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  • Morning,

    Mrs Noel-Total respect to you.

    Ecky-Enjoy your little plod.

    Jude-Well done on your 4 miler.

    Well I did my hilly race and it was very hilly-so much so that I had to walk up a hill so recorded a 13 minute mile!! Going down was fast with a 7.00 minute mile.It was a lovely sunny evening on the downs & finished the 5.4 miles in 49.05 which I was happy with. Ex Mrs AF finished in 1.05- I even cheered her in!! My ankle held up ok & I have just has some physio- it is shin splints,but, he said I should be ok for running my 15 miler on Sunday. It feels a bit better for some massaging which is pleasing.

    I will be taking it fairly easy on Sunday and run with a friend from my club and keep to her pace which is fairly similar to my pace nowdays- she's got quicker and I am slower!!! Lots of water is provided on route as well.



  • Hi all

    AF, massaging the underside of your foot with a tennis ball (ie stand on and roll it gently) is helpful for shinsplints (and for lots of other problems too - it's a good habit to get into).

    I did my coffee and croissant 10m run this morning image.  The milk in the coffee and the almond paste in the croissant act as the protein and the pastry in the croissant acts as the carbs, perfect post-training meal image.

    Going to Battersea later to help marshal a Serpentines event.  Looks like it will be a nice sunny evening.



  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done AF and to your ex as well

    13 min miles are pretty normal for me!

    beautiful evening here, shame I have loads of tests to markimage

  • Evening everyone

    well done on your race AF and good to know it's not serious enough to stop you running.

    Louise, I really need to come and join you on those runs.

    Ecky - hope plod and prom dress fixing went well.

    We have had a rather highlystrung evening. Last year My Big Girl and No.3 won their school talent show with the duet from Aladin 'I will show you the world'. My twins are at a different school now, but my Big Girl got through the auditions and tonight was the final. She sang 'How do you know?' from Enchanted. She looked stunningly beautiful and has an amazing voice. But all the acts were brilliant and I honestly thought it was too close to call. But SHE WON!!!!!!! imageimageimage

    Her prize is a term scholarship at a local theatre school. My No3 girl had made a strawberry cheesecake in faith that we would be celebrating afterwards so we have just eaten and are now trying to get everyone to bed.

    The sad bit is that her best friend didn't win and has sent a horrible text message not wanting to be friends anymore. So now she is dreading going into school tomorrow image

  • Louise I like your thinking image

    Thanks Boss, only managed just over 1 mile as legs just so sore. Well done on your hilly race, sounds awful.

    Mathschick that's such a shame you have to do work.

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeey Chillis big girl is a superstar, lest paaaaaaaaaaarty imageimageimageimage.

    Dress fitting went really well too thanks Chilli and only cost a few £ so bonus.

    *goes off to find banners, poppers and congratulation balloons.


  • Morning!

    AF - Well done to you and your ex. Sounds like a tough race. Glad your ankle held up.

    Chili - well done again to big girl! Hope she makes it up with her 'friend' at school today.

    MC - Hope you got all your tests marked.

    Ecky - Ooooo prom dress. How exciting!

    Louise - Me too for the coffee and croissant run!

    Mrs Noel - well done on your open water swim.

    Well, yesterday was cup cake day. They turned out really nice even though I'm rubbish in the kitchen! And were all gone very quickly!

    Another 4.5 miler yesterday evening while daughter was swimming. I went to the big park though for a change as it is much more shady and one lap is farther. We have enjoyed a week of really cool weather 26 -29C but it's gonna hot up next week.image 

    Today, I'm gonna do some more tidying up..... but we hope to go to the 'Foreigners in Bursa' meeting this evening after training, at a nice cafe in the city park.

    Have a good Friday!

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrninggggggggg!!!!  im baack!!! things been a tad busy but im still here checking up on you lot -someone has to!

    ok what have i missed? chili, thats FAB news about your daughter winning the contest!! woohooo! we need pics!! thts so brilliant she will be on cloud 9 all dayimage bless.

    ecky hope ya bum stops aching image...im doing Zumba now! omg. it was SOOOOO hot last night and the teacher is a latin american dancer she works us soo hard but i LOVE it!!!!

