GPS tracking?

The Mrs is off doing the North Downs Way this year, and its a bit more challenging to meet up with her at the stops to cheer her on, as I will have no idea which ones I need to be at and when she will be getting there, whether I will have missed her etc.  So, are there any stand-alone products out there that I can use to track her progress?  I need something that will last all day, and at least periodically ping a GPS location so that I know where she was at what times.  Any suggestions?


And I know that there are threads out there on this, but the last one I found was over two years old.


  • Google Latitude ? Its free and its worth checking out if you have smartphones. 

  • One of my friends who does a lot of long distance cycling boulght something that does this- - sends a location at intervals to say all is OK ,, and still moving, or can be set to send a distress call- I have NO idea what it is called.

    Have just turned this up by googling- I think this is the thing- www.findmespot- costs over £100 , though.


  • Certainly you can track the location of some smartphones.  Check whether you can track hers (if she has one).

  • If you can persuade her to run with a smart phone (eg for speech podcasts or audiobooks in one ear) then there are several apps that can be set to report via email or sms after every x km or miles completed. You could do the reckoning related to a course map from the reports. Off the top of my head they could be Runkeeper, Runmeter, Runtastic, MapMyFitness, WahooFitness or something similar. A little research would pin down the one I'm thinking of image

    PS I just had a quick look at my iphone and the one I have used before is Runmeter, which can be set to report at intervals to email, twitter, facebook and daily mile. It will also give splits etc to the runner by voice. Of course, she would need phone coverage.

  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    Certainly you can track the location of some smartphones.  Check whether you can track hers (if she has one).

    The Garmin Fit app does this but it is not free, £1,49 per month or £13ish per year. As well as live tracking it does record all your running history which you can view on Garmin connect. It's good if youre happy to pay for it

  • I'm thinking of something less complicated than that.

    My (sort-of) brother-in-law can tell where his daughter is, by locating her phone (much to her disgust).

    I don't know what kind of phone it is, but he can locate her (on a map) on his ipad.

  • iphone can do that with the iphone tracker. You can also send very annoying Pings and messages and wipe the phone remotely.  

  • As luck would have it, the Runkeeper 3.0 app reviewed a few minutes ago offers live tracking.
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