Running app - How can I download routes to my phone?


I've just received the rout for the MK Marathon and I want to download it in small chunks so I have lots of training routes that encompass the route but what app can I download on my windows phone that will 'direct' me? I currently use Endomondo but I can't download maps to it on my phone.




  • you can load maps onto the endomondo site and then save them as routes against your account i believe, and then you can choose from them once you are on the app on your phone. image

  • Cool, Max's Mum, I'll give that a go. Thanks

  • No, that didn't work image.

    I've also looked at MapmyRun but that also doesn't support turn by turn voice instructions. I'm stumped.

  • Oh, sorry i misunderstood, you want something that will actually tell you where to turn?

    not sure such a thing exists, unless you can carry a satnav with you?
    as far as i know the only thing you can do with a running app (endomondo or runkeeper) is check the map as you go having selected a route to make sure you are not straying too far from the intended path.

    I have done this on my phone before.

  • I'll just have to learn the route I guess image

  • Call me old fashioned, but have you considered a map?image
  • I certainly did PSC but it's a bit hard to foillow a map when you're running especially if, like me, you don't need glasses for running but need them for anything in print image.  I use maps a lot when I'm walking/trekking but I'm usually going slower and have lots of pockets in my rucksack for glasses etc. I'm going with the 'learn the route' option image.

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