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  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    evening all

    yucky weather here now, rainy and windy. Having another rest day, think I just need a bit of a break. Will have a little run tomorrow though

    OH seems a bit more positive tonight, although he almost doesn't want to be, god some men are frustratingimage. Anyway, looks like he is getting a bit of training so that's good. 

    franny - well done on your run

    boss, well done too, you really seem to be churning the miles out

  • Thanks all, yes I am so happy and excited. I have been working towards this moment for nearly 5 years since I discovered the Charity.

    Had a lovely surprise too at running club. One of our members who moved away came back to run with us tonight as she was staying with relatives. It was so lovely to see her and was like she had never left. We have bonded so much with our runners.

    Mathschick, I am glad OH is feeling better about the job and that he is getting training.

    Franny, I bet you are so glad to be tapering. I cant imagine doing that amount of miles now.

  • Afternoon all

    MC, I'm sure it is still stressful for your OH, lots of changes in the last few weeks - but his new employers must have seen something that they liked when they hired him.

    Ecky, how exciting to get your teeth into the counselling training, wonderful that you are doing something you really want to do.

    Weather in London a bit volatile - windy and showers, but not too cold.  I've found a fellow runner who works just down the road and we have done a couple of longer runs together, which helps me stay motivated and actually get out there, so we did just under 12 miles this morning.  Him in a running shirt and me in three layers image.    Missing the Dubai heatimage.

    On the subject of eating too much - glad to hear it was the weather that caused me to eat a mountain of granola yesterday, I can't think what else could have caused it....



  • Hi Everyone

    MC - hope your hubby has had a better day and you are able to have a relaxing weekend.

    Louise - sounds a great run image

    Franny - your training seems to have gone really well this spring. Are you feeling positive?

    Just finished a 10 mile run with daughter on the bike. My first long run for 6 weeks and I was expecting to struggle, but i actually did a really good time for me.

    Here are the races I have for the next month. Does anyone have any to add?

    18th - Loula & Rocker - North Downs Way 50
    26th Franny - Edinburgh Marathon

    2 Mathschick - Half Iroman Outlaw Triathlon
    22 Byeck - Giants Head Marathon
    22 Mathschick - Dambuster Standard distance triathlon

  • I have High Wycombe Half, 21 July, and Sevenoaks 7, 1 September so far.


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    evening all

    feel so tired this week

    had a little run this morning, was nice to be out. Walked a bit more than I did on weds as my calves were feeling tight and knee a bit niggly. Was thinking of the turbo this evening but got home late after a long day so not doing anythingimage

    louise and chili - well done on your runs

  • Morning,

    Chilli-Well done on your 10 mile run- you are so lucky that you can gte your children out on the bike whiole you run. Given up with my 13 year step son all he does is play on his lap top and is putting on far too much weight! I alos have a race next Sunday-Bognor Regis 10k.  

    MC-Pleased you got out on a run yesterday.

    Franny-Not long to go for your Marathon

    Louise-Well done on your long run.

    Hi Jude,Ecky,Byeck,Loula,Matt etc etc

    6.5 mile club run for me yesterday.Not very nice down here today...treadmill later & run tomorrow I think.  

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    morning all

    AF - both my boys just want to play on computers/PS3 etc all the time. Good job there are some organised activites for them (music, karate, swimming lessons) as otherwise we would have problems. When we get them off the computers they sometimes go straight to switch the tv on, grrrr. We have loads of games etc for them to play.

  • Afternoon friendlies!

    Well done on your runs AF, Chili, MC and Louise.

    I managed a mini run this morning before my private lesson and while kids were at swimming training and violin and guitar lessons.

    Busy weekend: Kids' band rehearsals start tomorrow (They just run band for 3-4 weeks before the end of term to prepare for a big concert.) Plus swimming training as usual and a chance for another run for me. Daughter and son have their violin grade3 and guitar grade1 on Monday too and I'm accompanying daughter on the piano so I'd better get some last minute practice in.....

    It's Mothers' Day here too tomorrow. Hubby has donated money to a cataract charity in my name (which I thought was original and much nicer than a new iron!!image) We are also going to see Iron Man tonight - ironically without the kids...imageimage 

    Anyway, have a good weekend all. Off to do piano lessons.....image


    Sorry if that reads liks a 'To do' list, lol.......


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    good afternoon all!!! sorry for my absence , a lot going on. hope you are all well image

    MC, i hope OH job works out, im sure he will be positive abt it once setteled perhaps?

    ecky!! thats really exciting news for you abt course and you will be fabby girl!! im so pleased , you work so hard.xx Hope your leggies all ok after london now too.

