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  • Oooh! I like that image. I'm putting in for the ballot too.

    Morning everyone. Sunny but cold. Brrrr, i got cramp in the night which I know it partly triggered by my legs being cold.

  • In a village on the way home from Cambridge with my honey on Friday.  Over a hundred miles over two days! image



  • Morning all,I hope you had a good weekend.

    Ecky well done on that race so soon after your marathon.And an HM coming up too!! That's really getting back into it.

    Lovely bike pics Mr & Mrs Chili.Sounds like you had a lovely time on your Cambridge trip.

    Well my good intentions to go out for a run yesterday were scuppered by a migraine.I felt a bit funny on Saturday,and then yesterday lunchtime i started to feel really unwell,so no running for me.I'm a lot better today,so i'll go for a run this evening after work.I've got to keep this running going now.

  • Nice picture Chilli.

    Hope you get out tonight DJ.

    Franny-Yes I have done quite a lot on the treadmill over the weekend. Step sons are too lazy to go on it at the moment.

    Resting today as I feel a little udnere the weather.

  • Lovely pic Chilis!

    AF - get well soon!

    AF - enjoy your run!

    Ecky - love the costume.

    Happy World Dance Day everybody! Hope you all get a chance to strutt your stuff, even if it's while cooking the dinnerimage


  • does that mean mr by eck and i can embarass the little people?

  • chilis - loely picture

    oh god I hate dancing!

    ecky - love the costume idea

    I too have put in for the ballot, though I am not particularly bothered but I guess it would be fun to have the experience

  • So that is Ecky, MC and I for London 14 so far image

    Ooooh, lets get some music on and start dancing! Is Loula joining us? Or has she disappeared underneath the pile of boxes?

    DJ - hope you are feeling better and manage your run this eve.

    AF - hope you feel better soon. Do you like running on the treadmill? How do you keep from getting bored and giving up too soon?

    5 mile run done. Have my minor op date confirmed for May 23rd. (Haven't told them I'm going on a camping holiday the next day, so hope I recover quickly!) Anyway, I'm going to keep my training ticking over until then. And when I know everything is okay I shall reconsider the Thames Meander Marathon at the end of August.

  • Afternoon,

    Still slightly under the weather,but, despite a losuy nights sleep felt a run would be a good idea. So did 7 miles in an hour- seems to have helped adn reinvigorated me a bit.

    Chilli- I do enjoy the tradmill- although as it arrived only 2 weeks ago just a couple of days after the Martahon haven't used it a huge amount. I have been watching TV through my I Pad or Cricket through Sky Go. Also downloaded an app that shows you running through various differant courses- currently I am runnimng in Italy!!!  Well done on your 5 miler.


  • evening allimage

    had a little run/walk this morning, beautiful morning but my hands were freezing

  • It's awfully quiet in here....

    .... little bit of cycling and a long swim

  • hi chili - well done on your cycling and swimimage

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    ooo chili darling i hope it all goes ok and i will text you before your op. i would like to do thames meander with you

  • I'm not getting any email notices telling me that there have been messages on here. and it doesnt like working on my phone now. Mr by eck has been working very long hours so I've not done any running. Moo and I did do lots of walking yesterday tho.

  • Hi MC, Loula and Byeck

    MC - hope you enjoy your today

    Loula - is the packing finished? Is tomorrow the big day?

    Byeck - image Thinking of you. Hope your day goes well and you manage a run soon.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    loula - all the best for your move

    by eck - I haven't been getting the emails either. At least it is good weather and you can go out walking with moo. Hope moo is getting on ok.

    I like Wednesdays, I have my nicest classes (and not the horrible year 8 class that drive me mad) and also most of my frees for the week. Although that makes the rest of the week hard, Wednesdays are lovelyimage

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    oh, and to make the day even better OH has been offered a job! He had the interview a couple of weeks ago and had given up hope, had another interview this morning then got a phone call for the first job. Don't know yet when it will start, but slightly more money than he was on before and we get the redundancy pay tooimage I need to get him doing all the jobs at home quickly before he starts work againimage

  • Hi everyone.

    MC,good news for your hubby.Definately a silver lining to that cloud.

    AF hope you are feeling a bit better.

    Loula, hope your move goes smoothly.

    Well i went out on Monday and did a short pacy run.It felt good to be running properly,not plodding,but i can't sustain that pace over any distances yet.It's just a case of building my lungs and legs stamina over the summer to make me ready to start marathon training.

    Today i am full of snuffles and cold,but it is still just my nose that's affected,so i'll go for a run tonight before it gets too bad.It may even scare it off.

  • Hi all!

