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  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    franny sis, hope you feel better , its a hard decision isnt it, i know how you feel but dont wreck yourself for it. there are always oher runs xx

  • Morning! Is it coffee time yet? I have some really gorgeous banana and walnut cake. We had a church leadership meeting last night and it was most amusing to see my hubby (the minister) and one of our deacons fighting over the last piece on the plate image

    Terrible news from Oklahoma. We are thankful that all Mr Chili's family are safe but he still hasn't heard from some friends...

  • Franny-Hope you get better. Not sure what I would do in your situation.

    Chilli-love the sound of that cake.

    Loula-Let us know when you plan to run that stretch- I may be able to cope with 25miles at a slow pace.

    Nice 7.3 miles 1st thing this morning.



  • Mmmm, I hope the silence on here means you are all running lots image

    1 mile swim this eve. And I have finally got my bike back from its service so I'm looking forward to a ride tomorrow morning.

    My Big Girl is representing her primary school at a cross-country event tomorrow afternoon. We have no further details - don't know how far or who she is competeing against, or anything. But she is very excited and we're all going to cheer her on.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    chili - brilliant for your big girl, hope it goes well

    I managed a half decent swim in a lake yesterday, but found my wetsuit really uncomfortable. Not much time left before outlaw half so I need to get it sorted. One of my tri club was there, and he is fairly new to open water swimming so we went round together, stopping and chatting and doing bits of breaststroke too, which was just what I needed really to build up confidence again. The water was warmer than Saturday so we stayed in for a while

  • Well done on the swim MC! image

    24 miles on the bike for me this morning

  • Well done MC & Chilli.

    Being persuaded by club colleagues to enter the South Downs Marathon on 8/6...can't quite make up my mind. Hopefulliy I will be fit enough and nearly got agreement from Mrs AF. Wasn't going to do it as it was going to be a child free weekend now her ex is going away so have step children at home- big incentive to do run then!! Problem is we are going out for dinner in the evening to some friends & I will have to stay awake and volunteer to drive (if I can move!!). Any advice? 

  • Hi everyone.  I've been a bit down and lazy - still getting used to this grey weather.  Ankle a bit puffy but I managed the gym yesterday.  Went on the rowing machine and did some bodywork.  Will try to do that plus maybe the x-trainer or bike won't hurt, I'll experiment.  LLB you are putting me to shame getting house and garden sorted out on top of gruelling races!  Mine is a disaster zone at the moment, downstairs big chunks had to be hjacked out to repair damp (now drying out) and the front wall is braced and waiting for surveyor and highways department (!) to come and check it out on Friday.

    Franny, hope you are feeling better?

    Chili, well done on the bike ride, and MC how can you do OW swimming in the cold image.

    Ecky good luck for race tonight.

    Hi Jude image

    AF - nap in the afternoon?



  • AF - Do it! image Your friends will be asking you all about it, so excellent talking opportunity. I'm with Louise - 30min nap before you go out if poss will get you through the eve.

  • My Big Girl did brilliantly well! image It was a district sports competition so 6 schools in total. It was a 1 mile race around a playing field and she came 3rd!!!! imageimageimage

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    chili - massive well done to your girlimage

    AF - do it but don't race it, just plod round. Then you won't be so shattered, and have a nap before the evening do

  • No intentionm of racing it!!! just a nice run with some of the ladies from my club. Hadn't thought about a little rest,but, it may be worth considering!!!

    Chilli-Well done to your girl.

    Louise-Good to here from you. Sadly you may have to get used to this weather. 

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    bike and run this morning, legs felt a bit heavy though, odd as yesterday was a rest day, but I did do some squats

  • Morning,

    Well I have etered the South Downs Marathon on 8/6. Hopefully I am fit enough. Will be taking it easy running with 3 ladies from the club so they will reign me back!!!   

    MC-You are up early with a bike and run before 8am. Impressive.

    Just did an 8 miler which was fine- a little windy. Have the day off to watch cricket- think I will be ssing some rain.   

  • Hurrah! We get to cheer on our Boss again! image

    Well done MC - you are very dedicated.

    Have a very busy day and need to get lots done so I better not spend anymore time on here. Happy running everyone

  • Hi everyone.

    Well lots to catch up on.

    Loula and Rocker,well done on a fantastic NDW.Brilliant running.

    Chilli,hope you are keeping ok.And well done to your girls for their running exploits in recent weeks.

    AF,don't be too down about your 10k time.You have been very busy on the running front recently,and aiming for longer distances.You will probably find if you trained specifically for 10k,then the long distance training your doing now will have helped and you will be faster.Good luck in the South Downs.I hear that's a toughie,but very scenic.Ideal for a nice plod.

    Louise,hope your ankle gets better soon.

    Well it's been fairly quiet here.Still getting over the remnants of my chest infection,and my wife has been really struggling with her MS.Done a bit of running,but not much.Really busy with college which is very stessful as it's nearly the end.

    Had a nice time last Saturday when we went to see my comedy (and marathon)hero Eddie Izzard in his stand up show Force Majeure.He was as brilliantly bonkers as ever.

    Looking forward to finishing college and then concentrating on running for the next year.

    Have a good day all.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    DJ - great to hear from you, sorry to hear about your chest infection still lingering and your wife's MS 

    gosh I am ready for half term - just one more day to get through

  • Hi all!

    I'm up to date, just about!

    Chili - Very well done to your big girl for her brilliant performance in the district sports.  And well done to the twins for getting in the athletics team.

    DJ - Sorry you are still feeling unwell and your wife is having a hard time. Eddie Izzard is great though and a night out must have been very welcome for you.

