0 to Marathon in 25 Weeks!! :-)


There are some great newbie threads starting out just now - and I've said hello on a few, but I really want to track my journey from not running at all to completing a marathon at the end of June 2013.

I've been inspired by many people on these forums just lately - but a BIG shout out to Booktrunk! So for purely selfish reasons I'm gonna update this thread with the results of my training and hopefully some of you will be in the boat, and we can compare, commiserate and celebrate together. Those of you who have been there, done it, and got the t-shirt please chip in too!

A bit about me; I turn 30 the week I'm doing the marathon - and I want to do something to mark that, also I'm sick of being unfit, overweight and generally out of shape. I'm thinking of trying for my first child in the summer (I'll have been married a  year) and if I don't do this now I don't think I ever will. 

I've had a go at running once before, two years ago, I did Race for Life which was 5K but the farthest I ran was about 9 miles, I've done nothing since image I've got all the kit so no excuses not to be out doing it!

Wish me luck! lol 



  • My plan is to get up to running 30 minutes continuously and then start working on distance.

    So I'm following a 3 Weeks to Running 30 Minutes training program - the first session was 1 min running followed by 1 walking repeated 10 times; 1/1 x10, it also included a 5 min warm up and cool down. I think its quite similar to c25k. 

    Up to the first 5 reps it felt comfortable - supprisingly so!! Then I started to be a bit more greatful for the walking sections, I just concentrated on my running form and how free and flowing my body felt - I was grinning like an idiot more than once!

    When I got in I took ages to streach - following the pictures in my book, I know it'll become automatic evenutally but till then... lol

    I'm out again tomorrow so I'll see if I've picked up any niggles then.

    I can't wait! image

  • Good luck MrsV!  I'm sure you can do it, you sound very motivated so keep it up image

  • Awwww thanks for the vote of confidence CraigOrtiz, I just feel like its my time to do it image and Im all upbeat now but I'm sure there will be moaning in the near future! Lol
  • Eeek Hello MrsVimage

    Good Luck!!!
  • So I jumped out of bed (well stumbled!) had a quick drink and went out for my second run! It was the same as Day 1: 1/1 run/walk x 10 with 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down.

    I didn't really notice any niggles after the first run yesterday but as soon as I started the warm up walk I could feel how tight my shins felt :-/ I was kinda expecting it but was some how hoping I would magically avoid shin ache.

    The first couple of reps felt a little stiff and at that point I did think maybe his was all a terrible mistake but as my legs warmed up it felt good - and I could of done a bit longer then the one minute of running; but thats just as well because the next run has 2 minute running segments!! Don't panic!! Lol

    I stretched after, and then following a tip given me by an ultra runner a couple of years ago - I had an ICE cold bath, I used to do this before and I never did pick up and injuries so decided to take the plunge (pun intended lol). I definitely feel like I've had a work out which is nice - I just make odd groaning noises every once in a while, oh well! Day off tomorrow and then back to it Saturday, can't wait!
  • Hello book trunk!

    Thank you - you really are an inspiration btw! How you doing now - still taking it carefully I hope? image

    Any words of wisdom for someone who is in the same position you were last year?
  • I don't do ice cold baths now as a few articles including one in runnersworld now say a cool/cold shower is as effective. So I don't do it now on my shorter runs improbably should but when I go a bit further say 8k upwards I run a cold shower head over my legs for a couple of minutesimage
  • MrsV being as careful as I can.. Back running, but I must admit I fell over when running Tuesday, I almost did a somersault trying to cover and protect my new boobs! Hehe.

    I have a nice big bruise on my right knee, but I kept my boobs safeimage
  • Ohhhh turning on the shower is definitely less hassle than running the bath and a lot less scary to get in to :-0 I know I'm pushing it a bit with the amount of running I want to do so I'm gonna try everything to prevent an injury - I was thinking about getting a foam roller if anyone has any advice them or on a good make?

    Ouch!! But as long as the girls are safeimage lol
  • Really pleased to see this thread as also new to running in the last 6 months and hoping to complete London in April aaaah!

    Got a foam roller for Xmas, is very painful but worth it as it gets right in to muscles, (go for one with nobbly bits on it)

    Going to try cold shower.
  • Headed out this morning for my 3rd run, this session was 2 min run followed by 1min walk repeated 5 times, then 1 min run followed by 1 min walk repeated 5 times (2/1 x 5, 1/1 x 5) with a 5 min warm up and cool down.

    My shins didn't feel stiff during the warm up which was a relief, the day off really paid off. I started my running heading up uphill, I'm gonna have to get used to hills in my neighbourhood :-/

    I was a little bit nervous about 2 minutes of running but it felt good! I'm doing a VERY slow jog but I'm really pleased that I can keep going and not look at my timer praying for the walk section - no doubt that will come with the longer runs! Lol.

    Over all it felt great - my poor dog refused to run at the last couple of reps and I found myself shouting encouragement at him, pretty much the same things I tell myself; you can do it, not far now etc... image I ended up a bit further away from home than intended so had a 10 min cool down, I was glad when I got home.

