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  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    AF we have WiFi where we are staying and I have a new tablet that I brought with me image well  done on the mileage for this month

    It is so hot here it is crazy normally here in the north of Spain it is around 25 degrees but it has hit 37 today which makes it hard to do all the walking etc we have planned

    Chili so nice that your girl loves running with you

    Jude sounds like you are having a great summer with the kids

  • MC - sounds like a lovely place. Hope it cools down a bit!

    Chili - well done to big girl! It's great she is enjoying it so much and she is obviously really talented.

    AF - well done on your runs and your super mileage.

    DJ - Good luck for next month's running plan. I'm sure you can do it!

    Well, I'm just over 100 miles for July, which makes it the first month this year for me to go over 100, in spite of Ramazan and the heat.image Did 4 miles today and yesterday. Swimming tomorrow.

    News finally came about Elif's swimming. She hasn't been selected for the nationals this time which is as we all expected so not too disappointed. She is still very happy with her 5 first positions but it's done on points this time..Trainer is very positive that she can make the national team when the time comes......She did come 2nd in Turkey for the 400m individual medley so she is thrilled about that.

    Bought a coffee table for the living room today and kids have cleared up all the lego on the floor (without me asking!!!) Hooray!!!image


  • Lol the lego! With the kids off school and the state of the house goes to pot, doesn't it Jude?

    Well done AF - fantastic mileage.

    MC - hope you are enjoying your holiday. You're only missing thunder storms here.

    DJ - Ooooh, that sounds a brilliant half! Heard on the news today that Bolt has accepted Mo's challenge to 600m race for charity. That's going to be a good one too.

    Just a bit of cycling today. Very hard to keep to any training rountine during summer hols.

    Had a follow up hosp appointment this afternoon re gyne issues. Things aren't as good as I had hoped, but not terrible either. I can keep training but I think I shall need to have surgery in the autumn. But apparently my iron levels are back up and as high as a man's!

    Am taking my youth group into London tomorrow for a day trip to the free museums in South Kennsington image

  • Morning,

    Chilli-Hopefully things will get sorted.At least you can keep training.

    DJ-Hope you get your 50 miles done this month.Sounds like (fingers crossed) you are on the road to recovery.

    MC-That is Hot Hot Hot!!! Hope you are able to do your walking on holiday.

    Jude-Great mileage for you. Plus all that swimmimg you musty be gettting very fit.

    6.2 mile club run last night which was good. No running today, but a 13 miler planned with some club members tomorrow as we try and put a semi paln for our marathon traing in place!!! 

    Then on Saturday we go to Wales near Carigan for a weeks holdiay. Will be doing some running and I suspect getting lost!!!






  • Hi everyone.Hope you have all enjoyed the lovely weather today.

    Did a 5k run in very hot conditions,and I was 20 secs quicker than a week ago,despite the heat.So that's 3.1 of the 50 miles chalked up.I had a few niggles in the first half mile from my left knee,but it soon settled down and I had a good run.I always struggle with the first half mile of a run.I get pains and niggles and feel awful and I  really have to force myself to carry on.Invariably I find that after I get through that barrier I enjoy the run.My foot feels fine now,so that is good,and I don't have any post run pains.

    Chili,sorry to hear you are not too well.Hope it gets sorted without you missing too much training.

    On the home front,things are a bit sad.My wife has been struggling to work with her MS,and is finally conceding defeat and going to ask the Dr to sign her off as unfit for her job due to her illness.So tomorrow will probably be her last day at work,and then we have to try and get her whatever disability benefits we can.It's such a shame.My wife loves her job,but it is very physically demanding.She is a chef,and is on her feet all day,and the MS is making that impossible.I think we both knew this would happen one day,but we didn't expect the decline to be so rapid.

  • DJ sorry to hear about your wife it must be really hard for both of you. Well done on your run though. 

    Chili sorry to hear of your troubles hopefully the op will sort it all out for good. 

    Struggled through another couple of miles yesterday morning in the heat and hills ended up walking a lot but at least it was a bit of me time and will help to keep some fitness up while we are away

  • Ahh, DJ, that is rough. image And I know the forms and process to get disability payments can be a real hassle. Hope you also find some times of peace and smiles through it all.

    MC - I'm not sure that you can garner much sympathy from us here with you in such a beautiful place for your hols! image

    AF  hope you have a great time in Wales. I so much want to go there and walk the mountains. But girls are still a bit too young to manage the miles.

    Just back from a 10 mile run. I am having a drop back week which means that is my longest run this week and felt soooo easy in comparison to what I have been doing. It poured with rain though so I got completely drenched through. My daughter and neighbour's lad came with me. I say lad, but since he has just graduated I guess I should say man. So I ran it at race pace rather than my ususal tortoise speed.


  • DJ-So sorry to hear about Mrs DJ I hope you get the benefits that you deserve.

