Lower backpain while running during and after?

  Basically my back hurts like hell when I'm running I can usually run just over a mile before it starts to hurt and I need to slow down to a walk until the pain eases and I can start up again. My back also hurts the morning after. My question is am I simply being a big wuss? Is back pain normal? If its not what can I do to prevent it? I only slow down and stop because of my back I never stop because I'm out of breath or my calves are burning it is always because of the pain in my lower back and I am unable to deal with it without slowing and walking. I currently own a quite scrappy pair of running trainers and also barefoot running Vibram Five fingers KSOs I started running with the Vibrams and after I got backpain I assumed it was because of the barefoot running shoes so I stopped rested for three weeks (as I went on holiday) and switched back to normal running shoes when I returned and the back pain is still there. Its also worth mentioning that I get the same problem when doing situps however it only hurts enough to bring me to a stop If I push myself more than usual. 
Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • I would suggest that the GP/Physio route is more likely to give you a decent answer than a forum. 

    Good luck.

  • I had a similar problem- try looking at this link http://www.fitsugar.com/latest/hip-flexor-stretch?page=2 and other stretches for the hips as I found running increases tension in the hip flexor area and the lower back then has to compensate and so also tenses up. Once I started with a range of stretches the back pain disappeared.

    Also, you probably need to change your running shoes.

  • Weak core muscles cause my back pain when running. A physio will help you see if this is the case

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