Do I get Trail Shoes?

Was always a huge fan of the Brookds Radius trainer. Did a lot of long distance running years ago but over the last few years have cut back but still do 3 miles, 4 mornings a week and its a hilly run.

6 months ago I repalced my last pair of Brooks and as I couldn't get anymore I elected to get a pair of Mens Asics Gel Cumulus 12 Neutral Cushioned. I bought on line and have to admit once they arrived I wasn't overly happy. I found them quite wide at the toe. We are very lucky that we live in the countryside and my run can be a bit muddy. Its 1/2 countryside track and 1/2 country road.

The issue i now face is that the Asics have disintegrated by the toe due to the recent wet weather and I need to replace.

Any advice on a hard wearing shoe that can cover country paths, and road?



  • Brooks do a good trail shoe- adrenaline GTS , I think it's called, mine are great on road and tracks - not for extreme trail conditions, they are still going well after 400 miles.

  • Thanks, They get exceeltn reviews and I have had great expereince of Brooks in the past (why di dhtye stop the radius?). Have not liked the Asics.

    Got myself a pair of the Adrenaline on line. Thnaks agian.

  • erm, the adrenaline GTS isn't a trail shoe.  It's a road shoe.  The GTX is the trail shoe.  They are OK for decent paths/trails, but not so good when it gets a bit more serious.

    LINK TO Brooks Running

  • PSC..Thanks, I may have over stated my requirements by saying trail, it was more hard wearing, My run is 50% country path/trail and 50% road. The trail is very muddy at present as they have had trucks on it as they have been wood clearing but most of the time even in heavy rain the path is fine. 

    The Asics I bought a few months back I don't like and they have disentegrated in the rain of late anyway (convenient excuse to replace!)

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