    MC - Great news about your hubby.image Well done him!image

    I don't think it's ever going to happen for my hubby as over 3 years is such a long time to be out of work...Hopefully the fruit trees will make something next yearimage (They are still too little this year) That would be a nice silver lining for us.

    Loula - Good Luck tomorrow! Hope it goes smoothly.

    Chili - Well done on your training: bike, swim and run...Good news you have your op. date.

    DJ - Well done on your pacy run. Enjoy your run tonight and hope it frightens off your cold!

    By'eck - hope you get out for a run soon...Walking is better than nothing!

    AF - hope you are feeling better!

    Hi Franny, Ecky, Matt, Louise and all..

    I'm having a lovely day off as it's May Day and a National holiday! Kids still had swimming training this morning though so I had a lovely run in the park while hubby read his book and kept an eye on little 'un playing on the climbing frame. Park was still empty as Turks like their lay ins, especially on National Holidays.

    I have  2 sisters starting private lessons on Saturdays. Hopefully I'll still be able to run before the lesson as I'm on a bit of a roll, running wiseimage.

    Anyway, BFN lovely peeps! x

  • Hi Jude - lovely to hear all your news

    MC - That is fantastic for your husband! image

    DJ - lovely to hear of your run too.

    I got dressed to go out running in the sunshine this evening and set off for my usual 5 mile route. Then remembered that i have been mostly cycling for April so probably shouldn't jump straight back into a 25 mile week! Just did 3ish miles instead.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Jude - great that you are getting some time to run. 

    DJ - good that you are getting back to it. If it is just your nose it could be hayfever? I developed hayfever suddenly out of the blue a few years ago

    I did a turbo followed by a 2 mile run this eveningimage hardly walked at all

  • Morning! (Looks round at an empty CRAC towers). Guess you are all out enjoying the sun.

  • i havr new shoes image

  • Good afternoon.

    Well i had to abandon last night's run after 1/4 of a mile as i felt awful.Today i am full of cold and really struggling.This will be the first time in a month i haven't hit my running targets.At least it is for a proper reason,and not just because i didn't feel like it.I'm lucky enough not to suffer from hayfever,so i know that if i get a snuffle it's a cold.

    By 'eck enjoy your noo shooze.

    Hope everyone enjoys their day.

    Loula, i hope your move has gone smoothly,and when it is all done,you can enjoy a cup of tea and a big slice of cake.If you can remember which box you packed the kettle in.


  • Afternoon

    MC..great news about hubby's new job image So pleased for you all that it didn't drag on for too long.

    Jude..Great to see you are getting out running again. imageGreat you have new students too.Now we just need those trees to bloom well so as you can all reap the benefits.

    DeeJay...Aw hope you feel better soon and that you get out a run soon now that you are back in the swing of it all again.

    Loula...hope the move is going well today.was thinking of you whilst I was out running.

    Chilli..yes better err on the side of caution if you have been cycling more than running. Well done on getting out.

    By'eck..What shoozies did you get? Hope you get to try them out real soon.

    AF..Hows the leggies now????

    Ecky...How are you doing this week..That costume looks real good.

    Well I have been out for my LSR...3rd lst one before mara...only 24 days to go.....image Did 20.16 hilly miles today..weather was perfect for itimage Only a 15 and 12 miler to go now..piece of cake...lol image

    Have a nice day everyone....image...

  • MC-That is greta news about your hubby's job- more money and redundancy!!!

    DJ-Shame about your run....hope you feel better soon..at least you have achieved all of your other running targets.

    Franny-My legs seem fine now and I seem to have lost most of my cold....went out for a run this morning and decieded that as I am doing a hilly half on Sunday (hopefully as I need to enter on the day) I did some hill work and did 2 miles of running going up and down the same hill loop 8 times- people must have thought I was mad!..& 6.5 miles in total before I went to work.Well done on your 20.16 mile run - you are going to fly with your marathon- what is your PB and how much to do you think you will beta it by?

    Hi Chilli,Ecky,byeck,Loula etc etc  




  • Hi Boss well done on your hilly repeats They are a necessary evil imageimage My marathon pb is 4.36 and I am sure I will go sub 4.30 or even 4.15 as I an capable of it but alot depends on the day and those last miles but I am feeling v positive about it as my training has gone pretty much to plan give or take a few tweeks image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    evening all

    cycled to work today, probably the last time as from next week I think I will be having to get back quicker to pick the kids up - until OH starts we don't know what hours he will be working

    DJ - hope you feel better soon, shame about your run but better to cut if short if you aren't feeling well

    boss, franny - well done on your runs


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