    AF - Haven't been on since the weekend so I didn't get a chance to say 'well done'. OK, you didn't get the time you wanted but you had been training for  marathon! I think you are GREAT anyway!!! xx And like Franny, I'm sure that it's still worth going for under 45mins.

    MC - well done on your bike and run this morning. You are certainly an inspiration!imageKeep it up, please...I need as much as possible!! 

    Louise - How's your ankle? And life in the rain?

    Hi everybody else!  

    Well, it's really hot here and school has been a bit draining as a result. Coming home on the service bus at 5.30 this evening it was still 34 C and there is no air conditioning in the classrooms. PHEW!

    No running to report and I'm getting plump! Plus 11 year-old daughter is now officially taller than me!!!imageimage

    Oh well! Ramazan is coming in a month ......image

    Anyway, son has just told me that when he grows up he is going to be a lego designer!image

    BFN x


  • Lol Jude a Lego designer indeed image 


    Deejay Good to hear from you Sorry your going through tough times


    MC well done in bike and run


    AF Woo hoo another marathon We will be calling U mara man now


    Chilli Fantastic about the girls You must be so proud


    Well I am still not great but feeling a bit better so Will Be At The Start line of the Mara and give it my best shot The Carb loading has begun lol

  • Oh Franny! Sorry I missed you out! How could I forget? Go for it and enjoy the carbo loading! But take it easy and don't be afraid of changing your mind if you need to!!! x

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Jude - lego designer is a good job! image

    franny - glad you are startng to feel better, you still have a few days to recover

    it is so cold here I have put the heating onimage

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    hello all, hope we are all doing ok. yay we get to cheer da boss to a sub 4 mara !!! whoop  whoop!!

    franny sis, i really hope you feel perkier soon , i know how much you want to do Edinburgh but please dont push and make yourself poorly. xx

    MC, its cold here too!! was gardening this morning and had on CAT boots, fleece and a coat! Brrrrrr

    jude, i think a LEGO designer is an awesome job lol. im sure you are NOT getting plump at all!! my 10 year old is only a few inches away from being my height too!! eek!

  • Morning!

    Jude - Lego designer sounds wonderful!

    Been awake since 2.45pm. Just woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. image We go camping this evening after school until next weekend. We love camping but I'm a bit worried about the cold temperatures image

    Am hoping to get the packing complete in time to go for a run... if I can stay awake.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    chili - I have nights like that too, I find it makes me a bit grumpy during the day but I do get through the day. Hopefully it will warm up a bit for your week camping - where are you going?



  • Oh yeah, I am grumpy and have warned my hubby! lol!

    Norfolk. When I dropped out of the Outlaw Half we changed our Sunday off so I could take my Big Girl to a youth camp this weekend as her birthday pressent. She's very excited. image  Hubby and other girls are going to a campsite down the road and will come back and get us on Monday, then we camp together until next Saturday.

    So good luck Franny on your marathon this weekend.

    And MC for your half next weekend. Will certainly be thinking of you and wishing I was there. Have a great time.

  • Morning all!  A bit cold and drizzly here today - swap you my drizzle foy rour 34 degrees Jude?  This will be the first time in 5 years I won't be in a Ramzan observing country.  It's been UAE summers - can be quite challenging if you want to train.

    Franny!  Yay! Have fun with the carb loading, it's the best part of the whole process except for the ginormous meal after the race image.

    Chili that sounds like a lovely agenda for the week - here's wishing for you to have some nice weather and not too damp and cold.

    MC - enjoy the half term break image.

    LLB I am going to try and emulate you this weekend and get some garden sorting done.

    DJ, so sorry to hear about your wife's illness.  Hope your chest is feeling better.

    My wardrobe parts have arrived and are all piled up ready for the fitters on Tuesday, and the builders are sanding the floor still so the house is full of dust.  Cat slinking around feeling miserable...

  • DJ-Hope you get better. Sorry about Mrs DJ.

    Franny-Good to here you will be at the start line- where do you want us? I will keep an eye on Loula!

    Jude-You can have our rubbish weather.

    Loula-My marathon I am doing on 8/6 is on the South Downs so is hilly. I will be running with some ladies from my club and we will be taking it easy. Time isn't the issue on this one. 5 hours will be the aim for us all to finish together.

    MC-Enjoy 1/2 term.

    Chilli-Have a good campint trip. A bit cold for me!!

    Hi everyone it's Friday.............

    6 mile club run this morning avodied the rain..just.


  • Hi all!


    AF - I know what it's like to miss the sunny weather - I am English remember, but having a nice holiday by the med. is different from having to teach lots of noisy kids in the heat, believe me!!  Weather is due to cool down tomorrow tho.image

    MC - Hope you have a lovely break from school. Anything nice planned? (apart from your race?)

    Louise - Hope you get some gardening done and the dust doesn't get on your nerves too much.

    Chili - Hope your big girl has a lovely time and you all enjoy camping. And hope the weather cheers up for you.

    Franny - How are you feeling? Getting excited?

    Hi everybody else!

    I plan to run tomorrow morning while kids are training and then I have 2 lessons at school and a private lesson in the afternoon on the otherside of the city - so out all day. Good job hubby can look after the kids as usual...

    BFN folks x

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    felt exhausted when I was at school but made myself go to the gym anyway, ran on the treadmill and some strengthening work and feel much more awake now

    Jude - apart from the race not much planned - OH is taking the kids to camp in his granny's garden for this weekend so I get some time to myself to hang around doing not muchimage so planning some cycling, swimming and relaxing

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    boss!! i just checked out thqat ultra. its Downslink ultra 38miles in october as you said. capped at 50 runners, 10hour time limit , bling medal, £25 entry. ebtry online not up yet.

    im in , would love to do it, it starts at st marthas !! my fave part on NDW!!...and ends in Shoreham .image want to do it??

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