Best places to run in South London

So I'm moving down to London next year (hopefully beginning of February) and will be based, again hopefully, close to London Bridge. 

Where are the best places to run from here!? I'm completely new to London - have visited quite a few times and managed to fit in a few runs, but just along the Thames really. There's obviously the parks...are there decent trail runs in any? I'm stepping up my training and keen to avoid too much pavement pounding, so are the parks easy enough to get to and god to run around? Are there changing facilities in any? Also long runs - where do most of you go for your longer runs? 

Lots of questions! Just excited to move down there but no idea where to start exploring! Thanks! 


  • The title of this is also mis leading...doesn't have to be South London, just would love some runs starting from where i'd be based. 

  • london is one of the best cities in the world for running. as a starting point, look at the routes on my club's website, or buy the "Great Runs in London" book from a running shop.

  • The Thames Path is a good place to start - you can go all the way down to the Thames Barrier in the East and up to and beyond Kew the other way (personally I've never been beyond Kew myself, I think there are dragons after that). It's pretty difficult to get lost if you just follow the river.
  • After Kew is brilliant  - no dragons whatsoever - on to Richmond, then to Hampton Court, keep on going to Shepperton - cross via ferry - the land route is a bit awkward to follow,- then on to Windsor, Maidenhead, Oxford...

  • run to a train station and get out of the city

  • Inspired by BearBH I ventured beyond Kew this weekend - up to Hampton Court and round Bushy Park. You're right, it's a lovely run, even on a grey and miserable day. And no dragons. Although there were some quite large deer in the park.
  • Have a look at the walking section of the tfl website:

    The London LOOP is runnable - I will vouch for almost all of that. 

    The Thames Path does not stop at the barrier, it just changes its name to Thames Path Extension.









  • Thanks for all these. Love the websites. Excited to get down there and start exploring!

  • As a Kew native, I should point out that all dragons are to be found (or so it is rumoured) in the northern wastelands that start on the other side of the river. 

    And running down the towpath from Kew to Richmond (and beyond) is one of life's little pleasures. Running in the opposite direction towards Hammersmith is good, too.

  • I should just say that I did encounter a mini tornado at Kew a few years ago, made quite an impressive water spout as it crossed that Thames.

  • Richmond Park is my favourite run of all time.  It's about 10 miles from London Bridge down the A3.  Not exactly your local run, but it really is worth the trip.

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