    Boss Boss!! where is your 15miler? not croydon is it? its gonna be a hot one so take care.

    franny sis, hope you are taking it easy now and just chillin with the mileage dfter edinburgh.

    ooo guess, ive made a decison on my A race for next year now. Im going for NDW100 -decision made, also entries open for NDW50 image next saturday so i will be on the submit button early!!


  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    oo newcomer to thread Mrs Noel? welcome!!image i will have to go back apoage and read abt you now. i hope this lot have behaved , they ARE as mad as a box of frogs and i think you will find i myself am the only suitably behaved member here and quiet as  a lickle teeny weeny mouse image * nods knowledgably  *

  • Hi Loula! Good to have you back, even if you didn't notice me, lol!image. I'd love to try Zumba......My friend teaches it in East London and loves it.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    morning everyoneimage

    chili - such great news about your girl. Hope her friend gets over it and makes up though. Maybe you should have a quiet word with the other mum if you know her to try and get things patched up?

    loula - great ot hear from you, we need your naughtiness on here! We haven't had any pictures for ages.....

    I turboed again last night and it was tough so having a rest day today.

    ecky - well done on the prom dress, I am kiind of glad I don't have girls as that kind of thing is NOT my cup of tea at all

  • MC - well done on your turbo session! Enjoy your rest day.

  • Ah, rest day - how I love you! 

    Happy Friday everyone.

  • Morning!

    Thanks for all your words. I'll ask MrChili to post a pic.

    Jude - you must be building up the mileage nicely now.

    Loula - you have been gone far too long honey. Hope all is well for you. Wow! 100 miles! image That's not just a little bit further! My goodness, how do you train for that? We really look forward to travelling the jounrey with you and cheering you on.

    Hi everyone else.

    LSR today, but I think I will do a drop back week. Didn't sleep last night so probably a good idea. Will just do 2hrs. It's hot and sunny today image so i doubt I'll want to do more.

  • Hot Hot Hot up here imageimage Short interval run for me today. Now watching tennis image

    Loula...100 miles phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww go girl  go. I am just tired thining of it.

    Chilli.hope you get some sleep tonight.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • Afternoon,

    Loula.....it is good to have you back- but please don't leave newcomers astray!! Hope all is well with you. 100 miler madness....are you still doing the downslink ultra in October? I decided to enter after a few drinks...but, about to pay & said the race was full!!! Hopefully we will meet up soemwhere along the route as it passes 1/2 mile from my house and some of my club mates are doing it. My race on Sunday is Bewl Water & it is going to be Hot,Hot,Hot.

    Franny-Let's hope Andy does it.

    Chilli-Well done to your daughter and hope she sorts it out with her friend. My eldest is doing a show on Sunday evening- Little Shop of Horrors so I am taking my parents along. Sunday is going to be busy.

    Mrs Noel-Enjoy your day of rest...please look out for Loula as she is a very badly behaved young lady and has been known to leave the likes of Franny astray.

    MC-I am going to start my hydration from tomorrow- lots of water & just one beer tomorrow night. Tonight well I will have to have a couple of glasses of wine as we are going out for a meal.

    I am getting persuaded to do more marathons this year, Definetly doing one on 22/9,but a possibility of one in a couple of weeks time which is a hilly one accross the Downs with at least 3 of the others who ran the last marathon I did in June. Although I am torn between spending the day with Mrs AF as we are childfree!! Also another possible one in october along Beechy Head...another childfree weekend so tending to side with the idea of spending time with Mrs AF. Will however do my 4th Marathon of the year on the 22/12 the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon. The trouble is I want to do a lot of races with a couple of friends from my club to celebrate our 50th year!!! Decisions Decisions.

    Will have to see how my knee holds out on Sunday before I enter another race.Was ok for are short club run this morning.

    Bye for now enjoy the sunny weekend.

  • Glad you are all enjoying the sunny weather!image Hope I haven't peeed anybody off for something I've said, as I'm feeling a bit invisible.... Probably just being paranoid... sorry if that's the case.image

    Chili - hope you sleep better tonight. Yep, I'm very happy with my mileage - it's more than it's been all year.image

    Just back from 6.7 miles. Off out for drinks with 'foreigner' friends tonight. ie.non Turkish group.

    BFN xx

  • Hey Jude...la la la la la la .Well done on your 6.7 miles you aren't invisible. have a good drinksy with your non-turkish friends.

  • Enjoy your evening Jude image

    AF - my goodness! After debating doing a marathon for over a year you are really making up for lost time now image Good for you! I take it MrsAF is in full support?

