I suppose the gym will be busy for the next five weeks.


  • the park was full of new years runners today, good for them as long as they stick with it. we all started one day, 

  • I also go spinning at my local gym and its been dead for weeks, last Saturday it was full up.  You have to book a week in advance so i thought i'd book straight away, just nipped in the gym to finish my sit ups, 20 minutes later when i went to book it was full already.  Give it 3 weeks then it'll be back to normal !!

  • some lost-looking people at the swimming baths image

  • HOw can yu get lost in a swimming pool?

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    *phew!* Thanks for the reminder, just booked a spinning class for tomorrow, only one place left.  Luckily I go at lunchtimes which aren't as bad but I can remember many a January evening session desperately trying to find a locker or waiting for some equipment to come free, thinking "Fickle bastards, get out of my gym!"

    But then I remember that it was effectively a new year's resolution for me one year, and I stuck to it.  Good luck to 'em.  image

  • I'll find out in five minutes, but it usually is the case. image

  • My home gym has the same number of people in it that I always see.  That jerk that leaves my weights all over the place is still there though apparently.

    Can't say I've seen any more people out on the roads either.


  • Grendel3 wrote (see)

    HOw can yu get lost in a swimming pool?

    you can't. you can get lost at a swimming baths though.

  • During the Olympics my gym was packed to the rafters with new members.  They vanished within a few days of the games finishing.

  • Yup even the hills, Moel Arthur was crawling with walkers hampering my run at lunch time image

  • Lol I teach at a gym keeps me busy for 4 weeks then the real people are there 364 days a year
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