    Chilli-Well done on your 10 miler. Hopefully we will get into the mountains if I can get Mrs AF going and lazy step son!!! Will definetly get some running done.

    MC-Pleased you have done some running- I have every intention of doing some Me time while I am away!!

    13.5 mile club run this morning which was good. I was trying to put a plan of action together for the Autumn Marathons with the lady I will be doing most of my races with which isn't easy with holidays and 1/2 marathon races as well- think we have got there! Probably be only doing one 18 miler before the 1st Marathon on 22/9 hopefully should be ok!!! It is quite good as several of us our hitting the big 50 so the intention is to do a race a month until the end of 2014! 

  • AF well done and have a great holiday. I am sure you will be fine for your marathon as you have done a couple now and won't have lost any fitness. Got out this afternoon for a quick 1.5 miles. Still had to walk some of the uphill but that gave me a chance to watch eagles and choughs.

    Got a bit of a highly calf so have been rubbing it with an ice cube which is painful. Might have to get a sports massage when I get back

    Chili the day in London sounds great. My mum takes my kids to the museums once or twice a year normally on inset days and they all love it

  • Hi all!

    MC - glad to hear you are getting some 'me' time on your holiday - sounds lovely.  I've been doing quite a bit of walking on my 'runs' lately, but reassure myself that in the heat I must be maintaining fitness. Hope your calf feels better.

    AF - gosh ! a lot of running and races planned - you'll be in your element!image

    Chili - well done on your 10 miler in the rain! Sorry to hear about your health problem. It's good you can keep on training though and great news about your iron levels.

    DJ - so sorry to hear about your wife's job. Hope she can claim the benefits she deserves and that she finds unforeseen positive things from being at home. 

    70 lengths yesterday for me at swimming and another 4 miles running today with something vaguely resembling intervals lol! Looking forward to having a bit more variety in my runs when Ramazan finishes.


  • Total loss of mojo at the moment. I'm getting the training done but shunting sessions around the week and going out later and later image Life seems to be getting in the way with wedding planning, a job interview in just over a week and we've just found out my dad needs chemo after cancer treatment - 6 months of chemo!! I'm racing a week today so hopefully that will give me some focus.

    AF have a lovely time away. 


  • Mrs Noel sometimes life needs to take precedence. Race for fun next week not times. Sorry to hear about your dad hopefully the wedding plans will help to keep him positive. Good luck for the job interview. 

  • Mmm, seems that most folk have abandoned CRAC Towers for the summer.

    Just a short run this morning to make sure my legs remember how.

  • Well done chili

    Where is everyone? 

  • Mrs Noel - sorry to hear about your dad. Good luck for the job interview and your race. Hope life calms down for you a bit.

    Chili - well done on your run. A short run is always better than no run!

    Swimming pool is closed for a week becuase Ramazan finishes on Wednesday so just a 4 miler yesterday.... a tiny bit faster than I have been doing so I'm calling it a 'tempo' run, lol!!

    I've got a private student for a few sessions before I go back to school so it's a little bit of pocket money. He started yesterday.

    Anyway, BFN xx

  • Hi,

    Mrs Noel,sorry to hear about your dad.As for your mojo,you are still getting out running,even if your schedule is a bit disrupted.Just treat the race as a chance to blow away some cobwebs and enjoy yourself.

    Chili,well done on getting out.

    Jude,bet your looking forward to the end of Ramadan.If you are pushed for time,a tempo run fits in quite nicely.

    On Friday my left hamstring got very tight and sore,so i spent the weekend resting it and icing it.It eased off enough to let me get out last night.I did what i was planning to be a gentle 5k,and did my fastest since my comeback.The hamstring ached a bit at first,but after a mile settled down.It is a bit achey today,but i have 2 rest days,so should be ok.

    Got noo shoozies on Saturday.I had my gait checked and i do still need control shoes.I explained my problems and how my new shoes didn't feel right,and they suggested another Brooks model.So now i am wearing ''The Beast''.They are a bit heavier,but super comfy,and just feel right.Wore them last night.



  • *pops head round door and quietly pops back onto settee hoping nobody notices I have been missing*

    How is everyone. I have been feeling a bit rubbish about my running so have not been on but slowly getting back to it.

    Mrs Noel, I'm sorry to hear your Dad will have to go through Chemo. Sending positive vibes. Racing will probably give you the focus you need right now, I find it helps me through life's blows.

    Hi DJ, Ooooh New Shoosies, that's exciting. Make sure you do have plenty rest though.

    Hi Jude.

    Hi Chilli.

    Well as for me, I have been struggling with my foot and only really got back to running last week with a 3 miler that was broken up. I managed 4 with my running buddy  at the weekend and foot feels okay. My  friend had a mess round with it and gave me some advice and stretches so trying that for now. Ooh and I have signed up onto a counselling course starting Sept which is really exciting.

