Tyres sizes - a simple question

I've decided to get a turbo trainer for the new year and along with it I was going to get a turbo trainer tyre.  After looking online, they all seem to be 700 x 23, but the tyre on my bike at the moment is 700 x 25.  Is it possible to swap these tyres over ok?

Also, before I spend the money on the new tyre, is it worth getting a special tyre for a turbo trainer or would a normal road tyre be ok?


  • the 23 and 25 refer to the tyre width in mm - so changing from a 23 to a 25 will make very little difference especially on a turbo.

    if you're after a turbo tyre then you'd also be best having a separate wheel for the turbo as it's much quicker to change a wheel than a tyre!  but that's going to cost more even with a basic wheel and casette.

    changing tyres over just for a turbo session is a faff, and although a turbo tyre is undoubtedly better for the turbo, it's not a big deal if you stick with the road tyre - many people do use their normal tyre without any issues; others have had problems.  try that first and see how you get on - only get a turbo wheel if you feel it's needed or you want to splash a bit of cash.

    you'd also do well getting some turbo videos to follow - Spinerval DVDs are good; Sufferfest MP4 downloads are better but bloody hard work!!



  • I put a turbo tyre on a spare wheel that I had ... never in a month of Sundays do I want to try getting that on and off again at regular intervals, it took me three months to grown my thumbs back   image

  • +1 to what FB says - try it with your normal tyre first - only get a turbo tyre if you find you need one.  I've never felt the need to get one. 

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