London Marathon Training Plan advice

first post in the RW forum so please forgive if I've put this in the wrong place!

I trained for the London Marathon last year using the 'up to 55 miles a week' program from the book Advanced Marathoning which I found brilliant but injured myself about 4 weeks before the big day and had to defer my entry.

So, now I'm looking for a plan that gives the confidence of achieving a good level of readiness for the event like this one did but that's probably fewer miles or more cross-training.

I never really got to the bottom of the injury but I tighten much quicker than I ever used to before that injury which seemed to be a problem with a hip flexor. At 15 stones I need to give me joints all the breaks (scuse the pun) they can get. 

Would really appreciate some advice on plans, any anything really that will help me get there this year. Aiming for 3.30ish.





  • 55 miles does sound a lot to go sub 3.30 ?

    Could you lose weight as part of your training - that reduces the impact on the body and it's a lot easier to run carrying less weight ?

    As to plans - I make up my own but check out Hal Higdons plans.
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