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  • Oooh, Louise that certainly sounds like the right kind of training to me image

    I feel a bit of a rant coming on, is that okay?

    So over the past few weeks I have had conversations about fitness and training with various friends. At some point they say, 'You'll have to come with me to my exercise class, you'll love it and it will really help your fitness!'

    Then they look disturbed at my bemused expression. I have just finished explaining that I each week I am:
    swimming 1 mile
    running 20+ miles
    cycling 20+ miles
    1 session of pilates
    2 x 10 mins of upper body strength

    And they think I will
    1. Enjoy
    2. Need
    3. Find the time
    to do an exercise class! image

    One of my friends has been begging me for a day of cycling, so I changed my work days round to be available this Friday from 9.30 - 3. So now she isn't sure she can manage a full day and wants to cycle 10-2. No problem, that means I can fit in housework and shower before picking up girls. Then she has said she won't cycle if it rains. Then announced that we would do 2 exercise classes instead!

    My quandry is that part of her motivation is that she wants to spend time with me. Which as a friend is fine... but I don't want to do exercise classes!

    Some people just don't get it.

  • On the plus side I did run a hilly 5 miles in 48 mins which I think is my best time for that route this year.image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    chili - I know what you mean! I don't enjoy exercise classes either (well, apart from spinning). Maybe just arrange to meet for a coffee instead? In an exercise class you aren't really spending time together as friends as you won't be able to chat. Annoying that you rearranged your week around her and then she has messed you about


  • Hi . Sorry I have missed so much image. Hope everyone is okay.

  • Hi all!

    AF - well done on your marathon. It sounds like you really enjoyed it.

    MC - hope you are feeling better this morning.

    Chili - yep, I don't like exercise classes either. But then again I didn't enjoy pilates much either, or gym sessions. It takes all sorts I suppose. Well done on your hilly 5 miles.

    Louise - well done on your run and croissants.

    Had a great weekend and enjoyed the kids performances in everything. I managed a short run after school yesterday but I was even slower than usual as it was still about 28C at 6pm....

    Have a good day all. xxx

  • Morning Jude, your run sounds hard. I don't like running in the heat.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    morning all

    JUde - I am rubbish at running in the heat, so well done

    ecky - hope all is well with you

    still feeling a bit rubbish so no training for me todayimage

  • Morning Mathschick, yes all is fine. Sorry you are feeling rubbish, I hope you feel better soon.

    Boss do I see you have done another Marathon. You are fab.

    Just under an hour for me this morning. I tried the running on empty again but just struggle with energy levels. I was taking it easy too though as my leg felt funny the other day while I was running and got quite sore at one point. I am racing on Tues so trying to stay injury free.

    Right I'm off to find food before I faint. I may have porridge with Strawberries and Golden Syrup.

    Ooooh and I nearly forgot. I'm so proud of middle Ecky as she won Player of the season and Players Player for Netball. I couldn't have been more proud but she told me off for going on about it.image

  • Ecky-yes I have done another Marathon- the one Chilli did last year the South Downs marathon.Well done to middle Ecky on the player of the season award.

    Chilli- I don't do exercise classes as I am too uncordinated!!! Well done on your hilly 5 miler.

    Managed to get my slightly achey and very slow legs out for 5.6 miles.Couldn't go any faster than 9.10 minute miles. Soon I need to focus on getting my speed back.


  • AF - was wondering how you were feeling image Good to hear you managed a few miles today. 9.10 m/m is my regular speed. Lol!

    Hi Ecky *waves* it has been awfully quiet in CRAC Towers the past few days. Hope everyone is okay.

    1 miel swim for me today.

  • Ecky - lovely news about middle Ecky. Well done to her! And well done to you for your run on empty.

    Chili - Well done on your swim.

    AF - Sounds fine to me. I'd love to go at that speed again. I may have managed sometime in the distant past! image I've slowed down sooo much! Hope your aches feel better soon.

    MC - Get well soon fellow teacher!

    Well, it's not so little girl's 12th birthday tomorrow. She is having a friend sleep over at the weekend but tomorrow just a cake, pressies and maybe a Doctor WHO marathon. Gosh we know how to have fun!image

    BFN xxx

  • Hi Chilli, how are you doing?

    Thanks Jude, she was so pleased and it's done wonders for her confidence. I thanked her team manager after and she said that she doesn't realise how good she is. Happy Birthday for your Daughter tomorrow. Sounds like you are going to have a busy weekend.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done to middle ecky that is fabimage

    just back from a long parents evening for big boy, not as bad as we feared - phew! starting to feel a little more normal, but think I will not train tomorrow to have an extra day recovery so I don't just end up ill again. Looking forward to a run on Thursday

  • Mathschick, glad you got on well with your Big Boy at parents evening. Extra rest sounds like a good idea.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    happy birthday to your daughter for tomorrow Jude!!! aDr Who marathon sounds exactly the kind of thing miss LLB loves!!! hope you all enjoyimage it!!image

  • Happy Birthday to Elif! image

    Hi Loula - how are you? Is your hip healed?

    I need to do a LSR of about 2 1/2 hrs before picking girls up from school. But its the wrong time of day for me so not feeling very keen. Plus it's windy and a bit cold for June. But once I step out the door I will feel better .

  • Hi all!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for Elif.image She liked her clothes, swimming stuff, sandals and lego this morning. (Even she is addicted to lego!!)  I'm just about to go home but it's absolutely pouring and I have a mile walk after the service bus drops me off......image Anyway, birthday cake is waiting at home....

    Chili - did you get your run in?

    Loula - How are you? Yeh, we all love Dr WHO.imageimage

    Hope you are all OK!


