New Balance

Hello This thread may appeal to the Fans of New Balance Trainers. Is there a real difference between Nb - 860v2 and 1080v2? The all new gadget show 31/12/12 showed a pair of the the 1080v2, looks good,may feel better, but is there a true difference? Advice/thoughts/opinions !! Thanks


  • The 860 is a stability shoe for overpronation whereas the 1080 is neutral so depends on how you run. I think the v3 has just come out in the 860 so further new mods. I currently use a combo of NB 770 and 860 (increase in stability from 770 to 860) both v1. Ive been a fan of NB for a long time. Like the fact they are made in uk. Just had gait analysis and they put me in some mizuno inspire 9. Im not getting on with them (seem to be giving me more problems than the 860 did on longer runs).
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