    Boss, it is really annoying whn kids dont seem to want to get out and exercise, maybe if he had mates go with him too on bike he may do it? image often its not cool to go for a bike ride with mum or dad lol.

    franny sis, i really hope you sre  being careful with your running and not getting too tired before your mara. im gonna be thinking of you ALL day on it!!! eeek!!! god i hope its not as warm for you as it was last year, i really dont mind tht kinds heat and hope it comes back for me lol.

    well,my house move went ok, its been very tiring but the house is straighter now as i bust a gut this week to do it and paint miss llbs new room before bed arrived, sorted and cleared box after box, because its her birthday party this weekend. i have 2 for a sleepiver tonight and am taking 8 bowling tomorrow and party here afterwards so today ive been doing party food etc.

    i have not fitted in any runs or training for well over a month so NDW has been playing on my mind, my mind is tired, im tired so am still in decisions as wether to run this event or defer til next year . many things still to be done here as a priority so i dont feel i can take 3 days out to do a run. as Rocker said itd be a shame to spoil the trail i love so much , this is true but ive been lucky so far and if i have a bad run then its not the end of the world and gotta happen sometime.....but for now jury is out on wether i will do NDW this time image


  • Hi Loula!

    Glad to hear the move has gone well and you have got straight in such a short time. Good luck with the sleepover and the party.  I wouldn't worry about your training. You seem to be able to run great whether you have trained or not!!image


  • LOUUUUUULA *BOING BOING BOING BOING. We have missed you. How is everything going? I hope you are settling in okay. Big decisions about NDW too but only you know what is best for you. Thanks too, I am sooooo excited and just hope that we can make some good changes. I'm so lucky that I can have such a big say on how things are running and I can make sure everyone's hard earned fundraising goes to good use.

    Jude, well done on your run. Sounds like you have a really busy day today. Happy Mothers Day.

    Mathschick, make sure you have a rest. I am so glad my kids had no interest in computer games. I know they do get addictive. I imagine you have had an extra stressful week with OH and his job on top of everything else so no wonder you are tired.

    Hi Boss.

    I managed a 4 miler this morning and will run again tomorrow with my teamie who does the league races with me. I have the Washlands relays as my next race which is a 2 miler.

    Hope everyone else is okay and having a lovely weekend.





  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    hi jude, hope you have a lovely mothers day tomorrow image and enjoy the film with mr Jude !!

    i can run ok on no training but this is a LOOONG way lol


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    loula, brilliant to hear from you, glad you are all moved and settled in. Sounds like a busy time for you. Hope the birthday celebrations go well. Only you know whether you are up to NDW but if you are mentally tired as well might be better not to have the mental and physical pressure

    Jude - hope you have a lovely mother's day

    had the stress of taking big boy to buy him new trainers, his behaviour always turns so much worse when we are in a shop, and the shops were really busy. 

    realised that doing weights before swimming wasn't such a good idea after all, arms felt so tired when I was swimming

  • Loula-We have missed you and your naught ways- even Franny has been behaving.Pleased house move went well. Only you know if you can run your ultra!!!We are ready for a party when you are- virtual housewarming party.   

    MC-We obviously have similar issues!!! Just need to get Mrs AF to push him more- otherwise we fall out over it.

    Jude-Have a great mothers day.

    Just done a hard 50 minutes on treadmill watching the I player on my IPAD- beats the boredom.  

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    imagealways ready for a party Boss

  • Loula!!!! Oh honey we have missed you so much. Big Hugs. We are all ready to pile over to your house for a party and we don't mind about the boxes. In fact if we all help unpack one then the job will be done in no time.

    Mmmmm, difficult decision about the NDW....

    well done Jude. Hope you have a lovely evening out. Sounds an even busier few weeks coming up.

    I was race director at parkrun today and we had a record turnout of 82 runners! Three of my girls did it. Hubby was working all day but girls and I went snake handling and shelter building in Epping Forest. Great fun image

  • Morning all!

    Iron Man 3 was amazing! Robert Downey Jr was gorgeous and the special effects were incredible. Loved it! Off to swimming now....

    Have a lovely day all. xx


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    morning all

    did a 40 mile bike ride in just over 3 hours, and more importantly managed to drink and eat while moving, image I have been so scared of even trying I am over the moon about this. 

    OH painting the bathroom ceiling, I think I should do some housework after a little rest - we are having little boy's birthday party here next week and the place is a total tip! I think we are going out for lunch too

    have a lovely sunday everyone

  • Morning

    Loula....sis its nice to have you back with us in CRAC towers. Hope birthday celebrations are going well. NDW..only you can decide that one...I know you won't have any problem running it or completing it cos you have stickability sis BUT you may not enjoy it if you are worrying about the time out.