  • Jude - hope you didn't get too wet.

    I somehow managed to get my timings wrong and only ended up with enough time to run for  1/2hrs image So that is two weeks of LSR that haven't gone according to plan... mmm not a good start to my marathon training...

    My hubby walked through the market in Ulan Bator capital of Mongolia this afternoon. All Salomon trainers are going for 11 euros!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    hi all

    still got a sore throat so well and truly fed up here

    Jude - happy birthday to Elif hope she has had a great day. Hope you didn't get too wet, although I love being in the rain when it is boiling hot

    chili - shame you didn't get the run in that you would have liked. 

  • Just a Pilates class today.

    I hope everyone is still alive out there beyond CRAC Towers ......image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    hi chili I am here

    busy busy week at work , and another day to go....

    where is everyone else?

    and where did summer go???

  • Hi guys!

    Well, it is quiet here lately.

    MC - How's your sore throat today?

    Chili - Any news from Mongolia?

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. We had a nice evening and the celebrations continue when Elif's friend comes at the weekend.....

    It's my kids' last day at school today, so they'll be bringing their report cards home with them.... We have already seen Elif and Cem's results from the school website. (Mikail will get his today.) Their grades are out of 5 and they both got all 5.image So we are happy...

    I have 2 more weeks at school and I have to be at school all day tomorrow for more portfolios...... BOO! Followed by another private lesson. BOO BOO!

    Sunday should be at home so maybe time for a run then.image

    Have a good Friday folks! xx



  • Jude - Well done to your kids image Hope you have a nice Sunday. Are you coming home to England this year? I know you don't make it every summer.

    Hubby is doing great. Electricity is sporadic but the hotel he's staying at in Ulan Bator (captial of Mongolia) does have internet connection so I've had some e-mails and a couple of skype conversations. He seems to be surviving the horse meat omletes and camel stew with noodles lunches.

    Today was supposed to be a long bike ride with my friend who then wanted to change it to exercise classes, but has instead gone into work. image So I shall head out on my bike later for a few miles. She's a lovely friend but I don't think training days are ever going to work out. She always says she wants to but when it comes down to it changes the plan or backs out.

  • Morning all

    MC hope you are recovered?

    Jude, congrats on your children's stellar performances!

    Weather is a little bit oppressive - coolish and overcast.  My 'repaired' damp is bubbling up again image so more interior works to be done - very disappointing.

    Went for an 'easy' 10 mile run yesterday but felt like I was dragging myself around.  Managed to eat 200g of chocolate in one day imageimageimage.  I hadn't known it was possible. 

    Rest day today


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    yeah, feeling better, but couldn't get out of bed this morning! It has been a long week at work, so no wonder really

    chili - maybe best not to arrange training with your friend then you won't feel let down

    Jude - well done to your kids

  • Hi everyone


    Sorry for not being here We were away up North of Scotland to a wee place called Seil Island We rented a chalet by the sea . Wonderfull scenery and Brill weather image


    AF.well done on your marathon no 2


    MC hope your feeling better


    Chilli What marathon are you training for?


    Jude.Belated happy birthday to Elif Hope U get your run on Sunday.


    I haven't been back to a running schedule yet Hope to get back to it next week now that my batteries have been recharged


    Work for me today and all weekend


    Have a good day my friends

  • Afternoon,

    Sorry haven't been around work etc has been hetic!!!

    Managed a very wet pub run on Wednesday night with the club 5.86 miles through muddy fields!! 6.5 miles yesterday morning and 8.2 with the club this morning. Not achey,but, don't feel quick at the moment!

    Franny-Pleased you had a nice break.

    MC-Hope you are back to normal & have a good weekend.

    Louise-Well done on your 10 miler. Hope you have stettled back into the raining wet,windy and cloudy UK?

    Chilli-Umm hubby's going to want some nice home cooked meals when he returns!!! Great with modern technology that you can communicate with him.

    Hi Jude-busy as usual. Belated happy birthdays to Elf.

    Hi Ecky,Loula,Byeck etc.....

    It's the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Hello all...quiet round here. 

    Welcome back Franny, glad you had a good break.

    MC, how are you feeling?  Sounds like it's taking a while to recover. 

    AF you seem to be putting lots of miles in.  It can take a couple of weeks to recover, especially since you've done some quite demanding runs in the last few weeks.  That stodgy feeling is horrible but it does pass.

    I took yesterday off, and felt nice and fresh for my hills session this morning.  Wasn't last for once image image.  Hope it wasn't just a flash in the pan, but after 8-9 weeks of hills it should start delivering some results I suppose.  It's raining now so big garden clear out is postponed until tomorrow.


  • Louise - I'm sure you will be running stronger. We had thunder storms this afternoon image

    Was race director at parkrun so asked on of my youth group to please come mind my girls whilst I did a lunch time run. How come after 2 weeks of sleeping so badly (last night only 3 hours) I managed to do a 48min 5 miles of hills for the second time this week?!?!?! And at the end of a 6 day training week too?

    new desert - melt a tiny bit of butter in a non stick frying pan or wok. Slice a fresh pineapple into thing slices length wise. Fry in pan with a teaspoon of honey and some fresh lime. Serve with greek yoghurt (I had some posh ginger flavoured stuff). Very quick to make and very delicious.

    Happy running everyone image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done louise and chiliimage ooh that pineapple dessert sounds nice

    I am feeling great nowimage parkrun this morning, not a pb but a bit quicker than last week despite some torrential rain and wind. And then a masters swim and a snooze on the sofa this afternoon! Feels like I haven't had a normal weekend for ages....

    think I might turbo in the morning rather than ride outside - tend to get a better workout although I should really be riding outside more


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