Evening all I've just got back after my first run since the Stroud HM on Oct 21st. I'm starting training with a view to running my first marathon in Chester on 6th October. My question is, how do you motivate yourself after a bad first run. I did about 2 miles in 25 mins and I had stitches all the way round. Do I motivate myself by trying to run faster, or by not coming back out of breath? For info, I'm six foot two, large ish build, and 17st


  • SLOW DOWN! (sorry for shouting). Start with a run/ walk, gentle running , not so you are out of breath- you should be able to talk.

    You have plenty time 'til october- you need to build a strong base of sloww mileage- get a HR monitor if you can, and check your max HR ( test it , don't calculate it), then try to stick at about 70% of max- this will be so slow you need to walk at times to keep rate down- don't worry, it will rapidly imporrve, and you won't injre yourself in the process. Going all out as fast as you can is the best way to disaster.

    Look at the HADD thread, or search for base trainig.

    Take it easy- the first run always feels horrible!

  • Thanks Tricialitt. Trying to run before I can walk again. As you say, I've plenty time. Now I've calmed down, I'm thinking of a couch to half hour running plan, followed by a 16 week marathon plan. Got to do it properly.
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