Windermere marathon

Hi, has anyone done the Windermere marathon before?  I've seen it described in one magazine as 'undulating' and in another as 'brutal' - will consider it if the former but steer clear if the latter!


  • I'd be really  keen to know too......anyone have any advice?

  • Hi, I have subsequently found some reviews on here which suggest that although a good race it is pretty hilly, so I'm thinking I will give it a miss

  • It's not brutal! But I guess it depends what you're used to....Bit hilly, but nothing too terrible.

    Did it last year & entered again for this year. Really nice race. Scenic & friendly.

  • It is not brutal and as it goes round the lake and not into the fells it would probably surprise you how 'flat' it is in places. Yes there are a few climbs but nothing too bad.

    Now Coniston marathon which goes off road and into the hills is brutal but surprisingly good fun image

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