Foam Roller

How many repeats of the roller should i be using on my legs, buttocks, back etc.

Using this as part of my warm up, it is hard work to keep going and keep my body up over it whilst rolling.

At present doing about 10 rolls before moving to the next part of the body. Is that enough?


  • Not sure why you are using a Foam Roller as part of a warm up?


  • max's mum as I am new to this, i dont actually understand everything yet. So should it be warm down only then?


  • Hi John, well clearly i know nothing either, and i stand corrected image

    having just googled it i find that using a foam roller for warm up is not unusual!

    well i'll go to the foot of our stairs!. . . .

  • Hi John Jenkins,

    There's loads of articles out there about using foam rollers as part of a warm up (google it) Like everything, there are people for, and people against.

    Have copied a paragraph which sums it up (including no of strokes etc)

    During warm-ups, the main goal is to concentrate on loosening up the muscles and increasing blood flow. For a complete warm-up, it can be combined with stretching and a dynamic workout. For an effective foam roller warm-up, it’s suggested that shorter strokes of 15-20 in each area should be used. After the muscles start to loosen, lengthen the stroke of the roll. Even though the strokes should be shorter in the beginning, you aren’t looking to do a lot of pressure point therapy or work on specific trigger points. Once again, it’s just a to loosen the muscles and increase blood flow to the area.


    And don't worry, no question is ever stupid!

  • thanks Nicki.

    Max's mum, dont worry, we are all learning that is why we are posting. But for your sins get to naughty stair and 20 heal dips lol.

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