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  • Helloooooooooooo

    Sorry I have been absent. I have a note from me Mum image

    Mathschick, that's brilliant news. You must both be so relieved.

    Hiya Franny. I am trying to rest as much as I can for my HM at the weekend. I probably should be resting but I will get a trophy if I complete all the league races. Well done on your LSR. I love taper weeks. I bet you cant wait till your Marathon now. I have fingers crossed that I get in London again just so I can wear my cupcake.

    Just back from a nice easy club run with our beginners group. I am off work tomorrow so resting up before Sunday. I have also enrolled on my Introduction to Counselling course and will get my stuff through in the next week. I'm so excited about it and the changes within the Trust.



  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    morning all

    what a beautiful morning here, and hopefully weather will be good all weekendimage

    ecky - have a good restful day and good luck for Sunday

  • Morning!

    Gorgeous day. Am hoping for a bike ride this afternoon with my daughter. I promised to wait until she gets home from school so we can go together image

  • Lovely 7 mile club run through bluebell woods this morning.  

    Hope weather stays fine for my l/2 Marathon on the downs on Sunday. I am going to run it with one of the ladeis from my club- have decieded to enjoy the race and not worry about times.Last year I did the same 1/2 in 1.59.59,but, just want to run a race without time pressure and enjoy the view on top of the downs and a good run.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    AF - a run on the downs on Sunday sounds lovely, looks like it will be pretty warm so make sure you drink loads, we are not used to the heat!

  • MC-Yes it should be nice-even better as I am going to run @ a slower than normal pace! I will drink at all the stops & am going out to see friends & pratice some drinking later.

    In September I am doing a race called the Bachus 1/2 which has wine stops! 

  • Sounds lovely AF, Hope you have a great run on Sunday. Yes, I've heard about the Bachus runs! image

    Just back from a lovely evening ride with my gorgeous No.2 girl. We cycled for an hour along the tow path. Then bought a bag of chips to share in the sunshine and cycled the hour home. image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    chili - sounds like a lovely time with your girl

    AF - I can't understand how people can drink wine and run - I really don't think I could. Mind you, I never drink anyway

  • Morning image

    Chilli..that sounds like a perfect way to  spend quality time with your daughter.image

    AF...now that sounds like a good one but not for PB..lol...or maybe it will make you faster...ha ha...Maybe go for the medoc marathon next in France imageimage

    We had loads and loads of rain yesterday..It was horrible...Sunshine today image but alas its my working weekend and its Bank Holiday..so so so not fair...never mind I will be off from Tuesday for 6 daysimage

    Have a nice weekend everyone

    PS Loula...When is the parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????? Hope the move went smoothly sis.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    kids are manic and have been driving me crazy for an hour, but OH is now driving them to camp, phew!

    washing machine is not working though, we pulled some paper clips out of the filter and suspect there may be more inside the machine somewhere, damn kidsimage so waiting to call a repair person...hope we can it sorted today as there will be lots of dirty stuff coming back from camp on Monday

    busy weekend planned, but as kids are away we are going for a meal tonight to celebrate the new jobimage

  • MC-Enjoy your meal tonight.

    Loula-Where are you? Did the move go well.

    franny-Shame you have to work over the Bnak Holiday at least you will soon have 6 days off.

    Chilli-Well done on your bike ride with No 2.

    resting up today before my 1/2 tomorrow.

  • Just a quick check in as at work


    Loula has settled in but will not have internet access until Thursday so we will party then.She says to say thank you for all the good wishes


    Boss Enjoy hilly half tomoz

  • Oh no, I posted earlier and it disappeared.

    Hope everyone is okay. Lovely day here for us so we did the garden. Sadly I am no longer able to do my HM which may be a good thing as I am really tired this week and still feeling the effects of London.



  • Oh Ecky, is everything okay?

    AF - have a great time tomorrow!

    Went to parkrun this morning with 2 daughters, but 400m after the start my Big Girl went flying headfirst along the gravel making a lovely hole in her knee. So that was the end of the running!


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    ecky - hope you are ok

    chili - oh no! Hope big girl is ok.

    lovely meal out, portions massive so we shared a dessert as we couldn't manage a whole one each!

  • Morning

    Oh my goodness Chilli..hope big girli is ok..sounds like a nasty fall.

    Ecky...I do hope you are okay hunny (((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))Shame about the race.

    mathschick..sounds like you had a nice meal out...we share desserts too..its nice to share though isn't it????

    AF.............imageGood luck and Enjoy your Downs HM..if you have the weather we have it looks like being a nice one.In fact i wanna book this weather for my Marathon please.

    Have  a nice day everyone..i am at work again...boo hoo.

  • Morning image

    I have Internet at home so no more carting laptop off to coffee shops to do my admin, hooray.  So much has gone on I may never catch up (sorry).  I have managed to get out a couple of times, have been doing the Serpentine's Hills sessions on Saturdays.  Greenwich Park is right next door for me so easy to get to - but the sessions are 'not for beginners' as they say.  The rest of the group warm up faster than my10k pace!  I almost managed to complete the session this week image.  It is followed by coffee and cake though, which is a category I lead in.  This week's review - thumbs down for overpriced and not very nice tea shop carrot cake.  I will continue to work my way through their offerings until I find something acceptable.

    Have to start job hunting next week...


