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  • is is courgette muffins or fritters we are talking about?image id try either anywayimagenom

    oo boss that's a good club run and jude too , well done on running in your lovely hot weather-im jealous grrrr lolimage

  • imageI was out for a wee while sis yes but being a goody girl of course!!

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  • I MEAN ,!!!!!! what I wouldn't give to be undern-image

  • image anyway , Boss , as I was saying..ahem, good run yeah , whens your next eventimage*looks innocent*

  • ive heard of the INSANITY thing but don't really know what it involvesimage. I have zumba dvds but im like you MC, I cant be bothered doing them at home I like the classes with the atmosphere and peopleimage

    are u doing it sis? !!! and good that Junior has permenant contract-excellent news!!

    lickle chico is 1 ! awwwwww

  • brilliant news that matt can run with chiliimage

  • Loula psst come here we better run well you had when the Boss sees that pic C'mon let's run up the hills he won't find you imageimage











  • No sis I am not doing INSANITY think I will pass on it and just do the gym stuff Just don't think I would keep it up

  • Mmmmm, Loula that is deffinitely one of your better piccies image

    YAY! Am so thrilled Matt is feeling better. Can't wait for next Sat. image

    Parkrun this morning. Then met up with Rocker and Liz today. They don't live too far from us and since it is holiday time we've seen them twice this week. Liz did the aquathlon with me on Tuesday eve. And Rocker is all set for the Ridgeway 85 on Saturday. He's been training really hard so I'm sure he will have a great run. Today we just had a picnic in the park, fed the ducks and talked running image

    Hubby and Smidge come home this eve. I've missed them.

  • Loula No no no.You come on here & bring the tone down.Please can you post a decent picture of a lady to you van go on that naughty step.

    Great here Matt is doing the marathon.

    5.7 slow miles this morning.Probably do a similar amount tomorrow.

  • ok boss...*trots off*

    sis, quick lets run coz im gonna be in more trouble in a mo

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  • there we go Boss....a pic of a 'LADY'image.....*ducks....and runs*

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    ooo imageimage..not sure which I like best, erm...the one with the big axe I thinkimage ahem


  • Loula this is appalling.Yoera wait till I see you running that ultra in October.Please please can we have a nice picture.I am quite keen on that Russian pole vaulter she was nice!

  • like all the pics loula

    chili - lovely to have news of rocker and to hear that he is well, and I am so glad to hear that matt can run with you next week

  • pole vaulter? I havnt seen any of tht , only Bolt and Farrahimage

  • dunno what you are talking about Boss , naughty pics? where?imageimageimageimage

  • Evening all what on earth have I missed lol

    My fiancé has been home this week so not been on, not trained much and I've eaten lots of rubbish. I'm thinking about it as a mid- season break....

    I raced on Sunday, so here is my report for the BRAT Sprint.

    A little unnervingly, I arrived to pre-register on Saturday only to find out I wasn't on the list after deferring in June due to my dad's cancer op. No dramas, all sorted. Phew.

    I stayed with my parents the night before as they're not far from the Ski Centre, got up earlyish and realised my mother never buys my usual foods. Turns out this may be a positive as I didn't feel I was running out of energy at any point in the race, so from now on its porridge and toast all the way.

    I racked my bike on arriving - always appreciate the numbered racking! There was almost an hour till kick off so I watched the standards start and got nattering to a fellow racer.

    The swim seemed to go nicely although I later found out I was a minute slower than my PB. No matter. Straight onto the bike with a cereal bar. It was a nice, relatively flat course which took me very close to home and involved a number of routes I train on. The run has changed since I last did it, with the hill onto the ridge taking place after the roped shenanigans on the flat. It was deceptively evil and i felt sorry for the standads doing it 4 times. Annoyingly, my number kept coming off as one of my safety pins kept opening. That's in the bin now, needless to state! 

    Have to say, the marshals were great and very encouraging throughout. As ever, a very well organised race and I'm already looking forward to the season opener next year. 

