trainers so at least I'm now co-ordinated even if I am out of date.

  • Chilli, I couldn't live without cake so don't worry.

    Well I have discovered that a Mix of Chia seeds in my Weetabix and Wholegrain Basmati does give you a bit of wind trouble. image 

  • nothing wrong with a bit of cake

    my diet in general isn't too bad, but portion control is probably my main problem

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    mathschick wrote (see)

     but portion control is probably my main problem


    which sort of portions are we talking here ??image


  • loula - massive portions!

    did my 5k swim and feel shattered now, pleased I did it though

  • Sorry, meant to post this link


    MC - Well Done! Great going. image

    I'm the same - my portions are huge! (especially after swimming)

  • mmm, chili - they look good. 

    morning everyone

    a bit achy this morning so having a rest!

  • Morning all!

    MC - well done on your massive swim! I'm not surprised you are a bit achy.

    Well, just back from kids' swimming training where I did a mini run. Beautiful day here! Have a good 'un everybody!



    Just back from our first league race. I was dreading it so soon after London but managed 5 miles in 47 mins according to my Garmin. I am waiting for official results. We had a team of 6  and only the first 4 can be classed as scoring athletes. I just managed to come in 4th for my team so I am really pleased. I just need to rest up a bit and get ready for next weeks HM.

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

  • ecky - well done, so close after London that is brilliant!

  • Thanks Mathschick. I do feel exhausted now though. Just having a lovely Bacon Sarnie.

  • ecky - take it easy and get plenty of rest this week if you have a half next week - you won't lose fitness but you need to make sure you are fully rested or you will struggle. 

  • Ecky-What HM are you doing?

    MC-Well done to you for all of those lengths. 

    No running today...but will do 30 minutes on the treadmill in a bit,

  • Hi Boss, I'm doing Uttoxeter HM next week. It's part of our league races. We dread it as it's such a hilly one.

    Yes Mathschick, I will make sure I rest up well. I wont get much chance to run this week anyway. I suppose having 26 in the bag last week should be okay image.

  • Well done Ecky!

    Aim to get back to running tomorrow.

  • Thanks Chilli. It was such a lovely run.

  • Morning

    Sunny and blue skies.............but sadly work to go to image run planned for after work though..hope the weather holds out.image

    Well done Ecky on your 5 miles..brill so soon after London....image Rest up for your HM

    AF..Are you running on thr treadmill? and has your syepson been tempted to use it yet?

    Have a good day everyone....


    Franny its sunny here but I too have to work, boooooooo. Very cold though. Thanks too, I was so shocked as I thought I would end up being last.

    Well, I was up early and have put in for the London Ballot. I kind of hope I don't get in but if I do I may go for fastest cupcake. I have already found a costume image


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