  • Hi all, consoled myself with a track session which I ended up leading as the normal guy didn't turn up.Truth is I couldn't afford to do the race as middle Daughter took her friends for a meal on Friday for her Birthday. I had put my race fees and petrol to one side as we always have to budget especially the last week of the month. She knew there was a tight budget and limit but went well over it. I had a fit when I came to pay the bill. So needless to say I had to make a sacrifice although it may have been a bad idea to run it so soon after London. I don't know how people do marathons every week.

    Hi Louise, well done on a really tough session but boo about bad Carrot cake. Good luck with the job hunting.

    Franny, pants that you are at work.

    Awwww Chilli, poor big girl. I hope her knee gets better soon image

    Mathschick, I could never share pudding, that's impressive.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    ecky - that is a shame about your hm

    boss - hope yours has gone well

    louise - good to hear you have internet now, it will help you with the job hunting

    triathlon this morning, and perfect weather for it, had a great time, OH came down to see me finish and we went for lunch and to do some shopping, got home and suddenly water started pouring out of the boiler, so we are waiting for someone to come and sort it out. Thank god it was when we were in, I dread to think of the damage if it had happened while we were out


  • Hello guys!

    MC - Hope your boiler gets sorted out quickly. What a pain, but you are right, it would have been awful if you had been out. 

    Ecky - That's a real shame about your HM. I'd have been cross too.

    Louise - well done on your training and your cake eating sessions. Sounds like a nice part of London you are living in.

    Franny - hope your day at work is going quickly...

    Chili - sorry to hear about your big girl's stumble, hope she's OK. Sounded like a good bike ride on Friday tho.

    AF - Hope your race went well!

    Loula - Hope you are settling in well.

    Hi! DJ, Matt, By'eck and all.

    Managed a mini run this morning while kids were swimming but yesterday was manic and I wasn't organised enough to squeeze a run in. Busy today with school work....as usual.....but enjoying regular tea breaks in the garden.image Very proud of the garden this year. It looks lovely. The roses are in their first bloom of the year.  We counted the rose bushes this morning...there are 63!! Garden smells gorgeous too.

    Anyway, back to it...BFN xxx

  • Afternoon,

    Back from my hilly half.Hard with lots of hills and total elevation of 1480 feet.Did this race last year & the conditions were appalling.Was running with a lady from my club & I said that I would go @ a pace that suited her.I really enjoyed doing a race without time pressure.We had originally decided to go for 2.10, but ended up finishing in 1.58 which was quicker than my solo run last year.So we were both pleased.It was quite hot,but, beautiful views @ the top of the hills made the hardwork worthwhile.

    Resting for rest of day & hopefully recovery run tomorrow.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done Bossimage

    Jude - I like the sound of your garden, ours is the size of a hadkerchief - we couldn't afford a house with a bigger garden when we were buying. A shame because I do like pottering in the garden, but to be honest I don't have a lot of time and most of the year the weather isn't really good enough anyway

    british gas man is here to sort the boiler, thank goodness as we had to turn the water off at the mains!

  • AF - well done! That's really fast for such a hilly HM and sounds like you enjoyed it too.

    MC - Glad the gas man is sorting you out. Hubby has plenty of time to do the garden and he enjoys it too. He's mowing the lawn as I write. I don't do much in the garden but like dead-heading the roses etc

  • Boss that's brilliant, well done.

    Jude I must admit I was cross but I didn't want to spoil her night as she had such a nice time with her friends. Well done on your run too.



  • Morning. Hope everyone is having a lovely Bank Holiday.

    I'm just back from a lovely hilly 3 miler. I am loving just being able to do shorter distances. Our races now are all 10k and under until Sept when we have a 10 miler. Lovely warm day here image

  • Hi all!

    Ecky - well done!

    No bank holiday for me but I had a day off on 1st May instead.

    Hope you all have a nice day and that the sun is shining for you.


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    hi all

    kids back from camp and arguing alreadyimage they will be tired and grumpy so it is going to be a long afternoon. Might just get them bathed and let them play computer games for a few hours. They have been outside chasing around all weekend so it won't hurt.

    Jude - weather here is amazing, blue skies, 20 degrees, perfect. Just what I need to get all the smelly camp clothes washed and dried

  • She won! She did it again! My Big Girl won the trophy for the 1.5k Radlett Rotary Run this morning! *Boing! Boing! Boing!* image

    In 2010 the Radlett Rotary 1.5k and 5k race was the first race that me and my girls ever ran. My first 5k (although it was measured a little short that year).

    In 2011 we returned with a team of mixed ages from my church called the Rosedale Runners. My Big Girl came first girl in the 1.5k.

    In 2012 we returned with another mixed team and my Big Girl came 3rd.

    Today was our fourth year and the last time my Big Girl could enter the 1.5k. She won easily, way ahead of the other girls in 6mins 5secs.

    My No.3 girl and Smidge also ran that race. Then my No.2 girl ran the 5k along with two of my teens, myself and two other adults from the church. And then we had two elderly (in their 70's) folk who attempted to walk the 5k. They didn't get all the way round but did a good job.

    One of my teens has now run it 3 yrs in a row and got a PB today of 19 mins something! Am very proud of him. He's still only 14 so will be getting faster for a few years yet.

  • Sorry, wasn't on here yesterday so missed out on the news.

    Well done AF! imageimage Sounds like a great run.

    Ecky - aw sorry about you missing out. But nice to hear you enjoyed your 3 miles.

    Jude - I love the smell of roses, I bet your garden is beautiful.

    MC - hope your house is all fixed.

    Louise - Hi! good to hear from you.

    Franny - I know you are working so hard, but hope you enjoy your days off this week.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    chili - well done to everyoneimage

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