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  • What a great picture!

    MC - Have a lovely holiday, where are you off to?

    Hubby has taken kids swimming this afternoon for a change. No run for me today but I'm swimming tonight.

    Over the last couple of weeks I have filled 6 Jumbo bin bags with old clothes and toys we have all grown out of. We are gonna take them to the charity place. Such a nice feeling to get rid of clutter.image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    we are off to Northern Spain

    OH has been held up at work, and I was waiting for him to get home to start packingimage

  • Have a great Hols MC.

    It is quite on here and it is Fridat....where are naughty Franny and Loula it is Friday!! 

    13.8 mile club run this morning & a similar distance planned for Sunday.

    Entered another Marathon yesterday- the Beechy Head Marathon (it is on a Saturday the 26th of October Chilli!!). So a marathon is booked for 22/9 and 26/10 and should also do one on 23/12.... 

  • Hi all.

    Last night's run was much nicer without the heat.I enjoyed it,and it was a bit quicker than last weeks run over the same distance.I'm on schedule to make my target of being able to run a Parkrun in under 30 mins sometime in September.Then i can try and get back towards my pace from 2 years ago.

    AF that is a big list of marathons.Getting those done will be a really good achievement.

    Looking forward to the Aniversary Games this weekend.Should be good.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

  • Hi DJ. Good to here you had agood run last night.

  • Hi everyone.

    AF - I had looked at Beachy Head, but I've have a team of 8 coming that evening that I have to house and feed.

    Well done DJ!

    Happy Holidays to all who have left or about to.

    Long run tomorrow. Will get up early and run to parkrun, round parkrun then home again. Need to do about 18 miles

  • MC - Hope you have a lovely time!

    AF - well done on your club run. Oooo more marathons! Good on you!

    DJ - well done on your progress.

    Chili - Enjoy your long run. Is it a bit cooler there now? Is it your BBQ tomorrow? Hope you have a süper time. x

    Just another 4 miler today but tried to do some intervals of sorts (still a bit slow and lethargic, lol!!image) Swam 70 lengths last night and mixed up the strokes: front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke to get max benefit. Might ask daughter to teach me butterfly.....image Just looks soooo hard! I'm enjoying the swimming a bit more than the running at the moment tbh, probably because of the heat.

    Anyway, toodlepips. 

  • Jude well done on your 70 lengths and 4 miler. 

    Where is everyone?    

    No running today but 13-15 miler tomorrow with a few from the club.

  • I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.The rain has just arrived here,but we have had a bit of unexpected sun this morning.

    Enjoyed the athletics today,especially Mo Farrah's awsome 3000m.

    No running today.I'm hoping to do 10k on my training run tomorrow,if i stay injury free.My right achilles suddenly started hurting last night for no reason.It was sore to touch and it hurt to walk.I iced it for an hour,and it settled down.This morning it felt ok and i ran about 400m just to test it,and it held up.I hope it was just a niggle and it stays in one piece tomorrow.

  • DJ - wasn't that a wonderful sight! Mo made it look sooo easy image

    Hi Jude - sorry you couldn't join us at the BBQ. We had a great afternoon with a wonderful mix of people and so much food.

    AF - enjoy your run tomorrow. Will it be in the thunderstorms?

    LSR this morning. About 17 miles. I ran down to parkrun, then ran parkrun (slightly quicker) then home again. I did everything wrong - didn't eat dinner yesterday cos I wasn't hungry. Had porridge this morning and then started running within 5 mins. My daughter came with me on the bike and ran parkrun in the middle with a superb time of 30:43 and then biked back, so she was starving so on the way home we stopped off at McD's for sausage-egg-McMuffin image But my stomach seemed happy enough.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Hi all just checking in from our holiday home in the mountains. Beautiful place but a dodgy road to get to it off the main road. Friday I was so tired after the journey but we went to meet up with an old friend who I haven't seen for 17 years. We didn't stay chatting for very long because we were as all so tired so I am hoping to see him again on our way back to the UK. 