  • well done MrsN

    mid season break? Oh that is what I am having tooimageimage

  • Lol Loula Loving the pics imageimage

    Mrs N well done on your event Liking the idea of mid season break

    Did my club handicap race this morning which was 6.5 miles.Did it in 55 mins nowhere near the target the club set meimage 51.41 lol now how on earth am i expected to do that when my best 10k time this year is 52.19 and that was a road race and not trail lol anyway was just a bit of fun and I got a medal and chocolate image

  • Medal and chocolate, what more could you want? image

    MrsN - sounds a great event! Congratulations image

    Rest day today. Hubby is already asleep on the sofa Lol! Girls want to go and climb trees so i guess that what I'll be doing.

  • well done franny

    well, today has been spent getting school uniform, boring but necessary. Some trousers need taking up but hopefully my mum will do that - she has a sewing machine

  • morning all

    I did get a short run yesterday afternoon. It seems weird for me to go out for just half an hour, but quite liking it actually! Also odd to go in the afternoon when there are loads of people about on the trail (most of whom did not return my greetingimage). Then a masters swim session. After going to the gym and doing weights on Saturday my arm and chest muscles are very achy so it was a hard swim but I enjoyed itimage

  • Well done Mrs N.Sounds like you had a great time and earned a mid season break.

    Franny,well done on your club handicap.Sounds like your target was a bit out of step though.Next time you should complain before the event.

    MC,glad you enjoyed your short run.If you up the pace on these little runs you still get a good workout and they are easy to fit in.

    Loula,you are being very norty filling Crac Towers with half nakey men.I'll have to learn how to post pics and put up a few pics of some girls for us boys.

    Did my longest run for 2 years yesterday.6.55 miles.Not far by my old standards but i'm slowly getting back there.I got some blisters on my toes so i need some thicker socks i think.The blisters should be fine by my next run on Wednesday.

  • Morning image

    Well done Deejay on your longest run for 2 years..You are defo going just that little bit further and before you know it you will be into double figures image Yep my target was high and have mentioned that to them as no idea how they came up with that target !!!!! It didn't feel like a race at all as I was running on my own for most of it and had nobody to compete against. Was more like a fast training run LOL

    Well done MC on your short trail run and swim session. Very active weekend for you so take it you are feeling better.

    Chilli...hope the girls enjoyed the tree climbing....How you feeling about Saturday ??? Plenty rest this week for you image

    Gym day for me today and work at 2pm

    Have a good day everyone

  • Morning,

    Franny-How do they work out targets and how do these handicap races work? Sounds intriguing.Enjoy the Gym.

    DJ-Well done on your longest run for 2 years. As Franny says soon you will be upto 10 miles.

    MC-Well done on your trail run and swim. 

    Chilli-Hope yoyu have agood restfull week.

    Well I did a 6.5 mile run this week. I am struggling with my speed or lack of it at the moment. Not sure why but my last two runs have been at 8.55 minute mile pace which is slower than I would like. Perhaps it is my shin splints slowing me down!! Anyway the good news is that I didn't put any weight on whilst on holiday. The bad news was that my eldest step son got bad A level results- 2 D's & an E, but has amazingly got a university place. He has admitted to be very lazy!! His laziness has been the cause of many arguments between me and Mrs AF who now agrees that I was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • DJ - well done on the run

    AF - hope those results were the kick up the bum that your stepson needs and that he will be less lazy at Uni. Where is he going to?

    I am still run/walking my runs but the run sections are fairly speedy so I will keep that up and hopefully make the run sections longer and less walking over time

    Have done a turbo session and now off for a deep tissue massage. Not sure if I will want to do much after that image

  • AF..they are supposed to work out your handicap according to your most recent 10k race time and if the handicapper has got all the timings/targets correct then everyone should finish the race at around the same time which didn't happen yesterday. In short the slower you are the more time you are given at the start and the faster runners less time.I started 19.30 mins after the first runner went but folk who are faster than me started 2- mins in front of me image so no way I could catch them image I am sure your speediness will return and is possible just your bodies way of telling you to slow down at the mo. Don't get annoyed about it as it will do you good to slow down and you will come back better and stronger and faster soon.

    Not good about the exam results but good he has got into Uni.....hope he will now be less lazy.

    MC...Enjoy tissue massage.....I think!!!!!!!! rest up afterwards as you may feel a bitty tired. well done on the turbo session.

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