    Just back from my 2hrs run/bike with No.2 daughter. Oh it was tough! Sooooo hot.image

    My Big Girl's best friend did apologise this morning and say she wants to be friends again. I'm still a bit annoyed cos she cried herself to sleep last night wishing she hadn't won the competition cos the nasty text message. But hey! thats what kids do.

    In all the excitement we arrived at school this morning having forgotten that she was taking place in an inter-school sports day. Where she did it again! image 1st in the long jump, 2nd in 800m! image Sorry, I know this is getting very boring cos she's won everything this summer, but I think this is last sports event!


  • Chilli-I need to discuss some of these marathons with Mrs AF- not sure I will get the green light for all of them!!! Well done to your daughter you must be proud.

  • Am going for a new dress style. Tonight the church leadership team is meeting at our house. I am wearing shorts, t-shirt and compression socks image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    omg chili your girl is having an awesome week!!!!! well done from us all here to her!!

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    jude !! so sorry!! i was rushing this morning to get a quick type in before work/school run etc -

     you are v lucky with all tht lovely weather to train in! i must come over and run inTurkey with you! i may get told off for my lack of clothes thoughimageimage

    when is your next event?

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    boss yes im entered to do downslink with 3 of the other ultra boys. i expect i will say hi to Wib and then he will speed off, alrthough he joked ( i think) about me just following his pace and do it in 5 hours.....er yeah right

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Jude - you are not invisible! Hope you enjoy your evening

    chili - good to hear your girl's friend has made up with her. Girls are particularly bad for this kind of thing - wait till she is a teenager! Massive well done to your girl for the sports day too - what a brill summer for her! Hope her sisters aren't getting too jealous.

    AF - if you are having knee trouble dn't rush into all those marathons! Take care

    well, I seem to be eating everything in sight not sure why

    rest day for me today, going to have a run in the morning then I have the big swim in the afternoon at Holme Pierrepoint where I will also be meeitng up with piratesimage then on Sunday pirate bike feedstation all dayimage

  • Enjoy your swim MC image

    Parkrun this morning. I was race director but my Big Girl decided that since she has had such a great week she might as well go for a PB as well. Her previous time was 26:59 so we asked around to find someone who was faster. Our friend Mikk is a 100club member and the 2013 European Veteran 55-60 Marathon Silver medalist. His ankle was hurting so he didn't want to go fast and offered to pace her. She did 25:22!!!!! imageimage

    Normally we go to McD's for sausage egg mcmuffin when anyone gets a PB but she asked for a Jacquline Wilson magazine instead.

    To be honest, I don't think I can possibly cope with any more adrenaline rushes and I hope that this next week isn't so exciting.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    wow, chili - nothing can stop that girl!!!

  • Well swam 2.2k open water this morning and just back from 5 miles with RP bursts. Oof, it's hot out there! Taking my mum for an afternoon tea now - think I've earnt it. Have a lovely weekend in the sun all. 

  • Chili - Wow! Such a brilliant time and PB! She is very fast!

    Mrs Noel - Well done on your long swim and run.

    MC - Hope you are enjoying your swim this afternoon.

    Loula - Yeah! Come to Turkey! Although it sounds like your weather is nearly as hot as ours at the moment.

    AF - Did you run today? How's the knee? Hope you can still run tomorrow.

    5.5 miles this morning and just done the kids' piano lessons. I know it's their school holidays but I'm trying to keep them doing things other than watch TV all the time and it's so hot to be outside. Pizza-making session later.


  • Sorry guys it is my ankle that is giving me jip- nothing wrong with my knee. No I haven't run today Franny, but, it seems fine when I run with it strapped up. Will be careful on my hot 15 miler.

    Mrs Noel-Well done on your swim.

    Chilli-Well done to your big girl she ahs had quite a week!

    Day of rest today.    


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    MrsN - well done on your swim

    Jude - I make my kids do their musci practice during the holidays too

    The swim this afternoon was great, I got there early and met up with loads of pirates. It was so hot there, had about 2 hours before the swim and was sweltering. Then the start was delayed (because the canoe guys who were doing the safety boats needed a break from being out in the sun) so an extra half an hour, but we had already got our wetsuits half on, so that was a sweat sweaty time waiting. It was great to get into the cool water. 

    I need to learn to swim in a straight line though!

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