    Stretching as normal, then tried an ice cold shower - I have to say it was slightly more pleasant than an ice cold bath! Thanks booktrunk!

    Same session again tomorrow, bring it on!
  • Hello Jo goes slow, good luck and how's your training going? Are you following a specific training plan?

    I figured the roller might hurt! Lol It sounds like a case of no pain no gain - but I think I'll give it a go, nobbly bits and all :0
  • Well done image that's brilliant, I'm really impressed with how seriously your taking it all.

    I staggered around 11.27km today i'm still slowwww but hey it's better than nothing 78:14 so 7 miles basically.  It seemed a nice day and oh took the dog for a walk at the same time,. 


  • Okay so my 4th run today, didn't get out till 3:30pm - I hadn't got around to eating anything but had a few sweet drinks so I risked it. Today was the same as yesterday: 2/1 min run/walk x 5 reps, then 1/1 min run/walk x 5 reps, 5 min warm up and cool down.

    Ran the same route as yesterday, going up hill for the first couple of reps and I felt like I was going a bit faster. Although I was glad to get to the top of the hills they feel like an achievement, so I take a deep breath and smile and they are over before I know it image and then I feel like a runner! Lol

    My legs and breathing felt good but I had a touch of stitch - weird as I hadn't eaten so I put it down to my stomach muscles adjusting to being giggled about, it didn't really bother me. Lots of stretching and a cold shower when I got in and that's it. Day off tomorrow then back out Tuesday image
  • Awwww thanks booktrunk, trying to start as I mean to go on - well that's the theory! Lol

    Well done on the 7 miles and a bit of multi tasking with the dog! Hahaha thats a proper runner talking, I dream of getting to that speed!! image
  • Day 7 and 5th run today: 2 min running followed by 1 min walking repeated 6 times (2/1 x 6)

    I've have a 7 yr old step son and its his first day back at school so dressed in my running kit and used the walk to school as my warm up and then jogged off down the road.

    As I've mentioned my local area is quite hilly, so I hit a couple of steep hills straight off - I just pick a spot to focus my gaze on and kept going till I was at the top - in your face hills!! Lol

    I did feel a bit of stitch again and I think it's due to a slight increase in speed - I kept wanting to go faster, again up and down hills makes it hard to keep an even speed. Overall it felt quite a short session compared to the others, but up to 3 minutes continuous running in tomorrow's session :-0 Eek!
  • Doing this thread is great, because in a few short weeks you will be looking back just like I did thinking am I the same person.image

    Just remember when you have a bad day it happens we all get them, the only thing you can do is laugh it off, write It off to experience and just get on with the next scheduled run, do't longer over bad things, just enjoy the good runsimage so that when you think about running it brings good memories to youimage

    Makes it easier to go out in the bad weather when you think running and you feel yourself smilingimage
  • I wasn't feeling over confident about today's run: 3 min run / 1 min walk x 4, 1 min run / 1 min walk x 4 (3/1 x 4, 1/1 x4), as I felt that running 3 minutes continuously was a real test of my fitness - which is pretty much zero! I haven't been near a gym or run for 18 months, I don't walk very much either :-/

    I was on the school run again, so as soon as my s'son was through the gates, I set off up and down a hill and then on to the flat of a canal path, which was a way of making it a bit easier on myself.

    The 3 min running sections weren't as bad as I feared - I followed the advice given to all newbies: keep it slow and steady, and it worked a treat! I was glad of the walking section but not crippled by the 3 min run - yay! I felt really strong all the way home, and no niggles to speak of image

    Out again tomorrow, not looking forward to it being a bit colder but it'll feel warm soon enough once I get going!
  • Hey booktrunk, I think you are soooo right - and to be honest that's my main reason for doing the thread image

    I went to Boots today and got weighed on one of those super duper scales that does body fat % ect cus I know my overall weight might not change but hopefully by body fat will reduce. Also doing full body measurements with a tape measure, and a pic of me in my swimming cozzy - again I hope being able to see and feel a difference will help keep me motivated!!

    And that's a great bit of advice about positive mental attitude - will definitely keep that in mind!
  • Today did not go to plan!! The run today was 2/1 min run/walk x 6 reps, no kids today so I was planning on a run before work - unfortunately I majorly over slept and only just got to work on time image

    I was working until 9pm so knew I wouldn't want to run this evening, so I shoe horned in a run at lunch time. I literally flew into my running gear (superman would've been proud, all I was missing was a phone box to spin around in!! Lol) and did my normal route starting up hill.

    I suffered with Really! bad stitch about half way around, I'd eaten a banana in the morning and a cup of tea but nothing big. It was enough to nearly double me up, I remembered reading that if you breath out really strongly a few times that it can help - so I tried it and it worked. I also started tensing my stomach muscles slightly as I ran and that helped too.

