Brighton Half Marathon

My wife has suffered a back injury so I mistakenly assumed that, as I was giving the organisers plenty of notice, it would be easy to transfer her place to me. How naive of me! Firstly, I was quoted something from their rules outlining the 'potential' problem' in running under someone elses name. Having responded by saying I just wanted to have her name swapped to mine on their database, they then said they could not do this because of the numbers of runners who enter but don't run on the day and the administrative issues if all these wanted to transfer places; I can understand this if it was all left to the last couple of weeks but not with two months notice. They then mentioned the potential issues with 'ticket touting' - this is to run13 miles not to see Take That so even if it did go on I doubt much money would be made!

This event is not cheap; at £29 it is poor value for money compared to other event such as the London Marathon and Beachyhead Marathon where I believe you can transfer places officially.

This obstinate and uncooperative attitude is upsetting and goes totally against the spirit of good sportsmanship and the friendly atmosphere of entering organised events. I will not be entering the Brighton half again, sticking instead to lower key events such as the brilliant Badger Half Marathon and the superb Hastings Half - which are by far superior races in every way.

Now I have that off my chest, it's down to the amazing and FREE Bromley Parkrunimage


  • ''Entrants must be aged at least 17 years of age on the 17/02/13. Once runners have been allocated their race numbers, it is important that these are not exchanged without consent.''

    Quote above taken from the official website. Seems to me they could switch this entry comfortably but are just being inflexible and bloody-minded. Still plenty of charity places available apparently.

  • Interesting. I shall start pestering again. Thank you for this.
  • Their info.certainly implies that it is possible for entries to be transferred and it could hardly be easier than a wife to husband swap as needed in your case. Good luck with this and let us know how you get on with your 'pestering'. It would be interesting to find out. I occasionally travel to the south-east to stay with friends and enter an event but will give this one a miss if you have no joy. 

  • Won't let me transfer my place as i am no longer able to make it. You would have thought after last years fiasco at tgetting the distance wrong the organisers would be more accomodating.  

  • I empathise. I had no joy despite several disgruntled emails - certainly not good customer service! It has forced my wife to give away her place, unoffially, to another female runner - totally in violation of their rules but doable.
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