New bike

Cannodale Ironman 800 for E1600(1,112 Sterling)

Is this a good price? Is this a good bike?

Also, how big should they be? Should the seat post be exposed much or not?


  • Tunney,
    this sort of thing is best done on site, to see if you fit... 'most' diff bike manufactereurs run by the same (more or less) sizing charts. So if you go to a local shop try any road bike for size, one that fits you (ask the assistant) and that should be your size..

    Saying that I'm sure I've seen cheaper 'dale ironman bikes advertised mail order.. (um, maybe the website...?)
  • I suggest a Bianchi, far superior to a US bike.
  • Principia - not made in Taiwan like most
  • buy 220 magazine or cycling weekly for best deals its a good time to buy as new 2004 bikes are in the shops .so there are some great deals on 2003 bike. i know i ve bought two bike in the past year at this time and saved a of them is a cannondale multi sport 2000. great bike, geat deal on it.hope this helps.
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