Wedding rings

Do any of you lot run wearing your wedding rings? Just got married and not sure whether to run with it on or leave it at home.


  • I only ever wear my wedding ring for special occassions.started off taking it off for dishes and showering and also for sport.........but wore it the majority of the time.............had to stop wearing it and the engagement ring when my son was little and just got out of the rarely wear it..... would probably be happy running with it but not cycling or swimming

  • I can't get mine off - so I've no choice ! I'd only take it off if it was likely to fall off whilst running. If not - then why take it off ?

  • Exactly - the more you take it off - the more chance of losing it. 

  • I take mine off if I'm on muddy courses but wear it on the road - just in case it comes off and I don't hear it drop... image

  • Never take it off
  • I rarely wear mine because I have to take it off for sport and it ends up being easier/less likely to misplace if just put away in a safe place. In the end I bought a really cheap wedding band which has no sentimental value so no worries if I lose it, but to be honest the hassle factor is the same and I still don't always wear it - but I never have that heart stopping moment thinking I've lost it. I think I caused a bit of bemusement when I went into Argos and asked for their cheapest wedding rings and walked out saying that ??30 was more than I wanted to spend.

    I don't really see a problem either way - lots of reasons not to wear one (for me, my fingers swell a bit when I run), but equally no reason to remove it if there's no problems. What makes you think you should or can't remove it?
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Same as SN, stopped wearing them both when little C was a baby and often don't wear them round the house, running, gym.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I always wear my wedding ring but my engagement ring less so (I don't want to smash it). The only time it's come off is for X-rays and some messy cooking (kneading pastry).

    Saying that - we chose our rings to be hardy/durable.
  • Plain gold band style wedding ring, stays on all the time. A bit loose when open water swimming but not fallen off yet. Engagement ring and eternity ring only worn on special occaisions as now a bit big and scared I will lose it or damage stones.

  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭

    I wear wedding, eternity,engagement ring on L hand & 10th anniversary present ring on R all the time. Only take them off to put hand cream on before bed! I don't wear any other jewellery when exercising though

    Whatever suits I guess.

  • I'm with Cougs. Unless it's a loose fit why would you ever take it off? Isn't that the whole point of a wedding ring?

  • Mine's looser now I've slimmed a bit so I take mine off for running or a swim etc, it goes back on after.

  • Only take mine off for OW swimming, and that's only because they get very loose when my hands are in cold water.

  • When I was married, I wore my engagement and wedding rings all the time.  

    I would say that it's up to you, if you are worried about losing it, then leave it at home in a safe place.

  • I rarely take mine off and then only when I remember. Running and cycling I wear it, swimming - OW I take it off, in the pool I take it off if I remember, so far its never come off.
    Its a square 3 coloured gold ring that I knew was the right one for me the moment I saw it, I wanted something different to a normal wedding ring. Much as I'd hate to lose it at the end of the day it is just a piece of metal and I don't need it to know that I'm married, besides my other half doesn't usually wear they ring as their fingers tend to swell.

  • Wear my ring all the time except for climbing.  It's never fallen off.  Wife takes hers off for work but puts it back on in the evening.



  • the only time mine comes off is rugby (it's illegal to wear rings on the pitch) - but I've retired from that - and now when using a rowing machine to stop blistering and callous buildup from the handle which can be bloody painful

  • I wear mine all the time (except for certain 'evenings' imageimage) .... its never occured to me to take it off when running or doing anything else actually as its just sort of 'part of me' now.


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