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Do I need specific shoes for trail running if I overpronate? I have only recently find out I do and currently run in Asics 1170 but am doing some trail runs. Can I just get some generic trail shoes (I was looking at Inov8 flyroc) or do I need some with more support?


  • It's a tough question - not one that can be easily answered.

    If you're buying into the theory of using supported shoes to correct your form and you're doing tons of miles of canal path and/or fireroad then yes, you probably should look for a supportive shoe.

    If you're running proper rooty, muddy, grassy trails, mountains and fells then probably not as you don't get the same intensive repetition of impact that you would otherwise.

    Only my opinion of course, I don't buy into the support thing. I'd rather train my body to adapt than rely on a crutch.
  • something neutral is better for off road, like sean says, anything other than flat towpaths (even they are usually not flat) and any pronation control is out the window, maybe even causing you to go too far the other way. 

  • I'd agree with sean. I would rather re-train my feet muscles now than use support shoes.

    I used some year before last after recommendation from a specialist shop, and ended up with knee pain which only just cleared up completely in the last few months (turns out its actually from a tight hamstring)

    I overpronate on my left foot, but it is getting less after using minimalist shoes for about a year. i currently use inov8 trailroc for offroad and find them great. Just enough grip for muddy paths while not being too 'squiggly' if having to cope with any tarmac.

  • I love my Inov8 Roclite 295's. Go for the ones with the sticky rubber sole they are awesome on runs with rocks and tree roots. My wife has the Roclite 268 which is the female version. They do a Gore-Tex version as well, but you are going to get wet feet anyway when it comes in over the top. At least the ordinary ones drain easily.

    I have orthotics normally but find i dont need them on the trails. As others have mentioned neutral shoes are fine as you don't run every step landing the same.

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