Women's running club

Does anyone know of any women only running club in North/Central london?

Thanks !


  • Does London Olimpiades still exist - they used to be all woman.

  • I just found one that not only excludes 50% of the population, but is also only for American women!

    Seriously though, it wouldn't be considered acceptable to exclude women from a running club, so why should it be OK to exclude men?

  • see if your local running club has a womans only run, ours does. 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Legally how can a club get away with "excluding" people because of their gender?
  • Good point, Millsy.  Since the Equality Act 2010, it would seem that you can't legally exclude people on the basis of gender (or any of the protected characteristics).

    Having had a little read of EHRC guidance, a running club which accepts anyone who applies for membership (eg. there is no nomination or voting process by current members for acceptance) is treated as a business.  

    Businesses cannot legally choose to supply their goods/services only to one gender or the other.


  • It's not a "proper" running club but the various Nike Town Running Clubs have women-only sessions, I think the Regent Street one is on a Thursday but don't quote me on that! You can find all the info on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/NikeRunningUK

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