Microfracture knee surgery

I had this procedure on my left knee in Aug 2012.

The surgery was to repair a patch of articular cartilage that had peeled away in the groove on the end of the fumur where the patella slides up and down.

I have gone through rehab and have 95%+ range of movement and I am continuing to rebuild muscle groups etc.,

Sods law, after 5 unsucessful LM ballot applications, I have a place for the 2013 race and I am keen to compete. Current training is on cross trainer and static bike.

Keen runner before this happened but have been advised by my consultant to take up another sport. Physio seems to think I could run the LM if I build up the supporting muscles groups and also strenthen my core with pilates.

Any thoughts on if it's possible/sensible to put my knee through the stress of 26.2 miles and if I could do the bulk of my training on a cross trainer and static bike?


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