Best clothing for a fat man

Hi peeps

Just about to buy my first bike and was wondering what is the best cycling clothing for a larger chap?

Im around 6ft and at the moment come in at around 17st.



  • The cheapest possible, if your gonna start regular Tri training you're likely to de-chub at a rapid rate and then need to buy it all again in a smaller size.
  • as i thought to be honest

    I guess the bid type shorts look good with a seperate cycling top#?

    Any good cheap makes out there?

  • Altura, Endura... Both UK brands and fairly cheap.

    Bib shorts and top for spring/summer with arm warders for morning starts.

    For autum/winter - full bib tights, over shoes, wind proof full sleeved cycle top, hi vis vest, thin head/neck scarf and full finger gloves

    Light shorts for indoor turbo training,
  • Thanks Crux

    ill have a little look now.

    I have a hi vis jacket and some padded undershorts so that will do for a week or 2 untill i get some stuff

    As you said hopefully in a few weeks i would have lost a few pounds

  • Try start fitness for good bargains - can be a hotch potch of sizes available but there can be good deals. Their brand is more mile - does the job ok.
  • How come when I typed argos on another thread it automatically hyperlinked, but something relevant to this site like start fitness doesn't! Anyway, I think on the homepage there s a link to startfitness with a discount code.
  • Don't ignore Aldi either. Cheap but not bad at all.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Or Lidl
  • going to say aldi and lidl stuff...use then apart from the tri shorts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • just because you are large doesn't mean you have to buy cheap!  some of the Lidl/Aldi stuff is OK but it doesn't cut it when it's very wet or windy, or in the comfort stakes.

    most major clothing companies cater for us larger chaps

    Crux wrote (see)
    The cheapest possible, if your gonna start regular Tri training you're likely to de-chub at a rapid rate and then need to buy it all again in a smaller size.

    not always true - some of us larger types come from other sports backgrounds so are naturally big built rather than overfat - we don't "de-chub" so well.  In my 10 years in tri with 5 IMs my weight has varied between 95 and 100kg when in full training mode.

  • i am of a 'big boned' nature as i used to play rugby alot at a good level. I wouldnt say im overly fat, i do have a little belly which needs to be wittled down.

    When i have a test ride on my bikes this week ill try some gear on and see what it looks like, just dont fancy looking like a clown with a tyre around my waist lol

  • I wouldn't worry what you look like mate, we won't. Plenty of spare tyres out there. Often worn by some amazing endurance afferletes.

    Comfort, comfort, comfort rules. True, sometimes comfort does cost.

  • I*m not agaisnt spending money on the right thing, just want to feel comfortabkle wearing it.

    I do lose weight easy so in a few weeks/months i should be more toned so the skin tight tops will not bother me

    Good thing about starting to train now is the jacket will hide the rolls lol

  • You have a Rolls? Wow. Can you get your bike in the boot?image

  • If you're self conscious then go with a tri suit for racing rather than top and shorts.  Also bib shorts or bib tights for training.

    I am/was a bit of a fat bloke, especially this time of year and used to be very self aware of what I looked like.  I did lose a lot of weight the first couple of years training and also a lot of inhibitions.  As has been said there's not many blokes who look good in bright lycra.

    I don't have a rolls but I do have a giant and a ribbleimage

  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭

    try the dhb stuff from Wiggle, I'm a big lad and some of their bike stuff is really good and not too expensive.

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