    Sounds like the BBQ went well wish I could have been there to meet people in person after all this time chatting online

    Jude I need to learn butterfly too they often do it at swimming club but I have no idea. I am rubbish at back crawl too

    Hope everyone is well

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    hi all !!!! just checking in ! hope everyone liking the heat? I did a short run Friday night and phewee it was v humid here but lovely on my fave road in the evening sun.

    chili sorry couldn't gt to your bbq, must make it to your or rockers next time! your desk sounds beautiful!


    jude ,yikes I don't think I ca manage one length never mind 70-you are supergirl!

    I really enjoyed watching the Olympic ceremony repeat last night , such a wonderful event. seeing Mo Farrah yesterday was awesome, such spped I can only dream of im afraidimage

    was keeping my eye on the Lakeland 50/100mile ultra trackers yesterday-hard course and high DNF rate. maybe one for me for next year.

    hello Boss, me n franny sis are behaving soooooo well at the moimage 

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    now I know our jude doesn't like the waxed look so heres one for jude..

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭



  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    and heres the buff waxed  boys for me n frannyimage

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭




  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    my work here is done image*smiles smugly and skips off for cup of tea and to hide from da Boss*

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Loula great to have you around againimage

  • loulabell wrote (see)

    my work here is done image*smiles smugly and skips off for cup of tea and to hide from da Boss*


  • imageimage

    Thank you Loula! Tho the first one may be a tad too hairy even for me.

  • Chili - well done on your LSR yesterday.

    Did a 4.5 miler in the botanic park this afternoon. Kids came too and cycled in front of me.image

  • Hi everyone.Hope your weekend has gone well.As I right this,a thunderstorm is rolling in,but the weather hasn't been as awful as predicted.Yesterday was dry until late afternoon,and apart from one heavy shower today has been nice up until now.

    Chili,Well done on a Parkrun and your LSR.Glad you had a lovely BBQ.Sorry I couldn't make it.

    Jude,that run in the botanical garden sounds nice.

    MC,your holiday sounds lovely.

    Well I managed 6.46 miles on my LSR today.That's the first time I have run over 6 miles since I tore my hamstring 2 years ago.My Achilles niggle cleared completely and it has been fine after.Don't know what it was that caused it.I really enjoyed the run.It felt good to get some proper mileage in.

    I do have a small issue with my right foot however.I was running in shoes that I had worn in on short runs only so far.I've run about 20 miles in total in them prior to today.They are the same model I have used for 5 years,Brooks Addiction.These are control shoes designed for heavy over pronators,of which I was.I had fallen arches,and a podiatrist recommended them.This latest model has been radically redesigned,with the latest sole technology.I never felt as comfy in them as previous pairs,but I persevered and I wore them today.As I ran I wasn't in pain,but felt that they weren't supporting my forefoot as much as my old pair.I finished my run ok,but half an hour later the outside of my right foot began to hurt,and it feels bruised.It feels as if the motion control has been pushing my foot over too much and I've been underpronating and landing awkwardly.I wondered if my gait/feet had changed,and did the ''wet foot'' test.My foot imprint is way different to what it was 5 years ago.My arches have risen,and It looks as if I might only slightly overpronate.So the new shoes seem to be overcompensating and throwing my gait out.So i'm binning the new shoes,and going to get my gait rechecked.If I don't need motion control shoes,then the choice of shoes I can wear goes from 3,to about 20.Hopefully all the little niggles I have will be sorted by some shiny noo shooz.

  • Morning image

    Been very busy working all weekend.

    Sounds like some good running and swimming from everyone image

    Loula imageimage Nice one sis.

    Deejay.Well done on your 6,46 miles image yeah sounds like your gait has changed so am sure new shooz will make all the difference.

    Jude..70 lengths..phew...I think I am doing well if I do 8....Ha ha

    Mathschick Enjoy your mountain retreat.

