Keep getting ill!

Hi, I would say I'm a good runner, but I enjoy getting out and doing the odd event,triathlon to keep fit. The most I've done is 10 mile on a race day(of road), I felt I could of kept going. I want to try do longer events half marathon a full in time, olimpic tri,but every time I start to train hard I get ill. I end up with a sore throat,flu like symptoms and run down. I've been told to take vit c, also I take multi vits. But none of this seams to work, end up sick again and again. Anyone got any advise, am I pushing to hard? It's becoming very frustrating !! Thanks gav


  • You are vulnerable to infection immediately after excercise, because you have stressed your body and it needs to recover. Whilst being cold and catching a cold are not linked coming back from a run sweaty can cause you to get cold which I believe is a bad thing. I have a routine when I get back from a significant (1 hour+) run. First an ordinary Coke to restore the sugar levels and the sugar kills bugs. Second get changed immediately. Third bath/shower. This is followed by plenty to drink, (until my urine is clear) being dehydrated reduces your mucus  membrane that helps to repel infection. Lots of other factors are significant; breathing through your nose is better than through your mouth because your nose acts as a filter. If you cannot breath through your nose this could be due to allergys (do you suffer?). Your immune system can be compromised by a lack of protein (do you eat enough?). Other supplements that may work are iron, zinc and cod liver oil (but I would recomend eating food rich in these, not pills). Do not feel afraid to discuss this with your Dr who may help. Do not give up, something is not right, you need to find out what. I used to suffer the same problem; the solution FOR ME was allergy tablets, I found I am allergic to lots of things!

  • Thanks sideburn, I will try some of your advise. As it happens I do have allergy to couple of things, hay fever, cats, some nuts and a odd one apples!!

    This will make sence as I don't get this problem in summer, I take tables for my hay fever.

  • That is interesting..... I take a one a day allergy tablet every day all year round (cetirizine (Piriteze)) if I don't I cannot breath properly. I also have to carry a short acting allergy tablet (chloraphenamine (Piriton)) just in case. Being allergic to stuff cats, (I love cats) rabbits and other things is s**t but this could be the root of your problem. It was certainly the root of mine....

  • I would be surprised if your training and longest race being 10 miles, would affect your immune system too badly. Possible though if a lot of hard training.

    However basic hygiene is a very likely suspect. I suggest that you wear gloves as much as possible particularly when using public transport, using baskets and shopping trolleys, entering your work/public premises using public doors stairway banisters and escalator rails. Keyboards can be full of germs get it wiped. Before eating food or snacks wash your hands - this cannot be emphasised too much. Using those little bottles of antibacterial handwash is better than nothing. Yeah, it doesn't sound macho but these measures will keep those bugs away.

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