Almost There

Almost completed my holiday project, don't need a marathon - any suggestions for off the chart runs in the tropics ?

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  • I do wish people would stop advertising their crappy blogs on the forums.

    There's no point in trying to make it look like a genuine thread, it's obvious that it's not.

  • maybe we could have a section for blogs to stop they are all in one place if people want them...........

    not sure why you thought this was just set up to advertsise a blog Wilkie........

    2 posts only ever and both to link to the blogimage

  • Perhaps w should direct him to the running & mental health thread ? I thought some of my photos were strange til I saw these !
  • Call me a suspicious-minded old bag, Seren image

    I didn't actually LOOK at the blog Dave!  What an idea image

  • Suspicious minded old bag......image

  • Changed your name, FF? image

    What happened to you at the Autumn Leaves, then?

  • Work happened, didnt get off till half hour from the start sadly.

  • That was lucky image

  • thankfully the real life runners I know are welcoming : )


  • hi james. happy new year.

    what is point of blog.


  • hey Happy New Year to you too dude image

    1. it is to reconnect with my running 'mojo' - lost after a poor showing in Penang Marathon.

    2. Also to share with people running routes on Penang, which they may not be aware of

    3. Keep friends around the world up to date with what I am doing running wise.

    4. Entertain some folks with tales of snakes and monkeys !

    I hope to have hit one or two of these over the last 3 weeks image

    Happy Runnings


  • james midgley wrote (see)


    1. it is to reconnect with my running 'mojo' - lost after a poor showing in Penang Marathon.

    3. Keep friends around the world up to date with what I am doing running wise.


    So why inflict it on us through this forum ?

    (Happy New Year btw)

  • Dave - it is a blog about running for runners - this is a space for runners - also advice on other races around this area of the world was requested.......

    tbh - if you read back yours ( and your cronies ) responses above, and assuming you are of a reasonable disposition - my intital RW forum experience is being the subject of playground bullies.

    There is nothing offensive to anyone ( I sincerely hope ) on the blog - and if you dont like it don't click.

    Something I will ( you will be thankful ) put into practice myself on the RW forum.....

    (Happy New Year btw)

  • cronies ?  Nope never met them in my life

  • Is there a parkrun in Penang ?

    (Happy New Year btw)

  • @caretrusm - YEY ! Botanical Gardens -yes lovely run image

  • Your ONLY posts on this forum (prior to responding on this thread) have been to advertise your blog. 

    You haven't joined in any other threads, responded to anyone else's conversations, given any opinions or advice.

    So it appears you actually aren't interested in this forum, except to advertise your own blog.  No wonder people aren't very welcoming.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭


  • Wilkie  - you are obviously an emotional person ( re: 'crappy' in your first comment and 'ONLY' in the last one ).

    Apologies if you found my initial steps not up to your group standards - which do appear, if I may be so bold, on the narcissistic side.

    As above - if you don't like it don't click - move on....

    Happy Runnings


  • Muttley - that is definitely going on the blog x

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    James, we get plenty of one-post-wonders who come along and shout "hey everybody, come over here and look at my blog!".

    It's ill-mannered and self-centred, but most of all it attempts to divert traffic away from this site and community. Which is quite a good site and community.

    If you wish to join in here and contribute to the craic, you are very welcome. You can tell us about your running on this forum, that is what it is for.

  • Muttley - thx : ) will do


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