starting running group Spalding, Sutterton, Kirton and Boston

Hi Everyone

I am setting up an informal running group for all runners from total beginners to marathon runners!

- every one welcome

- train with others for fitness or 5km 10k or longer distances

- all year training with others image

- or just for fun!

Friendly and simple - blog in progress as we speak

get in touch for more details



  • Hi Jax .... did you set up your running group ? Just starting out but would be interested to join in if you have any runners in Spalding or near areas... Many thanks, Trish

  • Would be interested in finding people to run with, I'm in Spalding. Have always run alone but wouldn't mind a bit of company!

  • Hi .... what sort of distances do you run?? I am just starting out very inexperienced.... !! I can get to Spalding ( about 15 minute car journey ) ...have always thought a run along the river would be great... I work, so best times for me probably early morning or evening..Maybe it would be possible to get a small group of people together..... My gym is in Spalding, I could ask there to see if there might be anyone interested..

  • Hiya guys. I'm new to this site and relatively new to running too. I also live in Spalding and would love to run with others - is anyone still interested? I'm managing around 29mins for 5.3kms at mo - it's taking me forever to speed up!

  • Just found this while searching for Spalding runners. I've lived in the Spalding area for a few years and always run alone. Would be good if there was a local group to run with occasionally. I run between 3 miles and half marathon distance but mostly a five miler a few times a week. Hope there's enough interest locally to maybe get a small group started?
  • Hi guys, I know these posts are all a bit old but I just did the same as David and wondered if someone's created a small group who run together in Spalding weekly or every now and then?

  • Hello, 


    Is anyone still running in the area, i am training for a half marathon aiming for under 2 hours so any day a running buddy would be nice as i am running 5/6 days a week image

  • Hello,

    I am starting a running group in Spalding, going a couple of days a week starting on Saturday 7 March. We have people of varying abilities and all are welcome to join us.
  • Hi Trevor, that's great news! Have replied on 'spotted spalding' also but just wondering if you could give me a time/place this is happening tomorrow? many thanks!
  • Hi Sarah. We'll meet at 163 Winsover Road, Spalding tomorrow at 10 am and go from there. It'll be great to see you!
  • I missed all these posts, when are you meeting again please Trevor?

  • Hi! We meet at the swings area of Monks house Playing Fields at 6pm Tuesdays and 10 am Saturdays. We've had 11 people though not all on the same day yet. Hope to see you Saturday!
  • Fab thank you. Saturday mornings sadly tricky for me but definitely be there Tuesday night! 

  • That's great. What's your name? See you then.
  • It's Justine, see you Tuesday. I used to have no problem motivating myself but I'm really struggling now after a lay off so some company will be great. signed up for Birmingham half in October so need to get moving.

  • Hopefully running with a group will help with that. I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday.
  • Do you still meet Tuesday & Saturday's??

    Currently training to do a 10k, but am finding it a struggle on my own - looking to other members for some help and inspiration!!!

  • Hi Carolyn, Tuesdays and Thursdays now. 6 on Tuesdays but not sure about what time Thursdays, I'm sure Trevor will chip in with that!
  • I can't make either Tuesday or Thursday this week, but will be there next week.  Assume you still meet at monks house playing fields??


  • Hi. I have just completed the Peterborough half marathon. Looking to improve my time. Is anyone still doing a running club I could join or anyone interested in running a couple of evenings a week?
  • Hi. Is there a group still meeting up to run, in Spalding? Thank you!
  • Is the group still running?  We're in Bourne - with Bourne Town Harriers - and have had an enquiry this morning from a woman in Whaplode who's looking for a local club.

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