Please can anyone recommend a good pair of running socks for long distance running? Is having a good pair of socks essential or a myth? Thanks.


  • I think it's a myth. I wouldn't use those cheap white sport socks that you can buy but any thin ones seem to work for me.
  • I like hilly twin skins but they don't last long. After a long run my feet are dry and fresh not manky and clammy.

    I don't think they're essential,but even though I spend nothing on kit as a rule I happily pay a tenner a time for these.
  • I like the thin smartwool phd socks
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Any running specific socks should be able to do the job for most people. Even the Aldi and Lidl ones have been good for me.
  • I like the aldi kit too. But in winter I'll run from work in my dark work socks. Nobody can see. image
  • I've just bought the ASICS nimbus socks and they are fantastic, plus they look snazzy aswell image
  • whatever good brand running socks are on sale at sports direct, New Ballance, asics and nike ones are all nice, 3 pairs for £5.99. bargain


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I love Aldi and Lidl socks. They've lasted a lot longer than my Nike or X-Socks

  • I like my ToeToe socks, bit of a nuisance getting them on & off easily but very comfy & no blisters where my toes rub together anymore!

  • Personally I like twin-skins, from various manufacturers including Hilly (although they don't last as long as I'd like). I also use some single-skinned with bits of loop cushioning. Find what's comfortable for you then buy several pairs when you see them cheap!

    If it's wet, I rub Vaseline all over my feet before putting the socks on. So far I've not blistered even on some really wet long runs (marathon/ultra up to 50 miles).

  • I love Nike anti blister socks, dry fit. Really comfy and my feet never feel sweaty. Even when my shoes get wet my feet still feel dry.
  • More miles socks are great 2 pairs for 6.00 quid Amazons

    Mark Goddard 8 wrote (see)
    Please can anyone recommend a good pair of running socks for long distance running? Is having a good pair of socks essential or a myth? Thanks.

    Total myth.

    Decathlon socks  3 pairs for £2.99 can't fault them.


  • Ron Hill ones £4 a pair good job

    Avoid cotton basically 

  • It might be a myth for some but it is certainly not a myth full stop!

    I've tried loads of pairs over the last 3 years and on the long runs (15 miles plus) only one pair I have is trouble free.  I've tried Decathlon cheapo, Aldi, generic "running" socks, 2 skin socks, 1000 mile socks, specific marathon socks - spent a fortune, yet I still end up wishing I'd put compeed on beforehand.

    I tried Drymax maximum protection and I never have an issue in any weather, wet or dry.  I just wish I more than one pair (expensive!) as when they're in the wash for a long run (bad planning!) I end up with a rub/blister/issue somewhere.


    I can wear any sock up to about half marathon distance then it seems to matter.  I imagine it is personal which work for you, and some people have feet that can wear anything - others, like me, don't.

  • Another vote for Lidl from me.

  • hilly marathon fresh

  • They aren't cheap, but I wear Thorlo ankle socks. I run 3-4 times per week between 10k and marathon distance. I've never had a blister and 2 pairs, washed regularly, have lasted me a ridiculous two years and they show no signs of coming apart. In fact I only wash them once every 3-4 runs because my running kit tends to stay at work during the week.

    On the other hand I occasionally have both pairs in the wash and fall back on some cheap Puma sports socks which all now have holes in.

    They have some here: and they're a lot less than they used to be!

    They also wick sweat off really quick and if my feet do get wet on the trail they don't tend to hold onto the water. 

    One thing to note is that they do feel a little thicker than other socks, which I like, but if your shoes are already on the snug side they may not suit.

    Well worth the investment over a cheap pair.

  • I like my 1000 Mile Fusion socks

  • X-Socks were good but expensive, I bought some Sweatshop Anatomical Run Socks (currently £9 for two pairs) in the sale and love them, no need to spend extra imho

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