Can I run a marathon

Hi everyone my friend ask me to run the marathon of the north on the 28 April ,iam a bit unsure as I have only done a half and and a couple of 10's .i am 40 years old and not been training ,can only run 3 miles at moment but I thought if I can add I mile a week to my long run why not that will get me up to 19 miles. I don't know if it realistic or not any advice


  • It is a bit of a stretch from 3 miles now to a marathon in april- do you run regularly? - it is a different situation if you run 3 miles every day , and have done for years, whereas if you have run 3 miles recently as a one off, and nothing else, you will just injure yourself even trying. Was the half marathon last year? if so, you may be able to build up to 10 miles a lot quicker than a real beginner, whereas if it was back in your "youth" ( don't worry- I'm a good bit older than you), you won't see the same benefits.

    I suppose it is possible that you could drag yourself around the course, but more likely you'll either get injured and never make the start line, or failing that, the race itself will be so horrible that you'll never do another.

    If you are going to try it, look at the "just get round" plans, find one that starts at something lke a level you can manage, and see how it goes, but you'd be better to aim for a marathon in the autumn or next year from your current level.

  • Plenty of plans out there that take about 16 weeks so will be OK for you if you start this week.

    Your plan of adding a mile each week is rubbish though - dont try doing that. 

    Look up a proper plan that you feel you can fulfil. 

  • Isn't there a half as part of that event as well - might be more sensible. You can race on the same day and certainly do some training together if that is a reason to have asked you to do it. I did a similar thing when I did a marathon and my training partner didn't. E.g. I'd plan an 18 mile route passing his house at 10 miles and i'd pick him up. Adding a mile a week sounds ok in theory but 1x19 mile run is less than ideal, and leaves no margin for slippage in your schedule. I haven't worked it out, but also if that takes you up to the week before it gives you no rest/taper, having run 16/17/18/19 miles in the previous weeks. I agree with tricialitt - you could get round probably, but it won't be pleasant.

    Edit - when I say ok in theory, I mean sounds ok in an abstract way of working out how you might get to a high mileage run, not that it is a good theory for planning a marathon training plan. I didn't word tht well!
  • You'll be fine, get on with it.......

    (Sort out a training plan first tho)
  • So, two for, two against so far. Does that helpimage
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  • Do you  want to do it or is it just to keep your mate company? It's a lot of effort if your heart's not in it.


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  • Just do it - it will just hurt more with less pre-training.  Its only 26.2 miles afterall.

  • Thank for the advice think I will just start a training program and give it a go, it was 2011 I done the half but I was only 8-10 weeks ago I was running 5 mile run three times a week so I am hoping to make quick progress
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