    I skipped my cool down, did hardly any stretching, and had no chance for an ice cold shower - but I'm really glad I got out there and didn't whimp out image

    Also glad I didn't plan on doing a run tonight cus on my way back from work the car ran out of petrol! Doh!!! Hubby to the rescue, and beans, egg and chips for a quick dinner. Sooooo glad to be sat down!
  • Yesterday was a rest day, so back to it today. I was working this morning and had loads of jobs to do this afternoon which means I had far too much time to talk myself in and out of doing a run! By 4:30pm I was boring myself so put my kit on and went! Lol

    Todays' session was 3/1 min run/walk x 5 reps, I was feeling quite confident but picked as flat a route as possible so I didn't get too out of puff. As it was a bit nippy (!) I put on an extra layer of clothing - I use the base layer of some ski gear I've got, it's light, warm and wickable: it works for me anyway.

    It went really well, I felt very natural and comfortable in my stride and no aches, I took it slowly. I felt the last set of running was dragging a bit, I just put it down to being tired and kept going - then my timer beeped: I'd ran through the cool down!! 5 mins!! I'd mistaken the cool down beep for another running rep lol.

    I was really glad I managed 5 mins of running as not scheduled to do that for another week, but I really! need to find my Garmin (yes I am lucky enough to have one, just not seen it since I moved house) and stop using dodgy timer app on old iPod :-/

    Out again tomorrow, yay!
  • Sounds like your doing well. Keep it up, well done x
  • Day 12 of my 3 weeks to running 30 minutes - not continually, but once I've got to that point I'll reevaluate.

    So today was 2/1 min run/walk x 8 reps, I wasn't concerned about todays' session - I've done this session with 6 reps so 2 more didn't seem so hard: or so I thought! Up the hill I went and I have to say by the time I got to the top I was feeling quite tired, down the hill was better but it definitely all felt harder than I was expecting.

    As I got to the flat section, I tried to really focus on the feel of running - picking a point on the ground 10 feet ahead and just concentrating on getting there, then picking another spot and so on. It really distracted me from wondering why it was feeling harder, and then I was done.

    I think I was a bit tired from yesterdays' longer and later run, also I went out with out eating or drinking much - I normally have a sweet ginger tea in the morning, so maybe that was it :-/

    I ran past my brother in law, and I have to say it was a fantastic feeling to see the surprise on his face, I haven't really seen the extended family to mention my marathon project but I think they'll be surprised image

    Any way very glad I did it, and a rest day tomorrow image
  • Hi Amanda

    Awwwww thanks for the support, it means a lot image So far so good, and I'm enjoying just being out there and challenging myself - I feel like its been a while since I did something purely for me lol image
  • Todays run was the same as Saturday - 3/1 min run/walk x 5 reps.

    Ran straight from the school gates, then along the canal path. It went well, felt comfortable - but I have to say most of my concentration was taken up with not going flat on my arse; bloody icey patches everywhere!!! I ran the last rep as four minutes to get a bit closer to home - and because I could! Lol image

    I made it home in one piece, then had to get to college straight off - so I didn't do too many stretches. Back out tomorrow doing 4 min running section!
  • BRILLIANTimage

    You are going fantastic. It's not easy fitting it in but reading your updates it's really noticeable how much you are improvingimage

    I went out in the snow tonight did 6.5km I've never run in the snow before, actually enjoyed myself and found myself grinning!! I must be enjoying this running larkimage
  • I should've gone put for a run yesterday but I felt a bit ropey (thought I might becoming down with a tummy bug) so gave it a miss ????

    So today's run was 4/1 run/walk x 4 reps, I jumped out of bed and got my kit on before I had time to think about it! There was hardly any ice which was nice ????I felt okay the first rep, the second felt like really hard work, the last two felt great - really comfortable - which is nice, I guess it takes a little while for my body to warm up and find its stride.

    Back to 2 min running sections tomorrow - I still feel off colour, but I'm pretty sure it's a throat infection thing (hubby has the same symptoms) I can't see it stopping me running, I'll just take it easy ????
  • Hey booktrunk ????

    Awwww thanks for that - I've got another week on my present plan (although I think I'll do another couple of weeks with longer running sections) and then I'll start following the non-runners marathon trainer book to get me to marathon distance - it's main focus is on getting a first timer around with no emphasis on time.

    I'm thinking of doing the Coombe Abbey Marathon, mainly cus the date is ideal (30/6/2013) and its only an hour away from home - if anyone has any experience of this one please share image

    Well done you for going out in the snow - I worry that I'll trip up or down a curb I can't see, or over a branch covered by snow - people must think us mad when we are grinning like loons! It's almost a habit this running thing for youimage - but as long as you're enjoying it that's what counts image
  • Hahaha don't take any notice of all the question marks, I've been using smilies off my iPad and it obviously doesn't work!! Lol its not that I'm terminally confused or have a terrible case of amnesia! xxx
  • I have to say I didn't brave the elements and run through the mountain of snow that's fallen, my step sons school was close early: so I walked to the school to fetch him and that was it! :-/

    I have to say my throat is killing me, I feel really off colour image

    I've got a rest day tomorrow, so hopefully back out Sunday image
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