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I am doing the sprint duathlon in February (5k, 20k, 2.5k) which should take just over an hour.  Do i need to take on any nutrition i.e gel or drink, if so at what point to maximise benfit?


  • Bottle of water on the bike should see you right for this.

    Make sure you have breakfast before the race like porridge and something like a banana in the hour before if you want but you dont need anything else for this race i would say.

  • That was my thinking as well. 

  • Any energy you try to take on would just hinder you. I'd not even bother with a full bottle of water - in February I doubt you'd want more than a couple of slurps ?
  • you don't need any additional nutrition beyond a good breakfast/evening meal before.  and for an hour's race, I wouldn't even bother with the fluid - make sure you're hydrated before the start - but not too much so you need a pee during!

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    Even for a standard distance duathlon I'd struggle to get much liquid down me on the bike.  For a sprint distance I think I'd forget the bottle altogether, save a bit of weight/drag!

  • Half a bottle of water should see you through

  • Thanks everyone.  If it was a 10 mile run (which takes around an hour) I wouldn't take on water, so as most of you have said take on very little or no water.

  • look at the high5 website for their recommendation on the millions of litres of their products they recommend (actually their advice is relatively sensible)

    you won't 'need' to take anything during the race in reality but there are some arguments about some water or some sips of lucozade type stuff helping...but i don't buy into those arguments.

    I presume you are doing althorp?

  • Isn't there a study about a mouth swab of carbohydrate solution having the same effects as drinking some of it in shorter stuff.

    If you are at the real pointy end then ditch the bottle altogether to save weight. If winning isn't an option then a bottle with a little for the bike may be wise until you know your own answer to the question. At the very least stick a bottle in transition in case you want it.

    Depending on breakfast, travel etc you may consider a gel before the race.

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