    Chilli.well done on your parkrun and extra mileage. Pleased the barby went well and shame you are so far away as would love to meet you all.

    AF...wow more marathons.fantastic...you will need to find one for November. That's the only month you aint got one.

    Have been managing to get some running in as well as gym work. Doing about 25 miles/weekly at the mo with a mixture of long runs ranging from 6.5 and 10 miles along with short interval training too and steady runs.

    Have a good day everyone


  • Afternoon,

    Didn't look at the thread yesterday but I am somewhat shocked at the ebhaviour of Loula. She goes away for a while and then posts filth- where are the pciturs of the ladies?

    DJ-Yes it sounds like your gait needs checking. I am in a similar position as I have shin splints at the moment and think I meay be overpronating more than before so I must do likewise. 

    Franny-Good to here from you. Yes I had thought about a marathon on November - but may be pushing my luck too much with Mrs AF.

    Well I never did get to do a long run iwth club friends on Sunday as our plans were changed on Sunday as we took step son and girlfriend out for lunc. Did do a 7 miler 1st thing and 6 this morning so have run 26.6 miles since Friday.

  • Well done to all of you for running.

    It appears I am having another rest day. We have guests staying at the moment and hubby has gone out with them again, so I can't go running. We are on our third thunderstorm of the day so I probably wouldn't want to run in it anyway image

  • Morning all!

    Chili - Hope you get the chance for a run today.

    AF - well done on your mega mileage!

    DJ - have you bought your new shoozies yet? Well done on your long run!

    Franny - Well done on all your running and gym work.

    Another 70 lengths at swimming for me last night. I am planning to run this afternoon while kids are swimming but weather forecast says 37C so it should be pretty sweaty work. 

    Hubby has just taken our car to be converted from petrol to gas. It is a lot of money to fork out but it should cut our fuel costs by 45%. Don't know why we didn't do it before as Turkey is one of the most expensive countries in the world for petrol.

    Anyway, have a good day all!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Hi all

    Had a short run yesterday but it was really hard work as it is so steep in every direction. Lovely to be able to run in some beautiful countryside though. Then we spent most of the day on s beautiful little beach

    DJ well done on your running and hope you find some shoes that suit you. I am now running in brooks ghost as I have changed to more forefoot strike so over pronation is no longer an issue. 

  • MC - sounds like a lovely holiday

    Jude - image so thrilled to hear all the lovely times you are having. I know it doesn't make up for the ridiculously long hours you work but sounds like a great summer.

    Yes, my Big Girl and I went for run through the woods. 1 min quicker than last week although it felt slower and we had to stop for a horse rider to pass. It won't be long and she will be out pacing me over 5 miles image on the way home in the car covered in mud (cos she fell over) and a bit damp she asked if we could turn round and go back and do it again! She then said it was much more interesting than parkrun. Which I do agree with. I wonder if she will end up a trail runner? image

  • MC-Logging on while on holiday that is dedication!!

    Was going to take children to London Zoo yesterday,but, decided not to do after lously weather- took them to the cinema indtead.

    Jude-Pleased to here that you are having a good time.

    Chilli-Really impressed with your Big Girl. You shoiuld be proude of her.

    6.3 miles yesterday morning and a Pub Run this evening which will mean that I have run over 150 miles in July.

  • Hi everyone.

    MC,glad you are having a lovely hols.

    Jude,good to hear you are enjoying your summer break.

    AF that is a fantastic month's running.

    I'm setting myself a mileage target of 50 miles next month.My foot is still a bit bruised but hopefully should be ok to start tomorrow.Looking forward to getting started on my challange.

    Going to get my gait analysed on Saturday,and hopefully some noo shooz.I will be sad to leave Brooks Addiction's behind,but the latest one just doesn't feel right.

    Have you seen the Great North Run line up for this year?Farrah,Bekele and Gabrselassie all in the same race.It's going to be fantastic.I'll be torn between all three as they are my three favourite athletes.

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