    I am glad I got my wee run done earlier as its now raining cats and dogs. training has gone well so far but being sensible as I want to get to start line injury free and fighting fit and finish in the same way with a big smile on my face image

    MC..enjoy lunch out

    Jude..Hope you are having a nice mummy day

    Chilli..your parkrun is coming on a treat

    Ecky..well done on your runs and good luck with the league races

    AF..well done on all your running. When is your next race? And I always behave Boss..see its loula who is the bad influence.image lol

  • MC - That is great! Good mileage, good time and using a water bottle! image All your training is slotting into place.

    It is my Big Girl's birthday this week. One of her friends who turned 11 at the beginning of May is living in a hostel at the moment (the family lost their home last year) and she asked if I could please do a joint birthday tea for them both. I found her kindheartedness very touching. So we're having a house full of 10/11/12yr olds on Wednesday for pizza, dips and birthday cake. I would like to serve something more healthy but none of her friends would eat it!

    Franny - I'm so excited about your marathon! image It's lovely having so many of the CRAC team doing different ones cos then we get to cheer and support every few weeks!

  • Aw Chilli..that's so lovely of your big girl to suggest that. So kindhearted just like her mum image I am getting excited too about marathon and enjoying my taper and not having to clock out high mileage every week or so. I don't mind once in a while and to be honest I am looking forward to the break from marathon training next year and just enjoying running.

    MC..didn't mean to kiss out you brill cycle run.well done and hope lunch was good.


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    chili - lovely that your girl wants to share her birthday party with her friend. Must be hard for the family living in a hostel. 

    franny - don't worry, I always miss things out. Lunch was nice apart from the kids arguing all the time. We had to do shopping while we were out too which is always a pain.

    OH has finished painting the bathroom ceiling, so we just need to get a blind to put up and it will be all sortedimage

  • Evening all!

    MC - well done on your long bike ride.  Good news about the bathroom.

    Chili - So nice of your big girl to suggest a joint party. Must be really tough on the girl and her family. Well done on the success of your park run too. Excellent! Sorry I can't add to the marathons.......

    Franny - well done on getting your run in before the rain. You must be excited now.

    I did a 5 miler this morning imageand then I've been hanging around all day at the kids band practices which were at different times. Sometimes it is a pain living in a small village miles away from all their activities. 

    Right better get the kids to bed as they have their music exams in the morning.imagexx 

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Jude - good luck to the kids for thier music exams. I am sure they will do really well

    right, off to club swimming soon, better go and get ready

  • Morning,

    Busy here yesterday.

    MC-Well done on your bike ride very impressive.Hope you enjoyed your swim.

    Franny- I have a 10k race on Sunday - where I am aiming to break the elusive 45 minute barrier (but, in all likley get frustarted again).

    Chilli-Sounds like the park run is going well.

    Loula- Hope you are now settled in your new home.

    Hi Ecky,byeck,Louise etc

    7.2 miles for me yesterday, rest today and will don a run 1st thing tomorrow.

  • Morning all image

    Hope the children's music exams go well today Jude

    LLB, glad to hear you're settling in to your new home - I have builders in at the moment so will be living in chaos for a couple of weeks, but the damp is pretty bad and the whole house needs painting after having tenants in for a couple of years.

    AF sub 45 sounds very challenging....

    I did manage to do the hills training session in Greenwich Park on Saturday (tough one), and a long run twice around Richmond Park yesterday (23k) so today is REST day.


  • Nice running Louise image

    My Big Girl is doing SATs this week too. She has been doing extra homework for weeks! Woke up this morning far too early nervous and very excited. Couldn't wait to get to school for breakfast club. And has come out this afternoon very happy and thinks she has done well. Apparently the '5' paper was easy and the '6' paper okay.

    Jude - hope your the music exams went well.

    MC - well done on getting your bathroom finished!

    6 mile tun this afternoon.

  • Hi !

    Louise - well done on your training over the weekend!

    AF - Good to have a goal and you are very close!

    Chili - Good luck to big girl for her SATs this week. Well done on your run today.

    MC - How was your swim yesterday?

    Hi everybody else.

    Kids' music exams went smoothly.image Just have to wait for the results now.....

    Feeling tired all day as I stayed up late watching Prometheus on the box. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so addicted to films...image

    Gonna try running tomorrow after work. It means running through the village which I don't like doing alone but needs must. Turkish Driving Licence still hasn't come back (it's been about 3 months) so I can't drive anywhere.

    BFN xxx

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    evening all

    Jude - a pain about your driving licence. 

    chili - good luck to your girl for her sats. My boy has tests all week so has demanded some malt loaf for a break snack every day to keep him going

    swim last night was good, although my legs were worn out. Finished the day headachy, sore ear and throat so I guess no swimming tonight and will have an early ngiht instead

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