type 1 diabetis

Hi all just started running and would like any feedback for running with type 1 diabetis and training i have been doing park runs and its ok but am worried about doing 10km runs.

Happy new year to you all.


  • My wife is type1. She runs up to 10k races and just makes sure she has a couple of gels in a running bag with her at all times.

    She takes a carbohydrate snack like a Tracker bar before a run and the insulin to match it as she's found you need the insulin for the exercise.

    Well done on starting running.
  • She is not alone... have a look at this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Team_Type_1-Sanofi Team Type 1 are a team who promote excercise and type 1 diabetes not just in cycling (they are a pro cycling team, some of whom are type 1 diabetic) they have a Facebook page and all sorts. I am guessing that they should be a great source of information and motivation

  • Thanks for the info i wasnt aware you need the insulin for the exercise!

    Will look into team type 1





  • I'm type 1 too. In the past I've had a couple of glucose tablets about half way through a 10k which has kept me going. There's a website www.runsweet.com which is all about running with diabetes and tells you how to adapt up to marathon running. I'm doing the Liverpool half in a few months and plan to use that site for a lot of my resources.

    Good luck!
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