  • Ecky sorry to hear about your foot is it plantar fascitis? Stretching the calf is important too. Good news on the counselling course though

    DJ hope you get on with the new shoes

  • oooo ecky dont feel rubbish!!! how are ya chuck?image

    ive been AWOL tooimage...I snuck off for a run wiv By Eck at the weekend on ridge way and jolly nice it was too!!! lovely to see lickle Moo and little miss by eck and Mr By eck of course who refused to buy me an ice creamimage

  • Thank you all. Well I'm feeling a bit more up and coming this week! The linter view prep is going well and I'm not as cant be bothered about my traininthallus the other half has a week's leave from Sunday, which is great and well timed.

    Ecky hope your foot starts to improve soon.

    Dee, your shoes sound intriguing! Hope they work. 

  • Hi Mathschick, its not PF my friend thinks I could have a dropped metatarsal or just that the bones in my foot are stiff. I am just dropping to pieces.

    Loula, I'm good thanks, how are you doing. I'm glad you and By Eck had a lovey run, I wish I lived nearer and could have joined you. Terrible news about the lack of ice-cream though image.

    Mrs Noel, glad you are feeling a bit better this week.

    No running for me today as running with club tomorrow night. We have been shopping for Hubby's Birthday on Sunday and Big Girl will be making him a special Teacake which is his fave.

    Hope everyone else is good.

  • oo  Ecky tht sounds painfulimage are you going to docs to get it diagnosed. don't want to go exercising on something tht needs proper physio.

    mrs Noel, sorry to hear abt your dad, as alwys on here we are always ready to listen . hope you are ok . nice tht your other half on leave, ( have military background too so well used to the R&R routine .

    DJ, hope the new shoozies work out image

  • Oh ecky that sounds weird. Are your normal shoes worn out? I always get weird foot pains when my shoes are getting worn down and of course I don't really think about changing my work shoes etc in the same way as I think about my running shoes. 

    Loula hope by eck and family are well. Sounds like you had as great run together

    OH managed to reverse the hire car into a tree so I am mad with him as there will be a massive excess to pay (close to £900) 

    At least no one is hurt but I am still mad

  • its not too bad now Loula. I am going to maybe pop and get sorted properly its just finding the time.

    Tbh Mathschick I think its walking too far in shoes that are too flat. I need all my shoes to have proper support now but they don't tend to look so nice when its summer and all I want to wear is flat sandals. That's awful about having to pay al that money out image

  • Sorry to hear of all everyones injuriesimage,

    And wrecked car MC. Are you home? Or still on holibobs?

    MrsN sorry about your dad too and hope you have a lovely time with your OH.

    Hi Loula! *waves* image

    Have been running and cycling a bit this week.

    Today was our Big Day Out. Each school hols I try and find a historical place to go to. Often use Tesco vouchers to pay for the entry. Well, our trip this summer was today to Hampton Court Palace. Was surprised and pleased that it only took us just over an hour to get there. Made it by 9.30am and were the last to leave the grounds at 6.30pm. Had a great day. In honour of us visiting the Tudor kitchens I made a pie for dinner. Will ask hubby to post a picture. image

  • Chili that sounds like a mega day out. 

    We are still on holiday hence the hire car with stupid massive excess on the insurance. 

    Ecky I am the same in the summer sandals and bare feet in the house. Maybe you should get birknstocks I think they are supportive sandals?

  • The afore mentioned fabulous pie!!!  We were all absolutely astounded by it and it tasted wonderful too! image





  • Mathschick that's so funny as me and the kids were on about Birkenstocks after a trip to John Lewis as I saw a few women wearing them. I told the kids I needed some because of my dodgy feet.

    Hi Chilli, brilliant pics and sounds like you have had a lovely day. The pie looks lovely.

    Hi Mr Chilli.

  • The pie looks great

    I think birkenstocks are quite trendy too. I have some walking type sandals that are pretty supportive but they were expensive. Mind you I have had them for a few years 

  • Hi,

    Loula,welcome back.Hope you are having a great summer.That ridgeway run sounds great.

    Ecky,welcome back too.Sorry to hear you have a poorly foot though.

    Mrs Noel,glad to hear you sound much brighter.

    MC, hope the mishap hasn't dampened your holiday too much.

    Chii,that day out sounds great.I love visiting places like that.And the pie looks yummy.

    Well i'm afraid the 50 mile month has been derailed after just 6.2 miles.My hamstring is definitely not right.I am going to go to a sports physio and get it sorted properly.I'm desperate to get back to where I was before my injuries and illnesses 2 years ago.I think if I get proper help,i can improve my form and sort things out.I should hopefully be running again in a couple of weeks.

    I think this injury will actually be a good thing,because I may get a lot of issues sorted out as a result.I do have a bit of money left that my Mum left me,to spend on the treatment,but I feel a bit guilty about spending it on myself,with my wife's impending change in finances,but my running is very important to me,and longterm, I  think it will keep me healthy and benefit both of us.

    On the plus side my noo shooz are very comfy,and I think they will be great once I get sorted.

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